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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Spanker or Spankable? #1

My recent flashback post and related discussion got me thinking about my tendency to fantasize about spankers who - for many others - might normally be seen as spankees. In fact, my hardwired 'F/M purity' means that I often find myself at odds with many friends and fellow spankos in the age-old spanko question that is considered by most of us whenever we see a girl (or guy) we find attractive: "spanker or spankee"?

I've often wondered why I'm so firmly hardwired that way. Maybe, as I touched on in that other post, while I grew up with plenty of spanking fantasies about older women (not hard when you're a teenager!), because I also used to daydream a lot about getting them from girls my own age? I'm not sure. However, even as I got older and began to understand my spanko sexuality more, I realized that while many of my fellow spankos were rather keen on the idea of the cute teenage 'schoolgirl' stereotype getting her skirt lifted and panties pulled down for a sound spanking, I had always been much more interested in the very same archetype giving me a merciless undies-down botty-roasting instead!

Today, I continue to notice myself as one of the few who tend to see what most spankos (with even a hint of 'switch', if not outright dominance) as a "very spankable young lady" as an ideal spanker instead! I've noticed it tends to come across in my work, too, such as here and here, and have often been genuinely surprised when a friend comments "I think she's the one that needs the spanking!" because I honestly don't "see it" like that 99% of the time. Heck, I was even surprised when a few people suggested the daughter in this piece might be next in line for a spanking... I'd never even entertained the possibility while making it!

So often, I'll read a post on a blog about a "celebrity who needs a spanking" or "I'd love to spank this young lady here" and my instant reaction is: "Really?! My first thought was that I wanted her to spank me!"

Which brings me to the following little exercise, to test my (and your) 'F/M Purity'...

Quickly look at (click for a bigger view) each of these three sexy-but-vanilla photos that I randomly found online, and for each girl decide: do you imagine her as a spanker or spankee?

Girl #1
Unknown source
Girl #2
Girl #3

Done? Well, if you're like me, you immediately imagined all three as spankers!

Regardless, below are my honest first thoughts for each photo:

Girl #1 has a definite 'private schoolgirl' look. My first impression was that she was an older girl who'd been hired to tutor a younger boy in a subject he was struggling with. Her hint of a mischievous smile make me think that he will find himself over that plaid skirted lap for a good sound spanking if he doesn't pay attention or learn from her tuition! Either his mom gave her permission to spank him, or she knows he'll keep it "our little secret" if he wants to ever pass those classes! She's a straight-A student herself, and expects him to be one too, after all.

Girl #2 instantly made me think 'mean sister', but not the blood-related or even step kind. No, this cutie is the daughter of the lady he's living with while on a foreign exchange study program in Japan. An only child, she's always wanted a brother to boss around and bully, and now she has one! As she's showing here, unlike him, her cute little bottom never gets spanked, so he'd better start kissing it* and doing absolutely everything she says and worshiping the ground she walks on, because if not, just one word from her to her doting mom and he'll be over his host mother's lap getting his bare bottom toasted faster than he can say "Gomenasai, Onee-san!", while his new 'sister' smirks and watches. Of course, you probably know how much I love cute Japanese girls from my previous artwork and post, right?

Girl #3 comes across to me someone who's a 'bad girl' and knows it! But rather than imagining her being punished for her nastiness, my first thought for her was that she was a mean babysitter, hired to watch over some snot-nose boy she can't stand and who she only tolerates for the money. While the lollipop is often a cliche of 'sweet innocence' her stockings and skimpy outfit indicate the opposite. What's more, she's a real meanie, so "snot-nose" better behave while she's sitting him and not interrupt her while she's chatting on the phone and watching TV, or she'll blister his butt good and tell his mom what a 'little shit' he's been all night. "Huh? Dinner?! Get it yourself, brat! I'm too busy texting my girlfriends about the super-awful bedtime spanking I've got planned for you tonight!"

So... am I in the minority thinking like this? Did anyone else instantly think "spanker" for any one - or even all three - of these girls?

*IMO, it's a very kissable bottom!

Spanker or Spankable (SoS) is a new semi-regular feature/article here on Banjo's BBS, where I post stumbled-upon pictures of girls others might consider potential spankees that I instantly fantasized about being spanked by! Rather than being meant to encourage heresy, it's a chance for me to invite folks to take a look through Banjo's strange eyes and see another side to those girls you might foolishly be thinking about smacking... and of course, an excuse to post pics of cute girls I'd like to be spanked by!

Where else do bitchy, bratty girls and cuties in pigtails get to give the spankings? Where else but Banjo's BBS! :)


  1. I agree fully with your thoughts on Girl #1. At first I thought "schoolgirl" obviously a spankee but then I got a better look at her. She's a classic "babysitter" or "strict tutor", but only for a younger boy (a classic fantasy of mine too, btw).

    Girl #2 I see as a spankee though. Showing her plump, white buttocks like that means she wants, and will get a good, hard spanking until those jiggly globes look like two ripe tomatoes.

    Girl #3 could go either way. Clearly dressed like a classic "brat" who has misbehaved and will be soundly spanked, her eyes give her away as a potential domme who will mercilessly spank any naughty boy who has the misfortune to displease her. Maybe she got spanked and took out her resentment over it on her younger brother when she babysat him...

  2. I do agree with you but I can see and would love to be over the lap of #1, no doubts. Two to me is all bottom and three I could see as a lap but she needs to be spanked, no doubts.

  3. As you know how my mind works Banjo, you no doubt already knew that I could see all 3 in my parlour and over my lap. I will owe that girl 1 has some possibilities as an after school spanking babysitter, but the other 2 are simply asking to be spanked. Girl 2 for openly teasing and by the inappropriateness of her outfit and girl 3 for looking and acting like the child she clearly is not.

  4. See, this is amusing to me, because my experience has always been the opposite. In my life, I've spanked more than my share of older, bigger, usually-toppy folks. Part of that's been my longtime fetish for role reversal, but a lot of it is just seeing the nervous, naughty little brat inside a lot of people's (mostly men's) big dominant bluster routine. I am kind of charmed to see the same inverse dynamic being explored from the other side.

  5. If I had to choose, which of the three girls would be the perfect spanker for me,my choice is girl nr.1 in her schoolgirl outfit. It is one of my favorite fantasy to get an otk spanking from a schoolgirl in front of a cheering and laughting class.Girl nr. 2 and 3 are looking too slutty for me.


  6. My instinctive reaction was (1) Spanker (2) Spankee and (3) Both - she probably likes to trade spankings with her boyfriends as foreplay. Although I love the idea of her telling her victim in advance how simply awful his bedtime spanking will be!
    But it's always nice to have role reversal and I like to think everyone can be either spanker or spankee whether they like it or not. Like maybe Girl 1 loves blistering the bottoms of the boys she babysits but when she gets home she gets a good whipping from her perfectionist daddy for bad grades, who then gets paddled by mom as part of their weekly 'date night', who got her taste for spanking from all the lickings her and her siblings got over the years. Fun for everyone!

  7. I always think "I wonder if she is a spanker?" when I first meet a woman. However, none of the girls you have posted look like a spanker to me.

  8. No 1: The expression on her face says it all: "You won't get away with that sort of behaviour with me." and, of course, "take your trousers down and get over my lap!"

    No 2: Clearly a deliberate tease! If you ogle that ass, she's got you (and let's face it you deserve everything you're going to get!)

    No 3; The sort of brat who make sure she gets what she wants. So either fall on your knees and kiss her feet or be prepared to bare all and take what's coming to you.


  9. I'm with QBuzz and smucatelli.
    1. Spanker
    2. Spankee
    3. Could be either way.
    I'm a bratty switch though, so take it for what its worth.

    Another thought as to why your artwork sometimes inspires reactions you don't anticipate: it's often the story being told by the artwork.
    In that picture with mom spanking the boyfriend in front of the girlfriend on the bed, I'm sure you can think of plenty of reasons that they both might deserve to get spanked, even if it's not sexually desireable to you that they both do so. That being said, while I've often imagined the "girl was next", I also sometimes just figured he had them both drinking or something and maybe HE was the only one who deserved to be spanked. Just my thought process, and no biggie.

    Anyway, because of the way I am wired I can find a bratty or terribly bad young or middle aged lady kicking, crying, whining or just giggling (if it was a fun spanking or a 'sexy' type of spanking) and showing off her most private areas whilst over the knee of a male or female disciplinarian VERY SEXY indeed, just as I can find most of your lovely female spanks male artwork very titilating, imagining myself in the spankees position. I really LIKED the "Spanking Teen Brandi " and "Spanking Teen Jessica" sites and while it's true I did sometimes imagine myself over their knees, usually their beautiful faces and bottoms as they received their discipline. were turn ons all by themselves. Plus, while I never had a 'crush' on her, I've determined that the single sexiest woman I've ever seen in the spanking community was Kailee (because of her combination of juvinile and adult looking features as well as the fact she was more normal looking than say a model)- and she was a switch who mostly leans bottom.

    Thanks for sharing your artwork and your thoughts.


  10. Here's how I see it:

    Number 1 is a switch. Her direct, focused gaze shows that she's smart and expects to create the situation she wants to find herself in. She's got a football-player boyfriend who she gets to put over his knee and spank her by hand while she dreams of Daddy, who never laid a finger on her, possibly because her mom forbid it. Afterwards she satisfies him so he's fine with it. Boyfriend is a social prize but she knows someday she'll be with someone a little older, a whole lot smarter and a lot more mature.

    Meanwhile she studies with an advanced student a few years her junior… and eons behind her socially. She quickly realized that a firm word brought immediate agreement from him and a threat or two to terminate their arrangement put her firmly in charge. After moving their study sessions somewhere more private than the library, she quickly progressed to accusing him of always trying to get a peek at her bra and panties and staring at her boobs or looking higher up her thigh than she intended him to be seeing. "You think I don't notice, but I do – every time," she tells him. "You think you're getting away with it, but you're not. Do it again and I'll be spanking you for it." Of course it was not long before this was put into action.

    Now spanking is a regular part of their sessions and she scolds him as she dreams of being scolded, with a lot of disappointment and a bit of disbelief. She barely lowers his briefs to spank his bare bottom by hand then often has to follow up with the hairbrush to punish him for getting aroused. The second time he failed to get uncomfortably excited she accused him of masturbating and spanked him for that; now she makes him turn away and masturbate first about half of the time – sometimes before he's done anything, so he won't be spanked at all. After each of these times he's been quick to offend on the following visit and she's been equally quick to catch up, at times using a spoon to temper a pre-spank erection.

    Picture #3 is completely different – she doesn't study and she's not a spanker or spankee. She'll let you spank her if you don't do it too hard and nothing you say hits too close to home; she'll dress up in a size-two leather bustier with thigh-high boots and fishnets. She'll smack you with a crop and use all the clichés while sounding like she's cold-reading from a script. She'll rub your crotch while asking what you brought her and if you don't keep her supplied with what she wants she'll develop a sore throat, migraine, cramps from her period and recurring nightmares from emotional trauma so that not only sex but even living with her is unthinkable and intolerable.

  11. So the real story is #2, and she's trouble. Short version, despite being dressed like that she's 21 and her old school uni is shorter than it used to be. As a troubled teen she was badly treated by a parade of boyfriends, sometimes more than one at a time. Slightly stabilized her life in a two-year relationship with an older man before meeting Brandon, who puts the "boy" in boyfriend. Barely 18, smart but unfortunately not at all cool he lives in open-mouthed wonder of this wild woman.

    "I think my butt's getting big," she complained one afternoon.

    "I like it just as it is," he said, meaning to reassure her. Whether she was trapping him from the start or jumped on the opportunity, she refused to speak to – or listen to – him until he apologized profusely. Even then she demanded to spank him and he discovered that she wasn't kidding. Since then he's found that the spankings keep getting worse, just like she promised. She stopped trimming her bush and demands oral before and often after intercourse, hairbrush when he hesitates, strap if she doesn't climax (which is usually when she's in a foul mood to begin with). Just as often she has them dry-hump until he comes in his pants which she "has no tolerance for."

    Lately she wants him to worship her ass, and not just the cheeks, either. She's brought out the cane for this. She's also planning on having them experience anal sex together, though she'll decide who gets what when. She expects that if she starts slowly enough she can get him to beg for more, even in texts and e-mails or maybe video. Once she has that, the fun can really begin.

    btw you draw better spankers than any of them.


  12. I can imagine all 3 being both spankers and spankees. Of course I am a switch

  13. For me, 1 and 3 are definitely spankers. 2 leaves me conflicted. I'm sold on Banjo's exchange student scenario, in which 2 is merciless in her domination and spanking of her new-found 'little brother'. But the tartar inside me really DOES want to put her over my knee! This was a fun challenge and I look forward to eventual follow-up conundrums in this series...

  14. In my case I can envision all three of those girls as both the potential spanker, and the spankee. If I were to choose one I'd say I'd be more likely to see as a spanker than a spankee, then it would have to be girl no. 2. The angle of the shot suggests a dominant position (you are looking up at her), and to me there is something in the look on her face that says more dominant than submissive in that particular shot.
    As for the other two girls, their look simply says "sexually mischievous" to me, which can swing both ways.