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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Art - Awaiting His Apology

"Awaiting His Apology"

Considering the length of time between this and he previous art post, I figured this piece's title was fairly suitable.

One of my more "romantic" attempts, this piece depicts a couple - perhaps boyfriend and girlfriend, or even husband and wife - in the moments following what must have been quite a sound spanking indeed, judging from the state of his bottom, his red and teary face, and that heavy hairbrush on the table beside her!

He's naked, because that's what she's demanded. This likely isn't an impromptu angry smacking, but a "strip and meet me in the parlor in ten minutes!" type scene. That hairbrush would have been already sitting in clear view on the table, for him to see the moment he walked nervously stark naked into the room.

Her outfit was decided on because I wanted something light, fabric-y and "floaty"; a skirt easily rucked up (both during and after the spanking), and a ribbed tank top that showed off both her toned arms and tummy born from her gym membership. I love "strappy" shoes on women and felt they very much suited the idea of a "towers over him like a goddess", and can imagine them as being quite a memorable sight for him to see either upside-down while dangling over her lap or looking up at her from the floor.

I made a conscious effort to make her - while not especially muscular or "Amazonian" in build, certainly someone who is bigger, fitter, stronger and more athletic than her male spankee here. It's almost certain, at least in my mind, that she's the "dominant" one of the relationship, both emotionally and physically, and also possibly in terms of maturity too. Indeed, the young man here strikes me as a rather shy, submissive, perhaps even "nerdy" guy compared to her, who looks dressed for a hot nightclub or party where he might be rather out of place or self-conscious.

In fact, I like to imagine that perhaps they've previously been to such a club or party that evening, with her taking the dominant lead in every interaction, leading him around by the hand with the occasional pinch or slap on the bottom when he dawdles or takes to long fetching her a drink or hesitates to join her on the dance floor. While she may love him, she makes sure he knows who's "boss" and sometimes treats him more like a child than a partner, especially in public (with shades of the Emilyverse in their relationship, perhaps, even?)

The reason for the spanking could be anything; I welcome ideas from viewers here as I was mostly focused on the current and future of this scene than the previous moments. If indeed a domestic discipline relationship scene, perhaps this was the consequence of a broken rule, something as "minor" as leaving the toilet seat up or forgetting milk on the way home? Perhaps it was a serious affront, disrespect in front of friends or thoughtfulness on an anniversary?

Or perhaps this is a new relationship, even a "first date" (or at least "first night back at her place") scenario? The spanking might have been because he's a shy type who looked to leave without giving her the post-date satisfaction she expected, even this early in their relationship? Or perhaps simply her way of showing this potential boyfriend how she treats her lovers and partners and thus what he needs to get used to if he's going to continue seeing her?

The title (though easily ignored if it doesn't fit your own fantasy here) does of course suggest some misbehavior or mistake on his part that requires an apology... though it could even be the need to apologize for trying to squirm away or making too much fuss during his spanking! There are, at least from what can be seen, no signs of another not-uncommon "accident" that can happen to males against a spanker's legs during an OTK botty roasting that would be both very embarrassing and in dire need of profound apology if not expressly permitted by his spanker!

The form of the apology is left unstated but my own thought might be clear from the pose and body language of both parties. The fact that she has her legs apart and has rucked up her skirt like that may indicate what kind of "apology" she expects from the tearful, attractive young man on the floor at her feet. It's possible he will still be sobbing from his thorough bottom blistering as he does so, but I suspect she's fine with that!

Of course, if that particular scenario doesn't float your boat, there are plenty of other ways he may be expected to express his contrition and show remorse for misbehavior...

Incidentally, although not originally intentionally intended, the spanker in this piece is now kind of reminding me of a certain 1980's TV star, known mostly for her appearance in a show about a stuntman. Then again, you all know by now how much of an 1980's kid I am, right? :)


  1. I believe the TV Show you mean is "The Fall Guy" starring Lee Majors and Heather Locklear who is the model for this amazonic strong woman on the Picture. This "After the Spanking" topic is very erotic. The Imagination, laying over her knee and getting a hard and painful spanking with her strong Hand, makes me frightened.


  2. Great to have you back Banjo! Definitely getting the young wife/husband vibe from this one. Something tells me his apology could never be good enough and he'll be in for another round with that dreaded hairbrush before the night is out :D

  3. Looks like there is an ongoing relationship maybe in the early stages. Her look suggests she's establishing her dominance after the good spanking. Possibly, he
    got a good scolding prior, has been well spanked and she's making sure he knows his place. More spanks could follow if his attitude isn't just right. Thanks, Banjo. I love your art.

  4. Brilliant art. Thanks. A real glow.

  5. The apparent age difference between them suggests that their relationship is an unconventional one, to say the least. I imagine her having picked him up during one of his first ever awkward club or party visits like the one Banjo described, seeing the shy boy at the party and deciding he was cute and spankable enough to be worthy of her attention.

    The scene depicted above is probably a week or less into their relationship, however committed it is.

  6. The expression on his face seems adoring as well as hurt, suggesting that he is indeed captive to her in the romantic sense suggested. The posing of the figures conveys her utter dominance, and there's an uncompromising steeliness in her stare as she awaits his apology for reasons unknown! Awesome work, Banjo!

  7. Great work Banjo.You have really captured the moment after a spanking with this. My feeling is that she is an older "cougar" spanking her much younger boyfriend.Her maturity would explain why she is in control of him and experienced enough to administer an effective spanking.

  8. Hey Banjo... Great to see you are back again. I am sure we are all really pleased that you are doing such great artwork and stories.
    I hope all is good with you, Buddy.
    Terry Mc, London

  9. Happy Holiday Season, Banjo!!!! Hope 2018 is full of good luck, good health, success and happiness for you. Thanks for sharing your great artwork.

  10. This is a superb art work and shows A wife ready to continue his punishment if he doe not hurry up and apologise to her !Does he think she is bluffing-if so i feel he is delude and will soon find out the hard way as she resumes his spanking with that big painful hairbrush on his scarlet bottom!

    1. Hi, To defy his wife will only serve to increase her anger and lead to him being tsken to her study to be caned in front of his MIL who is granted spanking rights for her to whack him with her daughters rattan cane ,for 6 of the best which he should remember may lead to him sitting on cushion for couple of days!