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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Guest Art: Motivation (by Sardax)

Proudly presenting... a guest art piece by none other than the famous femdom artist Sardax!

"Motivation", by Sardax... based on "Unexpected Side-Effect", by Banjo!

Okay, let me get this out of the way right now: Sardax is an awesome artist! His work was among the first-ever 'femdom art' I even saw, back when I was in college and bought my first spanking publications. Among these was 'The Governess', a literary journal by and for the sadly-defunct Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society International (who I hope to write more about on this blog someday).

Sardax was one of the artist for this publication, as well as some of their stand-alone illustrated novellas. I fell in love with his art immediately; his female spankers were stunningly beautiful, demanding of worship and obedience; just looking at them - whether college student or tennis player or businesswoman or manor mistress - made me feel like my fantasies had been given life on the page!

I later discovered that while Sardax has done some great spanking artworks, he mostly deals with other aspects of femdom. Thus, stumbling across a new spank-centric art piece by him that I've not seen before is a rare thing, but always a wonderful surprise.

The above was one such surprise, though in more ways than one. See, I didn't find this piece on the web or in a publication, nor was I sent it by a friend or discover it through Sardax' website. It was actually emailed to me by the amazing Sardax himself! Yeah, I reacted in true fanboy "OMG! Squee!" fashion when I got the email from one of my first-ever 'spanko heroes' and an artist who'd influenced me back when I started doing what I do.

Even more excitingly (something of you might already have noticed, perhaps), the reason he emailed me was to ask if he could post this piece on his website. Why ask me?! Well, because this piece is actually based on one of my artworks! It seems that a fan of my work liked my old art piece 'Unexpected Side-Effect' so much, they commissioned Sardax (THE Sardax! *blush*) to draw an interpretation of the characters in a slightly different scenario.

I was stunned and deeply flattered! I said yes, of course, but worked up the courage to ask if I could perhaps post Sardax' art piece here on my own blog, for everyone else to see too (and me to brag about... LOL!).

So, here it is... Sardax's interpretation of my old 'Unexpected Side-Effect' piece! I'd have never in a million years imagined a pro like him would even know my work existed, much less expect to ever see one of my art pieces (one I actually made not long after discovering the whole world of internet spanko art, websites and communities) honored in this fashion.

Perhaps the most awesome aspect for me is how closely he's based the cute, pigtailed and bespectacled spanker here on my original character (right down to her outfit). Even though it's an old art piece, using older 3D models and software, she's always been (for reasons I can't explain) one of my favourite spankers that I've created in my art. Seeing her here in Sardax form... yeah, it's damn awesome!

Enjoy, everyone! I know I did!

For more awesome Sardax art, he has a membership site at www.sardax.com that's sadly rather light on spanking material, but heavy on beautiful dominant women in a variety of femdom scenarios and roles. He's also available for commercial work and commissions.


  1. Oh man, I love doing that. Sucking a boy's dick when he's all sore and sorry and scared... man, I haven't done that in too long.

    Because she's got glasses and brown hair and a hairbrush, I choose to believe that this is a portrait of me by Sardax. 'Cause I want to, dang it.

  2. Enjoy..beyond expectations, Sardax is wonderful. Love the real lady, glasses, hair back but lovely figure and the brush!! Now what she is doing is beyond hot!!

    Thanks for sharing this one, amazing

  3. What a wonderful drawing. The question springs to mind if this is before the spanking, or after???
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy Spankings

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! Aunty is feeling just a little light headed at the moment. Oh dear, I'm all a flutter!

  5. My, what a... compelling image! I agree though, about it not being clear whether it's before or after the spanking. The uh, suckee doesn't appear to be enjoying himself too much, so maybe it's before. And it's hard to tell if the other two are jealous or what.
    Anyway, that's one way of getting a guy to let you spank him... ;-)


  6. I really like the art of Sardax, but only his spanking pics. I´m not a fan of femdom art and this "blowjob" picture is ugly to me. Sorry


  7. My heartiest Congratulations, Banjo! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy and more deserving artist. My only frustration with Sardax is he doesn't draw MORE straight sex or spanking pictures, but nonetheless I do like some of his other work too, and he is often considered the most technically and artistically gifted in the BDSM artist community (though he does have some competitors, Kami Tora comes to mind) so having him inspired by your work must be great for you!

    As far as it goes, I like art that shows dominant women who desire their men sexually. There is an excellent series of small articles on the societal portrayal of the "dominatrix" (which I can link to if Banjo or someone else would like to read them) and one of the things it picks up on is that the mainstream tropes associated with dominant women/submissive men are a form of "slut shaming". The dominatrix is dangerous because she goes after submissive men - who are the "wrong kind" (i.e. not "REAL" men) and do not deserve to procreate.

    Maybe his penis is not in her vagina, but this woman is very clearly :
    A. Rewarding her spankee
    B. and enjoying his sexuality too.

    I see nothing wrong with this picture, indeed I love it.


  8. Before or after spanking...I think perhaps Sardax made this purposely ambiguous to allow for speculation and appeal to various fantasies.

    To me there appears to be some redness visible from the side angle so I think if is definitely after the spanking. Just my opinion though, or... err... uhmm, my desire if I were in his place :) Perhaps these are young 20 something virgins. The others too paralyzed with fear to take a close look at what is making their buddy moan.

    I love his choice of your young lady from the unexpected side effect drawing. She's experienced the thrill of domination, and control, and is taking it to new heights.

    Oh and Emily, if you want to believe this is a picture of you there will certainly not be any argument from me...or anyone else I suspect :)

  9. To me, blowjobs are essentially an act of submission by the woman. Common sense might suggest the opposite: the fact that she has the man's bell-end between her teeth potentially gives her formidable power / control over him! Yet the intimacy of fellatio somehow suggests subservience to the phallus. Although blowjobs are enjoyable I don't usually associate them with F/M spanking. But it's always good to see a new Sardax drawing.

  10. Ariel Takes His Panties Down!April 11, 2012 12:37 am

    Wow you should be very proud of yor site Banjo!

  11. Wow, congratulations! Fantastic image by you, and what a creation by Sardax. I've always admired him . . . and you should be incredibly flattered, the guy's got an eye, and he saw something cool and hot in your work. Very interesting to see how he used the source material

  12. His penis looks as red as his cheeks both upper and lower.red with embaressment in front of the other boys and red with soreness.Perhaps her teeth are grazing over the sensitive head of his penis. I know a few dominant Women who like to do this.The sex act of felatio and whther it is dominant or submissive is tied up in the actions and intentions of the iindividuals.To em she is demonstrating her right to do sexual things to him and embarres him.


  13. Sardax,

    I admired your illustrations in the publications of the Alice Kerr Sutherland Society.

    I presume the creator of these has died. They were brilliant. Just out of curiosity who was the author, the organiser who commissioned you, I think he or she deserves credit and recognition as being in the first ranks of writers of erotica.