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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Guest Story: A Hit With The Ladies

(inspired by the artwork 'A Tattletale Earns Him Seconds', by Banjo)

For the first time in years, Randy actually paid attention in class. It wasn't just because he was afraid of getting kicked out of yet another high school; well, he was, but the last time had been for pulling the fire alarm before an exam, not for bad grades. It also wasn't because he had suddenly discovered a passion for learning; Randy had still seen little to make him think that school wasn't a corporate scam. He understood that he needed to bite the bullet and get through one more year to earn his GED, but that didn't make him happy about it. No, the thing that held him captivated was Miss Brookland, or more accurately, the way her ample breasts stood out beneath her white button-down as she turned at a profile to write on the chalkboard. Since the day he arrived at Trask Park Girl's School (which was actually just a few days ago, but it's a figure of speech), Randy had been quite taken with the tall, buxom and blonde history teacher, even if she was a real bitch about classroom discipline.

Oh yeah, Girl's School. About that part. Randy had mixed feelings about being sent to Trask Park. On the one hand, it was a little embarrassing to admit he was going to an all girl school. After his last expulsion, his parents had sat down with the board representative and struggled for hours to find an alternative. Unfortunately, Trask Park was the only high school left in the district that would make an exception for him, and his mother - no matter how much his father insisted on it - couldn't bear to send her darling son away to a boarding school. So, here we was. But on the other hand, despite the embarrassment and the stares and the no football team and the knowledge that he really wasn't supposed to be here, the eye candy at Trask Park was phenomenal. Randy was confident that with his looks and athletics and devil-may-care aura, he'd be drowning in pussy by the end of the term.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Spanking: American Style

Apologies, folks. I've been rather unwell for the past three weeks, hence the lack of promised new stuff... but just because it was delayed doesn't mean I won't post it late!

With a very belated Happy 4th of July to my American friends and readers, I wanted to make something special to celebrate the day for you.

Enter: "Auntie Sam"!

"Auntie Sam: I Want You... Over My Knee!"

I'm really pleased with how she turned out; she was a LOT of work, perhaps the most I've put into a single character so far, but for some reason she kept needing tweaking to get "just right", especially the face and hair. I wanted to giver her a somewhat more "revealing" outfit, but decided in the end that as a guardian of strict morality and wholesomeness, Auntie Sam, wouldn't approve of that one bit!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Flashback - Swimwear Struggle

"Swimwear Struggle"

For us Aussies, the nice weather has left us, but here's a flashback to keep everyone warm... in more ways than one!

Mixed swimming spots are always both fun and troublesome places for most guys; whether at a beach or public pool like the one depicted here, being surrounded by women in swimsuits that often conceal little, a male's own bathers make it very hard to hide any embarrassing "expressions of interest" in the female forms on display. And for ladies so inclined, on show are many equally enticing pert male posteriors in skimpy Speedos just asking to be given a firm smack or fifty!

Is it any wonder that a guy could get himself soundly spanked in such a situation, then?

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Art - Hung Out To Dry

"Hung Out To Dry"

Here in Australia, the nice weather seems to have finally left us, but in my time "away" I have polished up a couple of "summer-themed" artworks that I'll be sharing along with other stuff.

This one is *hopefully* a nice warm day, and the two ladies' attire suggests it might be (and they're not just being extra mean to the poor guy here!).

Many spankees (and spankers) know that being smacked on a wet bottom is particularly stingy and painful. The two women in this artwork know this too, as they've not only stripped and strung up the guy here, but have sprayed and soaked him dripping wet with the garden hose as well!


I promised no big "I'm back (again)" posts, just more cool new stuff and a return to the fun of old, but I just had to leave this brief note, and give a place for anyone wanting to post comments unrelated to the new material coming up.

The internet - indeed the world - is not the same place as it was when I first got online. I look around and see everything online becoming ad-covered, revenue-targeted and corporate-focused. More and more spankos are even monetizing their hobbies. When Geocities shut down a few years back, it took a huge part of the "old" web with it. Last month, a *huge* and old (vanilla) TV review community was shuttered because "it didn't make money". For all the good the internet brings us, the biggest negative to me is how so much can be lost in the blink of an eye. If Google shut down Blogger tomorrow without warning, how much would be lost forever?

In that spirit, I thought about my own time online, particularly since "de-lurking" and beginning posting my amateur spanking artworks. It got me thinking about all the other spanking artists and writers and bloggers and friends I've known and admired in that time, and how many are now gone; either passed away, disappeared, or just moved on with their lives in another way. Even years after the sites and communities that spawned them are gone, many of us still enjoy the awesome artworks of people like Ann Madison, Sassy Bottoms, Jay Em, Paul Michael Davies, Whizzer Black, Eric Stanton, Bobby Cooper, EndArt, George Churchward, UASketcher, Spao, Curtis, Ichizo Ito, and others no longer around.

Which is the main reason I'm renewing this blog at my involvement in the spanking community online. Once, I had ideas of making a "real" website. Now I think I'm happy just getting my stuff out there and knowing others are enjoying it. It may seem odd, but honestly, of everything I've ever done and accomplished in my 30+ years of life, private and professional, one of the things I'm most proud of is the connections I've made through my art, stories and groups/blogs/sites.

When I'm long gone, as we all will be one day, I would be very happy to think that my "legacy" will be that some people in the future still have my work alongside those amazing and talented folks I mentioned above in people's "naughty stuff" folders on their computers, or are still discovering online, and thinking "yeah, that old Banjo guy's stuff was cool".

Alright, then... time for the fun stuff! New art coming up... hope you all like it!

A still from Tron: Legacy, unrelated to this post except for sharing the same
'legacy' tag... but I've wanted an excuse to post this for ages, as it's a very
"femdommy" scene, and one that might be cool to someday "re-imagine"
as a more blatantly-spanky artwork...?