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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Art: Birthday Suit Spanking

"Birthday Suit Spanking"

Birthday spankings! One of those things I often hear/read about as an adult, but experienced or even saw happen. I've often wondered if it was due to my age (i.e. it used to happen but didn't when I was growing up) or location (it was an American and/or UK tradition, but not an Australian one), but I've always been curious about the whole concept.

I can't help but love the idea of getting a sound spanking for no reason other than "it's your birthday"... that seems so playful yet so unfair! And of course, me being me, in my mind a birthday spanking isn't just a "patty-cake" play-spanking, but a bare-bottom full-on smacking with proper sting! Maybe not as bad as when you've really misbehaved, but certainly enough to make waking up on your birthday knowing a celebratory bun-warming is planned a nervous butterflies-in-the-tummy moment!

I'm not sure what the origin or purpose behind birthday spankings are, either. In my mind, though, I think the best 'reason' for a birthday spanking - especially for older teens and adults - is as a "you're never too old" reminded. Sure, you may be twenty-two today, but a spanking still hurts as much! And just because you're "grown up" doesn't mean you're safe from spankings, either! It's a nice reminder, whether for those in domestic discipline relationships, those still living under "mommy's" roof, or just those in need of remembering that you're never too old for a spanking!

Of course, for the spankers... a birthday spanking has the additional possible purpose of "just a good excuse to spank the birthday boy" (or girl!). And what better way to celebrate than to bare the guest of honor's trembling bottom and spank it rosy red in front of all the party guests?

That was my inspiration for the artwork here: a fun party held in his honor, but for their amusement. He's stripped naked - perhaps for his celebratory spanking, or perhaps kept in his "birthday suit" (hence the title) for the whole party? Apart from that silly birthday hat, of course! And the spanking is given in full view of all the guests, of course, as they all sing "happy birthday" over the yelps and smacks of the paddle, perhaps chanting out his age with every swat. Whether in good humour or not, he's definitely going to kick and howl by the time they're done, no matter what his age!

Which leads to the point: how many swats should a birthday spanking be? The spankee's age? In total, or "on each cheek"? Multiplied by a certain number? How many "to grow on"? Should implements be used and does that change the number of swats? Bare bottom, naked or over clothes/underwear if there are "guests"? And should it be done in a "party atmosphere" (after the cake, perhaps?) or privately in the bedroom in the morning or evening?

What are your thoughts on this artwork's specific scenario, and on birthday spankings in general?


  1. What a wonderful party it would be if the birthday boy found himself across all four comely knees.......

  2. Birthday spankings are such a lovely tradition. I've given and received many over the journey. The picture is delightful.

  3. Oh, I forgot, silly me. I have to answer one of those questions about how many swats. Personally I prefer age plus one to grow on. However in Spank Shop #19 as the young man was turning 21 and I wanted to give him something special, and I'd already spanked him quite soundly I gave him a rather innovative 6 of the best with my sorority paddle.

  4. Birthday spankings still happened when I was a kid. My first-grade teacher actually gave a couple in front of the class, believe it or not. Just light, playful swats over clothing, but it was intensely powerful for me to see. (Like a lot of us, I was already kinked for spanking at six.) I have never heard of a formula other than age-plus-one being used in an actual birthday spanking, though there were sometimes the addenda of "a pinch to grow an inch, a sock to grow a block, and a smile to grow a mile."

    All these, of course, were very strictly childhood rituals. Extending them to any age remotely postpubescent would constitute a deliberate childish humiliation. Fortunately, childish humiliation happens to be an enormous turn-on for some of us...

    One variant I've seen is in a certain specialized form of ageplay, where one reduces the sub to a given age, and then "re-parents" them up in age. It tends to be at an accelerated rate, as who wants to wait years for one's sub to be old enough to molest properly? And, of course, every birthday is marked with a proper birthday spanking, and sometimes cake. Naturally, if the sub fails to mature fast enough, their age can always be revoked. I've known one girl who turned ten years old at least half a dozen times, for example...

  5. I've received many birthday spankings, but the one I remember most was for my 60th birthday. My wife threw a big party for me, and there were 7 couples, each belonged to a spanking group we had formed.

    I received 60 spanks from all 7 Women, plus one to grow on. It was a memorable night.

    I was spanked by each one over their knee, and nothing was used but the hand, which for a few of them was bad enough. Their ages ranged from 32 up to about 50, so the birthday spanking does cover a bunch of age groups.

    My Wife always gives me a birthday spanking in private, and sometimes she uses other implements, she knows I enjoy a hard spanking, and for my birthday she usually obliges.


    1. how lovely James... were you spanked over your trousers? or were your pants pulled down leaving you gloriously bottomless? or were you fully naked? were you excited or nervous or terrified? loll what was it like to be spanked by a young lady (32) nearly half your age? did the ladies laugh and tease you in good fun?

  6. A wonderful post, that makes the imagination run wild. Being spanked for REAL at your birthday party, with everyone watching, and some if not all the women taking part. (James - you are one lucky person)
    Love the art... and the thoughts
    Happy Spankings

  7. Love Birthday Spankings seems everyone is enjoying it well done.

  8. cfnm is my second favorite fantasy. clothed female naked male. great drawing banjo. i hope he is going to get a trip over all of the knees. what a better way for a birthday spanking then in your birthday suit.

  9. MR Banjo- Great drawing! Of all of the ones that you have done so far, this is my favorite[and there's some tough competition] .

    Like Tommyspt[ who by the way is another great artist in my opinion] i like the CFNM aspect. I like the fact that he is completly naked from head to toe and for the women's amusement

    I also like the fact that the women are dressed elegantly. And not as Dominatrixes as some spanking artists do. This is the thing i like best about your artwork. You set your stories in casual ,everyday domestic enviroments with normal looking casualy dressed people.This realy makes the art realistic

    I also like that you make the males athletic instead of wimpy looking.

    As far as the women, i like the one on the left best.Her face is not only attractive[as well as her body] , i also love her smirk of smug satisfaction. While its a great drawing, i think it would have been better if the woman on the right had the same expression.Instead of her scowling somewhat. But i hope you take that as very minor constructive criticism. Overall its a great drawing.Obviously different people have different taste.Some like a woman to have a bit of a scowl. I myself like the idea of the women enjoying themsleves and laughing . The other women[especialy the one on the left] defintly are enjoying themselves and smiling

    Its great envisioning him having to serve the ladies ,birthday cake, as a "naked butler"

    Once again, Happy Birthday!

    1. Wonderfully said Bob! I couldn't agree more about the fact that it is so realistic and exciting to see the ladies so elegantly dressed. Do you think when they were going out for the evening they thought they were going to witness THIS??? I too LOVE the smirk on the lady on the left who is clearly having a wonderful time watching all 4 of his cheeks turn a blushing red! Wish I could do her the honors of having mine flush and blush in front of her like that!

  10. This is an awesome scenario. I really like the idea of the women keeping him naked during his own birthday party, driving home to him that even on his special day he is still inferior and under the control of the females. I can't imagine a better way to spend a birthday than being forced to remain naked and being spanked by these beautiful ladies. As for the number of swats, I was not familiar with anything other than age plus one, and with so many women potentially involved that would be effective, but in the case of one woman giving the spanking, doubling the age is a good way to go.

  11. I think birthday spankings are/were a US tradition. In the UK (or the part I grew up in anyway) it was birthday bumps, where two or more of your mates grabbed you lifted you up by feet and shoulders then bumped your bottom on the ground one for every year. Fortunately for me my birthday fell during a school holiday

  12. wow banjo, can you imagine that. i have always felt that i was sort of like you in many ways. love of being spanked, especially over the knee, but you could knock me over when you said that your birthday and mine are both on the same day. october 2, true i am quite a few years older but apparently there is some kind of astrological connection. Yes I know my profile shows oct 1 but i intentionally put the wrong date to further hide my secret identity. I will try to write a short story before the end of the month. thanks again for coming back.

  13. That certainly does not resemble actual birthday spankings I heard of :-) Getting a few smacks with trousers on is slightly different than this...

    Looks like the ladies had it well planned - they arranged the party attended only by them and the birthday boy. I prefer to think that the guy is rather reluctant and ashamed than willing to undress and receive a spanking. I wonder how did they managed to put him in this situation. Threaten him? Rip his clothes of? Trick him into undressing?

    I don't think any predefined number of blows is agreed. And if so, then she'll probably make several counting mistakes. Anyway, she'll finish when she pleases.

    And that's not the end. The other ladies would also like to apply the paddle. Especially the one behind the table seems to can't wait for her turn.

  14. I prefer to think of them as his cousins (and maybe sisters) who are having a "private celebration" with their naughty birthday boy without any adult supervision. Needless to say, the birthday boy won't be sharing this experience with anyone. However he will probably be looking forward to his next birthday... ;-)


  15. I prefer to think of them as his cousins (and maybe sisters) who are having a "private celebration" with their naughty birthday boy without any adult supervision. Needless to say, the birthday boy won't be sharing this experience with anyone. However he will probably be looking forward to his next birthday... ;-)


  16. I didn't start getting birthday spankings till I was 24 years old and it was from my fellow spankos and never family :(

    I love your birthday spanking artwork though *smiles* Looks like the guests are enjoying the birthday spanking more then the birthday boy is *giggles*

  17. Sorry I'm so late in wishing both you and Tommy "Happy Birthday". Unfortunately I do not receive many birthday spankings (OF course 66 (my next birthday) swats would definately hurt a lot. And if that was per cheek and per lady? WOW!!!!. I also really enjoy the CFnm concept of this party.

  18. This is a really intriguing artwork. There's something about the posture and attitude of the women which suggests to me that this is a premediated spanking rather than an improvised case of party-time fun. It's as though the women have conspired to make the spanking the whole object of the party; and I've no doubt that each of them will take their turn with him, systematically, making him suffer over their knee. Their choice of party wear - more suitable for an evening of refined sadism than for an afternoon of ice-cream-and-jelly smacked-botty joviality - adds to the ambience of deliberate cruelty, and the 'CFNM' contrast of their costumes with his nakedness is sublime. I'm with the earlier poster who admitted that their favourite woman in this piece is the one on the left. Her sexy maturity; her smug look; the way her hair is brushed back behind her ear, exposing the 'tear drop' earring; the gleaming sun-tanned contours of her strong arm and shoulder... I'd go weak at the knees at the thought of bending over her ruffle-skirted lap for a big-boy bithday spanking!

  19. I love that they are all dressed up and he is totally naked, although it is his birthday! :)

  20. Ooh I so envy the guy getting spanked. It was my birthday the past Tuesday and I so wished I could have had a spanking across a stern lady's knee. Wishful thinking as the Mrs isn't intersted

  21. I've had a number of birthday spankings as a child. They were play spankings and usually only amounted to pats although there was some sting. My first real birthday spanking was given to me by a female friend on my 21st birthday. She had teased me about giving me a birthday spanking. So on my birthday she asked what I would like for my birthday. I told her I would like for her to give me a real spanking for my birthday with my frat paddle on my bare bottom. To my complete surprise she agreed. Oh my God she beat my ass. I got the full 21 licks plus one to grow on. I was so close to tears when she got done. Now days I've been married for many years and my wife makes sure my butt is nice and red on my birthday and yes she can get tears when she wants them.


    1. @JGH57
      I've never had a "real" birthday spanking, but it sounds like you got a good one! The closest I came was when I got a cheesy traditional giant wooden "key" for my 21st and a girl at the party kept whacking it in her hand like it was a paddle! Ah, if only... :)

  22. Birthday spanking was traditional ritual in our family. Each from us, 3 boys and 2 girls, had it until our 16, when we last times got in front family.

  23. i have had one memorable birthday-spanking similiar to the pichture,-naked paddled,caned,and whipped! my girl-friend, my last girl-friend and several of their female-friends,-even a few mothers and women from the neighbourhood were present when i was spanked by many of them! they told me, triple of my age is necessary in my case,-by each of the women! in fact,i didnt count,-they wanted to give me a good lesson,-which they done as well,as i didnt forget this spanking since 25years!
    now i am marriaged with a very beautiful wife,-but she spanks me well and hard two times every day,-in the morning and in the evening! i had to accept a contract with her and her sisters,and her mother,which allow every spanking what i get from them!
    she paddled me too in our marriage-party,-amoung our guests! but i love her and her until today so hot body and so sexy bottom!

  24. So this is his birthday suit surprise? ( priceless) not ouch less either? Renee Z " if you need help here I'm"

  25. There was an excellent short story by Rollin in which the birthday boy got a natural summary spanking. As in, being twenty two years old, he got 1+2+3+4+5+6+.....+21+22 swats, for a total of 243 swats. Seems fair to me.

    An original idea of my own for birthday spankings is n swats on the seat of the pants, n on the underwear, n on the bare, another n on the bare after rubbing some oil on the birthday boy's butt, and then n with a wooden hairbrush. That ought to do the trick as well.

  26. I like the artwork and the set-up,perhaps he drank too much.