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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Birthday 2011: Happy Birthday to Me!

(not a lie)
Yes, today is Banjo's birthday!

To celebrate, I've posted a brand new, never-before-seen artwork "Birthday Suit Spanking" that I hope you enjoy, with musings on the whole 'birthday spanking' Trope, and would love to hear your thoughts on that tradition.

However, since I (sadly) won't be getting a birthday spanking for real this year, I've also decided to have a bit of fun with this blog, too, by running a little... well, you might call it a "competition".

The idea is simple: Banjo gets a birthday spanking!

You can write a short story (don't worry, I'm not talking fifteen pages here... maybe a page or two is all), you can make an artwork, personal audio message (if you're female, of course!) or even caption a picture ("Starstruck-style"). It can be a fictional character giving the spanking, a real 'celebrity' or even 'yourself' (again, if you're female! ).

The Rules:
  • Email me your 'entry' before the end of October.
  • Entries must be in the F/M spanking genre (i.e. no M/M, sorry!)
  • If you want to know anything specific (i.e. "what's Banjo's eye colour? How old will you be?") just ask!
  • When emailing an entry, please note if it is "public" or "private"; anything marked "private" will be only seen by me and nobody else, while anything "public" I will assume is okay to repost on this blog if I decide to do so.
  • My decision on the winner is final, and will be based solely on which entry I personally enjoy the most; this isn't a test of artistic or writing skill, so nobody should feel they can't enter for "lack of ability".
  • The prize is a custom-made, one or two character artwork by me. Yes, this is your chance to get a custom artwork from Banjo! This prize will be made after the contest is over, following discussion with the winner, and will be "delivered" by the end of November, barring unforseen circumstances. However, I reserve the right to decide if a request is "possible" within my artistic and technical abilities (i.e. specific likenesses are not possible, so no "me being spanked by my cousin Sarah... here's photos of us") but I will do my very best to accommodate the winner's request! And yes, if I really really love the winning entry, I may even allow "heresy" (non-F/M) art to be requested as your prize!!!
Despite having a "winner" who will receive a prize I hope they enjoy, this "competition" is really just designed to be a bit of fun; a different way to celebrate my birthday (and my blog opening), and to encourage more interaction with you, the site members and visitors.

I really want this to be enjoyable for everyone involved... so please don't worry or take offense if you enter and don't "win". I appreciate all of you - and your feedback and friendships - so much!


  1. Oh Banjo darling, if only I had known! I did post an article from Glowing Globes Gazette about this wonderful tradition some time ago and there's also one of Seegee's Spank Shop stories, number 19 which featured me administering a long awaited for birthday spanking. Many happy returns, sweetheart.

  2. Many happy returns. Sorry you cannot get a spanking. I am sure there are many Oz ladies out there who would oblige if you asked - Mrs Birch ?
    Best regards
    Michael M

  3. Luckily for you, young man, I'm a trifle drunk at the moment, and I can never resist a dare when I'm drunk...

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Banjo, hope you have many, many more.

    We have always loved your art, hope that lasts a long time also.


  5. Happy birthday, Banjo. I'll see what I can do about a virtual spanking for you.


  6. Happy B-day, Banj!

    I wonder if Libras are natural spankos - not only is it your birthday, but mine was last week, and Dana Kane`s is right around the corner.

    Sorry you`re not getting a birthday spanking, but just add this year`s swat count onto next year`s and keep your fingers crossed for a double dose then.


  7. A Happy Birthday to you MR Banjo!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Banjo!

    I hope you like my contribution. Don't worry, you'll definitely be getting a spanking...


  9. Too Bad that the tradition of birthday spankings in your birthday suit, is totally unknown here in Germany. I hope you like my birthday gift.


  10. Happy Birthday Banjo!

    I hope you like my contribution. Don't worry, you'll definitely be getting a spanking...


  11. Hope you had a GREAT birthday Banjo and I will be entering your competition :)

  12. Happy Birthday! Nice site.. my first visit..