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Friday, 2 September 2011

Story: The Wait

By Banjo
(with thanks to Colin, for the original inspiration)

Robert pulled back the curtains of his second-story bedroom window and peered out for what seemed like the hundredth time that hour.

It was a beautiful summer’s day outside in the grounds of the palatial manor house at which he lived, yet it felt to Robert like a single dark storm cloud was hovering directly over his bedroom: a harbinger of his impending doom.

Any moment now, Miss Anushka was coming to soundly smack his bare bottom.

Miss Anushka was a professional domestic disciplinarian, an elegant Indian woman who specialized in administering corporal punishment to naughty young men at the behest of their parents or guardians. It was not a common job, but one in high demand, especially amongst rich women like Robert’s stepmother, Sharon. And among all the domestic disciplinarians for hire, Miss Anushka was the most famous, and the most feared… and justly so!

She had been here before, and on more than one occasion. In fact, after being suitably impressed with her first visit, Robert’s wealthy stepmother had put Miss Anushka on a permanent retainer; paying her a monthly fee that allowed her to call upon her services as many times as were required. This gave Sharon peace of mind that whenever Robert was especially ill-behaved, disobedient or cheeky, when she was too busy to discipline him herself, or simply when she felt her stepson needed an exceedingly, hot, sore bottom, she could just pick up the phone and Miss Anushka would arrive within a few hours to deal with him accordingly.

And deal with him she would indeed!

Robert’s heart pounded in his chest as he peered out the window, past the immaculate and ordered gardens to the paved driveway and high gates beyond, searching for a sight of Miss Anushka’s expensive car. There was no sign of her yet, but he knew that she was due to arrive at any moment; he had heard his stepmother on the phone booking an ‘appointment’ at mid-day today… and another glance at the clock revealed that noon was only was ten minutes away!

Robert felt sick with fear, visibly trembling as he paced back and forth like a caged animal in the confines of his bedroom.

He was naked, of course; his stepmother always ordered him to strip nude while waiting for Miss Anushka to arrive. Failure to obey – as he had found out the one time he dared be still in his underwear when Miss Anushka had opened his bedroom door – was NOT wise… not only had Miss Anushka added an extra ten agonizing minutes to his time writhing under her palm, but his stepmother had spanked him AGAIN the moment she had left – on top of an already extremely sore and well-smacked bottom – for disobeying her. That was an experience Robert never wanted to repeat!

As always, though, he’d tried pleading with his stepmother: “Please, please Mommy… PLEASE don’t call HER! Please, you don’t need to call HER! Oh please, can’t YOU just spank me instead?”

True, a spanking from his Amazonian blonde stepmother was not something to be considered mildly; a trip across Sharon’s firm lap always left Robert bawling his eyes out and howling for mercy. But that maternal lap and hard, experienced palm was still a preferable option for the terrified young man than a visit from Miss Anushka.

When Sharon spanked him (sadly a far from an infrequent occurrence), it was hard and painful, but it was also usually fairly brief; Robert’s stepmother rarely had the patience to spank for long, and once she had savagely beat her anger out on his backside, she would push him to the floor and his torment – terrible though it had be – would thus be over.

Not so with Miss Anushka. Unlike his spitfire of a stepmother, the professional disciplinarian did not allow anger to cloud her disciplinary measures. With a cool and composed, air and a strict, no-nonsense demeanor, she would simply turn a boy over her firm, smooth thighs and expertly administer a no-nonsense, excruciatingly painful and lengthy bare-bottom smacking to the boy in question.

Indeed, that was a good part of why Sharon had taken to calling on the professional domestic disciplinarian to spank her step-son… she knew that she would have no emotional investment (besides her professional pride to ‘do the job properly’) in punishing Robert, nor could she thus be calmed, persuaded or begged into leniency by the boy.

Miss Anushka did not shout like Robert’s stepmother, nor did she typically get angry or even scold him. To Robert, this actually made her spankings all the worse; at least when his stepmother was yelling and telling him off, he had a case to answer, something to plead against and apologize for. Miss Anushka simply did not care what he had done to deserve a spanking, or indeed if he even deserved one at all! She had been hired simply to spank him red raw to a sobbing, broken little boy, and that was exactly what she did with few words and a cool, stern demeanor. Robert knew from experience that he could promise and apologize all he wanted to Miss Anushka; she would not stop until she had spanked him for as long as she had been booked for. Not that this would stop Robert from crying and carrying on like a naughty child over her knee, of course; in addition to the impossibly sore backside that came with any visit from Miss Anushka, she would also often leave his throat raw from his inevitable screeching and sobbing hysterics.

Finally, with Sharon, a spanking was almost an ‘on the spot’ affair; when she was angry with him, he was promptly turned across her maternal lap and given a blistering spanking then and there. Indeed, the time between “Please don’t spank me, Mommy!” and incoherent crying over a hot throbbing bottom was measured in mere minutes under Stepmommy Sharon’s roof. When Miss Anushka was called on to discipline him, however, Robert not only faced an awful spanking, but a terrible, gut-churning wait. Sat in his bedroom for several long, torturous hours – sometimes even the best part of a day, when Miss Anushka was especially busy – with nothing to do except worry and anticipate his fate.

It gave him time, far too much time, to let his mind dwell on what was going to happen; on all the things he KNEW would happen to him very soon.

Like the awful ‘dancing’, for instance. Robert knew he would dance for Miss Anushka today. He always did, no matter how he promised himself he wouldn’t. Although Robert hated the humiliation of doing a ‘post-spankie dance’ (as his stepmother teasingly called it), he knew that the moment Miss Anushka finally let him up from her lap, he wouldn’t care less about such embarrassment; all a well-spanked boy would care about was the inferno blazing across his cherry-red rear, which would cause him to go hopping and prancing around the room like an out-of-control ballerina, howling to the heavens as he clutched as his flaming cheeks with both hands and leapt from foot to foot in a vain attempt to escape the stinging and burning. The satisfied smirk he had seen on Miss Anushka’s face through his tear-filled eyes during this impromptu dance led him to believe that she perhaps enjoyed this part of proceedings the most; proof-positive that her visit had resulted in the desired effect.

Instinctively, Robert clutched both hands to his bare backside at the thought, suddenly acutely conscious of how cool his cheeks felt to the touch, and how different this was to how they would feel very soon!

His buttocks twitched beneath his sweaty palms as he thought of how both cheeks would soon be red hot and swollen up to twice their current size… Robert possessed a rather chubby bottom, but a vigorous spanking from Miss Anushka never failed to swell them up like a pair of party balloons inflated to bursting point. The first time she had spanked him like that and had seen his poor bottom in the mirror, he had been horrified to think she had inflicted permanent damage. The heat and swelling had reduced by the next day, however, and the redness and soreness a further few days later. Nonetheless, right now as he ran his trembling hands across his smooth, pale pink buttocks, Robert was very aware of how Miss Anushka would soon turn his cool-bottomed world upside-down, and make even touching his cheeks like this far too painful to consider for a day or two at the very least!

At this vivid thought, a renewed wave of panic washed over Robert, causing his knees to buckle and his body to sag back onto the bed. Even as his naked body hit the cool sheets, he got a mental picture of himself lying there later tonight, face down, still naked and bottom blazing and smoldering with intense heat, unable to get to sleep because his backside still hurt oh-so-much from Miss Anushka’s visit. There was no question that he would have to sleep on his stomach tonight – if indeed he could sleep at all!

Robert buried his face in his hands as he perched on the edge of his bed. A soft sob escaped his lips as he thought about his inescapable fate. He felt sick with fear, imagining Miss Anushka’s rock-hard palm slamming down again and again on his defenseless bare, upturned buttocks.

How could a woman so feminine, so – he had to admit - drop-dead gorgeous be so terribly strong? His stepmother possessed the gym-toned, fit body of a tennis player and aerobics fanatic; Sharon was a woman who kept in good shape and could easily wrestle a young man of his size and age into submission. Miss Anushka, on the other hand, had a body more befitting a model or actress… so how was it that she could spank so very hard? A busty, leggy, raven-haired beauty who was typically dressed more for a night on the town or a posh cocktail party than a disciplinary session when she arrived, yet who spanked bottoms hard enough that the very memory of her skill and strength left Robert quivering with dread!

What could he do? How could he avoid his certain fate?

Beg. That was all his mind could come up with at this point: throw himself at Miss Anushka’s feet the moment his door opens and plead with her for mercy. Robert knew he had absolutely zero chances of avoiding a spanking altogether – once the summons was issued, neither Miss Anushka nor his stepmother would accept that – however perhaps there was a very slim possibility that he could plea-bargain and promise his way to a less severe one. Though the prospect of even a ‘moderate’ spanking from Miss Anushka was awful to imagine, anything would be better than enduring the full ordeal of a typical fifteen to twenty minute session over her lap!

But Robert knew deep down that such pleas would never work. At best, he would be ignored. At worst, his punishment would be increased for trying to negotiate. That had happened before, he well remembered.

The sound of a car drawing up outside made Robert’s heart leap in his chest.

“Oh no! Oh no no no no no!” he whimpered to himself. She couldn’t be here already!

He leapt to his feet and scampered to the window, peeling back the curtain in time to see Miss Anushka’s big black sports car pulled up outside the front gate, and Miss Anushka herself striding purposefully down the path towards the house.

Robert uttered a long, low, wavering moan of terror at the sight of the stunningly beautiful woman striding down the path in her short, tight black mini-dress and designer sunglasses.

Not now! Not yet! It was too soon! He wanted more time; he would have given anything for just a few more minutes of calm before the storm that was fast approaching down that path in patent black leather knee-boots.

From downstairs in the hallway, he heard the big grandfather clock chime noon, confirming that his fate was well and truly at hand.

No! Oh no! Oh God please, I don’t want to be spanked again! Robert thought, literally fighting to keep from hyperventilating in his mounting terror. Please, oh please, I don’t want to be spanked by Miss Anushka again!

He heard the front door open downstairs, and the muffled, unintelligible sound of voices greeting one another briefly.

Backing away from his door, Robert spun around in circles, searching for some vain inspiration that might save him. He thought briefly and madly of hiding in the closet or under his bed, or even climbing out the window and running as far away as he could. But he knew it was hopeless. Such things would only bring down the increased wrath of both Miss Anushka and his stepmother. What little clear thought remained in his frantic and terrified brain made Robert know this would be a Very Bad Thing indeed.

Sharp, high-heeled footsteps now ascended the stairs, and begun clacking their way down the upstairs hallway towards his bedroom door, getting closer and louder with every step.

“Oh God, what do I DO?!” Robert whimpered softly, out loud, in sheer terror, as the footsteps reached the door.

But there was nothing he could do. Miss Anushka was here, and so was his hot-bottomed doom.

Robert watched, terrified, as the door handle turned. All his desperate plans about plea-bargaining and hoping to lessen his fate evaporated the moment that door opened. Like a deer caught in the headlights, he was fixed to the spot and totally at Miss Anushka’s mercy.

There would be none shown. After all, today his stepmother had booked Miss Anushka to spank him for a full HOUR!

Copyright (c) Banjo (banjo_oz@hotmail.com) 2009. All rights reserved.
May not be reposted or redistributed without permission.


  1. Well done. Looking forward to more FM stories - there just are not enough of them, eh.

  2. I got about half-way through the story when something came up. Well written...great scene.


  3. Hi Banjo. I may have helped with the original idea for this story but your skills as a writer have made it bristle with erotic tension. This is definitely one for repeated re-readings! Colin

  4. What a nice story, I always like to see a young man get his just desserts, and Anushka, what a wonderful and hot name!

  5. Wow, very well written. My own bottom was twitching in anticipation.

  6. Great story, filled with anticipation, and regret. Regret that I'm not the one waiting, LOL

    My Wife and I have been fans for quite a while, nice to see you have a blog now. I'm going to add you to my blog, as soon as I finish here.

    Looking forward to reading more, and love all your art work.


  7. Banjo, great to find you here, and I have been a fan of your art for years. I loved the story and also the fact he was dreading a hand spanking. I've always felt that a woman's hand is highly underrated for dilivering a good spanking. More like this one please. - Often123 @ Spanko

  8. haha...that was great to read :) Thank you for sharing this story with us :)

  9. hi banjo, david here.. wow hot story,, got me feeling like the scared bad naked boy waiting ... and the fact that stepmom hired her for a whole hour...god that was a great touch. and the part where you described the step mom as amazonian and tennis mom/ arobics mom .. mmm that was hot too!! great job.. we love F/m spanking stories. your pal david.

  10. Very nice story...I could imagine myself in his place. Though there would be some dreading of the spanking to come...I would also be seriously anticipating it as well. lol

    Maybe next time he could get spanked by both of those nice ladies


  11. fabulous story, dude. you write good! btw, i saw on another blog's comments that Dana Kane likes your blog... I think you win at the internets.

  12. One of the most awesome spanking stories I have ever read!!! I wish I was that boy!!!
    I have started a blog myself; it's just in it's beginning stages: http://amangettingspanked.blogspot.com/

  13. Nice story I enjoy reading F/M spanking stories the description of his up and coming spanking was enjoyable. Lucky boy an hour of spanking and the anticipation of his spanking dance.

  14. This was an awesome story. I sure would like to read about the actual spanking, what it feels like to go across those smooth thighs for the boy. I could see everything so clearly; you're very gifted as a writer and I couldn't help but feel so completely envious of this boy for having not only the hot stepmother who actually spanks him, but to have the even more beautiful lady who comes to administer those lengthy spankings while he has to wait, naked (I would have been so aroused during that wait) to go across those magnificent legs for the spanking he knows he deserves. Well done. - catchcress

  15. sissy jamieanneMay 26, 2012 8:27 pm

    A wonderful story! I felt my own bottom quivering in anticipation as I awaited Miss Anushka's arrival! There just aren't enough well-written stories out there in the domestic discipline (F/m) genre! This one is well written and great! Thanks!