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Friday, 2 September 2011

Flashback: Party Pooper

"Party Pooper"

One of the last pieces I did in my 'old days'... I can tell because it has so many characters in it, and when I started out my old computer couldn't handle more than three or four!

I wanted to do a 'party scene' for a while, so this was the payoff for me. My favourite characters here are actually not the spanker or spankee, but the lady in red sitting beside him, legs crossed and smirking as she "enjoys the show"... she just turned out really hot-looking, IMHO! With her thighs right in his face like that, I wonder if he'll get himself in more trouble against his spanker's lap? ;)

Speaking of which... what do you think he's getting spanked for? I'm pretty sure I was intending it was for ogling the other ladies besides his 'partner' (date? wife? girlfriend?). Maybe he was caught looking at the legs (or down the front!) of the dress of the lady in red, hence she's been afforded the prime seat to watch? Or maybe he was propositioning the serving girl/maid in the foreground? Heck, maybe he just made an off-colour joke at the party to the guy behind them, and the spanker took offense?

When the spanking is over, will she take him straight home... maybe for more spanking? Or maybe to 'apologize' on his knees? Or will they stay at the party, where he'll have to endure the sniggers and giggles and teasing of everyone who saw him getting his bottom soundly smacked?


  1. He's her kept boy. At her age and income level, it's very easy to maintain a younger lover, so one can enjoy the vigor and enthusiasm of a 20-year-old in one's bed, without a lot of complications. Her friends joke about it a bit, but hey, if the arrangement works for both of them, why not?

    Unfortunately, he's not very cultured or refined, and evidently she simply can't take him anywhere. Time to demonstrate that "sugar momma" can be more literal than anyone suspected. Sure, it's humiliating for him, but she doesn't pay his rent and buy him presents so that she can worry about his modesty and self-respect, now does she?

  2. A good spanking tends to liven up any party. I think he may have become a little excited by his lady's attractive friends and their way of dressing, a soundly smacked bottom tends to lessen such excitement.

  3. I agree with Aunty, I love this pic, really hot. Nice otk hand spanking!

  4. i am not sure if it stays by just this one spanking, the Lady in Red seems to enjoy it and may offer to do some of the job herself.

  5. I have a small problem that you people here might help me with...

    A couple of years ago, I read a story in some yahoo group or other, where a man was spanked by his friends' daughter during a party (he suffered from SAD, and generally made people around him miserable during winter - and she grew tired of his rude comments).

    Like the picture, he was bare-bottomed over her lap, on the couch, in front of everyone. Afterwards, she drove him home, and in the car, they started talking.

    Now, has anyone here read the same story, and do you know where I can find it?

  6. Hi Banjo!
    I finally made it to your blog!
    Thank you for sharing. This pic reminds me of my Meet Jenna story.. except the party was a bachelorette party!
    I bet you wish you were him!
    I will have to check out more of your site now.

  7. Ingen,

    I think that story was on the Yahoo group "Intradisciplinary Women"

  8. Nice picture he must have been a little bit to flirty with another woman and his lady is redirecting her authority on his wondering eye well done.

  9. I love the look on the guy standing: "Am I Next" :/

  10. I love the idea that the spanker is his "sugamommy". I see the other ladies as her friends, and they're each now considering the advantages of following her lead and acquiring a 'kept boy' of their own. The feted lady in red is no doubt giving him an 'eyeful' of her thighs in order to further excite his naughtiness over 'momma's' lap. I'd like to think that each lady in turn will be given the opportunity to spank him, and I'm sure that someone will think to include the maid in the invitation. (I'm glad that Banjo moved on from adding untroubled male 'witnesses' to his scenarios, as IMHO the only males in the frame should be ones who are receiving a spanking - or who unambiguously have already received or are about to receive one!)

  11. I like to think she was a teenage mom, now a successful business woman and he is her son and she is spanking him because he is ruining her party. Her guests are enjoying it enormously, especially the woman leaning over the back of the couch and, by her expression, the maid. All of them will have their own fantasies of a naughty, bare bottom at their not-so-tender mercies tonight. And he will be reliving his humiliation in bed, again and again and again...


  12. Nobody except Colin seems to notice the maid and her smirking expression. Did the spanked guy irritate her by unpleasant requests or by looking down her blouse? Or does she just enjoy watching his discomfort without any scores to settle?

  13. Great art!In the UK women at Hen Party/bacholerette parties hire "naked butlers" who are naked except for a skimpy apron around thier waist.These "naked butlers" serve drinks and snacks to the women during the party. It would be great to see a drawing with that kind of party.Especially one where a wife cancles her husband's stag/bachelor party, and forces him and his groomsmen to serve as naked servants at her hen/bachelorette party. With a pre-wedding spanking for the groom ,by the bride, for her to symbolicaly display to her female friends who is going to be the "boss' in the marriage

    Or where a wife gets revenge on herhusband for planning to go see female strippers and gets revenge by making him and his male friends strip and dance for her and the male friend's wives.And having the men all have to submit to a spanking from thier wives

    i like the idea of other men looking on during a husband's spanking.But i always think its better when they look on in humiliation , knowing that thier own wives are grinning because thier wives are getting spanking ideas of thier own

  14. The spanked male does strike me as a bit younger than the other partygoers, my scenario for this drawing is that he was invited to this party by his female supervisor at work.

    Unfortunately for him, the guy had a couple drinks and came on to several women--the redhead, the serving maid and finally the dark-haired woman in the red dress, who's the best friend of his boss. She complained to the hostess, who has put the young man bare-bottom-up for a warmup handspanking before asking if any of the women have a sturdy, smooth-backed hairbrush that she can borrow for some serious punitive seat-smacking.

    Will the other 'offended' ladies also get to paddle the hapless male? I can envision no reason why not... --C.K.