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Monday, 12 September 2011

Art: A Tattletale Earns Him Seconds

"A Tattletale Earns Him Seconds"
This picture (which was the basis for my new blog site's "banner" and logo decorations) came about after wanting to do a new "school" scenario artwork. I wanted to feature both a teacher and a "schoolgirl", and decided to make the latter the "class tattletale".

The tattletale's uniform is admittedly more "adult store" than "real school", but it kinda fits my imagination of this as an exclusive college or private senior high, where the girls are allowed (and encouraged!) to dress as teasingly as they wish!

It also fits with my idea that his erection was likely caused by the mean little tattletale sneakily teasing him (crossing her legs so her skirt rides up, playing with her tied blouse, sucking on a pencil) every time he risked a glance over his shoulder from the corner... and then calling the teacher over in mock-shock when he was visibly aroused!

The boy in the corner, already soundly paddled for some unknown offense (perhaps related to his tendency towards "excitement", though I tend to think it was a more mundane and typical school offense, like forgotten homework or tardiness) is desperately trying to persuade the girl not to draw attention to his involuntary excitement... but of course, it's too late and she's not listening to his frantic "shushes" anyway!

The teacher, for her part, isn't impressed. She probably thinks he's aroused as a result of his sore bottom, the perverted little brat! Well, she'll give him something to be excited about this time... it's back in front of the class and over her desk for a second - and *much* harder and longer - paddling for him now!

And it's all that bratty little tattletale's fault...


  1. As much as this turns me on, one would hope that the "tattletale/cockteaser" would eventually get her comeuppance as well, perhaps with some of her victims in attendance.
    Kind of a goose/gander/sauce kind of thing...


  2. I would agree, let's hope that amazing teacher also tends to the young ladies' pantied bottom as well.

    I was about to ask about this pic from your banner, this is just smokin hot.


  3. I prefer to think only in terms of a femdom complicity between the tell-tale student and her teacher, without the girl ever having to submit her own bratty butt to a spanking. The teacher looks gorgeously flustered, and I'm sure she can do large-scale damage to that frisky jock's buttocks.

  4. Kimberley would like to know, Banjo, which one is her?

  5. I don't think she would be able to tease him visually as he's standing in the corner, facing wall. However, she could approach and whisper naughty things (probably related to the recent paddling and how she enjoyed it). Or if she's really mean, she could wait for the teacher to leave and touch boy's buttocks, maybe even his dick!
    Whatever she did, no one is going to believe the naughty schoolboy...

  6. Lovely. Quite exquisite! I love your spank art! Great news that you have your own website:-)

  7. I agree with robertc and thought she had been stimulating himwith erotic talk and maybe the odd blow of cool air upon his member.

    Your work is some of the best of its kind and I know so many others agree.


  8. @smucatelli, njspank and Colin
    I tend to lean towards Colin's school of thought myself, though I'll risk admitting that I wouldn't mind watching that cute pantied bottom get paddle-whapped... shhh! Glad you like the banner pics, njspank!

    @Aunty Andrea
    Are you saying Miss Kimberley would be a "tattletale", Aunty? :P Seriously, while your lovely receptionist is a secret (or not so!) major crush of mine, I honestly didn't have her in mind so much when I made this picture. I do know understand she is fond of watching boys "do corner time" though, right? I will have to post some fan art of her someday... hopefully, she'll be flattered! :)

    Well, I was thinking it was only "visual" teasing if he foolishly looked over his shoulder at her. :) But you're right, and I can totally imagine her softly whispering naughty things at him just to get him in trouble! And yes, when Miss isn't looking, I bet she just *has* to reach out and touch, too... ;)

    Thanks, mate! Coming from you, I really appreciate that!

    Love the idea of her blowing on him like that... so "innocent" yet guaranteed to cause a "reaction"! And thanks for the kind words... I'm blushing!

  9. I think the teacher is about to paddle that mischievous girl and will be joining him standing up in the corner next to him with a red butt herself great job

  10. I wonder if this story will be continued, as that cool site banner above might suggest...

  11. I don´t think, the girl wants to tease the boy. Her expression is frightened about the naughty boys reaction and this is what she wants to show the female teacher. I´m sure, if the boy gets an otk spanking from the teacher, there will be a smile on the girl´s face.


  12. Speaking for myself, I wouldn't need the girl to tease me to get hard in that situation. The shame and embarrassment of being bare bottomed in front of all those girls, not to mention the memory of being over the lap of that gorgeous teacher and the powerlessness of being forced to stand against the wall with my punished bottom on display would be enough to get me hard, which, in this context, would be enough for the beautiful teacher to put me over those smooth thighs for a second spanking. I love your work! catchcress

  13. Just found you as a result of SNM's story on the LSF. Great scenario, fabulous pic and I can see how it inspired SNM's story.