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Friday, 2 September 2011

Survey (Spankees only!): Most hated implement

What is your most dreaded implement to be spanked with?


  1. On three different occasions i have been at freind's houses and seen a wife playfully kick off her sandals or flip flops and playfully give thier husband one or more smacks on the bottom with thier sandals.

    Ever since the first time that i saw this happen, i have had the fantasy of my girlfriend hosting a feminist book club.With me obediently serving drinks and food. And with the conversation turning to the subject of men's proper roles in a female-dominated-household run on feminist lines.And then having m y girlfriend kicking casually off her sandals [or casually ordering me to kneel and take them off for her ]and then totally and triumphiantly stripping me in front of her smirking girlfriends .With all of her girlfriends casually dressed in bohemian style skirts and tank tops and all weariing sandals or going barefoot. [I have always dated the "artsy" and "intellectual "types] .

    And then having me lay on her lap while she spanks him in front of her giggling and smirking girlfriends .And afterwards having me serve as her naked butler,serving drinks and food,ect, for her and her girlfriend's pleasure, as they casually chat among themselves about the benifits of living in a Wife-Led Marriage..And after the book club ends, having to obediently fetch my girlfriend's and her friend's sandals so that they can go out on a "girls Night Out" to clubs featuring male strippers.While i stay at home doing my Girlfriend's laundry and the laundry of any of her friends that dont yet have a househusband

    I love the idea of a woman showing off her domination of her boyfriend/husband to her girlfriends .and the idea of them watching ,first with shock, then approval, and then finally with wide grins, as they start to contomplate spanking and dominating thier own husbands.

    I love the idea of a wife seeing another wife dominate her husband and be given advice by the wife on how to dominate her own husband.I love the idea of a group of women mentoring a shy woman and helping her enslave her cocky husband and turn him into a humble and obedient househusband , who waits on his wife hand and foot and does all of the housework while his wife goes out with her girlfriends on a "girls Night out" to visit clubs with male strippers while he stays home "naked and in the kitchen".

  2. The hairbrush is the classic (in the USA, at least)most feared/favorite implement to be spanked with.

    My fantasies mostly involve going over Mom's (or someone else's) lap with my pants/underwear pulled down and getting soundly smacked with the old-fashioned wooden hair brush until my naughty bottom is the color of a stop sign and I'm sobbing my eyes out. Even better in front of gleeful onlookers. Then, cornertime with my burning bottom on display for all to see...

  3. No matter what she decides, when its a real spanking for something I did (or didn't do), I hate them all. I suppose most of all would be the solid oak paddle I made with 9 3/8 holes. She most often used it when unhappy with me and even used to carry it everywhere in her purse. She has used it from her purse; for example, right on the side of a highway one late morning a couple of summers ago during a trip to Nova Scotia.

    I wonder if it will be back in her purse when she finally returns. I hope it or
    something else does.

    The most dreaded though would be the classic hairbrush. Just seeing it in her hands does something to me that both excites and fears. The few times she has used it to discipline, I found that it's shape and construction makes it hurt more than the paddle. Sorry if this crazy but it also made me feel more like a little boy getting a well earned spanking. Even though I think it hurts more; I love the hairbrush because to me, it really symbolizes female led domestic discipline.

  4. hi banj. . here i go again. i am going to choose the hairbrush as it really gives a good hard spanking that causes the spankee to pay attention. the heavy wooden hairbrush causes heat and pain along with gasps and lapdancing across the spankers lap. I also think that otk with a hairbrush is favored by most american spankees. for some reason when i comment i get a message that i am not a member of your blog. why I don;t know. i have joined and i show as a follower. so i sign my name and use the anonymous id to see if that will let me comment. welcome back. tommyspt

  5. Love your work! In "Most dreaded implement" as a spankee my choice would have to be the bathbrush. The long-handled, weighted brush is never used by my Queen in OTK ergo, she can give full arm swings that arc well to land a blistering swat.

  6. Most dreded= spanking stick...1/2 inch thick, 1 inch wide, and 30 inches long. A real welt maker...you'll wear bruses for a week or more after getting a serious spanking :)