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Friday, 2 September 2011

Flashback: Spanked and Soaped

"Spanked and Soaped"

This old artwork came about because someone asked me "why don't you ever do mouthsoaping pictures?". I'd never had it done to me growing up, but the thought (and occasional threat!) always made it seem awful... a punishment I could never imagine 'enjoying' on any level!

Though as someone who's admittedly got a bit of a 'potty mouth' at times, perhaps it was something I should have received?

Looking at this piece now, she looks dressed for a night out, while he's either just showered and still naked, or "staying home tonight!" for whatever he did wrong. Where is she off to, I wonder? Is she his wife? Girlfriend? Mommy? Auntie?

And just what did he do to earn a mouthful of foul-tasting soap suds? What do people consider 'mouthsoaping offenses'? Swearing? Backtalk? Lying? Lewd comments? Is mouthsoaping effective for dealing with 'mouthy' boys?

Oh, and note the hairbrush by the sink... ouch! But should a spanking be given before or after a mouthsoaping?


  1. He's a serial back-talker, I reckon. And if he IS going to get to accompany her on her night out, he'd better "mind his Ps and Qs" for the rest of the evening! Colin

  2. hehe... I used to get mouth soaping growing up *shivers* :( I think she is his Mommy and is making him stay home while she goes out with friends... I also think he got a mouthsoaping for his swearing and back talk to her...

  3. Seems to me that she's his wife who has taken over as his mommy. He's been spanked to remind him of his place, and the soap is to wash naughty words like "I'm an adult and I deserve to be treated like one" out of his mouth. For the next while, he'll be very good about remembering that in this house, he is mommy's little boy. That's what she married him for, after all.

  4. I'd say she's a girlfriend or a wife as Emily suggested. If he's anything like the boys I deal with he's let fly with a naughty word. I generally mouth soap first and then spank, however it's highly likely that he swore during his spanking so had to have his potty mouth washed out while sporting a glowing red bottom. I'd make him do his corner time with the bar of soap in his mouth.

  5. I like the fact that he is naked while she is fully clothed. I like the fact that she seems ready to go out for an evening with friends while he has to stay at home naked

    Great artwork ! I hope that you continue.Thanks for all of your hard work that you obviously put into your artwork.

  6. I too think that she is a girlfriend or wife. I like to think that they have returned from an evening out and that the mouth soaping is only a short break as he was mouthy during the first portion of his spanking. I think once he takes his hand from her arm and submits, she will be satisfied and take a seat on the toilet to complete his punishment.

  7. What J said, but then right before an evening out. She prob would go to a gala with friends and he sulked about that.

  8. Banjo,

    I love this work. What lifts it a level is the contrast of the cold metallic decor and the warm bodies of the woman and her charge, especially his spanked bottom. She being dressed and he being bare also enhances the sense of vulnerability and shame. Naughty, naughty boy getting exactly what he serves.

  9. Nice work the hairbrush is close by maybe he'll be ready to leave next time.

  10. He is a young man whose parents are divorced. He is living with his Dad for a while and the lady so efficiently spanking him ,is his Dads' young girlfriend who has been given the task of giving him a sound spanking on the bare bottom.
    She was delighted and put a lot of energy into whacking his bum -as we can see! Because he swore during the hard spanking she is putting the soap in his mouth .
    Then she will be able to get back to spanking him-she has a lot more whacks to give him on his bare bottom and thighs!

  11. I hope that she is his girlfriend or his big sister.. I have never done soaping to anyone b4, I think I should start taking it into consideration..

  12. If you want to know how bad soaping is, just put a tiny piece in your mouth!

  13. I actually suggested you draw this picture - and I love it! It's not quite what I had in mind when I made the suggestion all those years ago - but I love how regal she looks, how stern.

    Tickled to death to be a muse!

    Humiliated Geek