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Friday, 2 September 2011

Flashback: Corner Time

"Corner Time"

This old artwork was the result of wanting to do a dedicated 'corner time' picture. Noce to the corner, hands-on-head and bottom bare seemed the most iconic choice.

 The spanker, meanwhile, is another of my favourites from this era of my work. I used that hairstyle she has a lot, as I found it inexplicably hot! I do like how her expression turned out. Note the crude hairbrush I had to 'build' myself, since back then a hairbrush prop seemed the rarest thing in the 3D world!

This is also very much a "minimal story shown" picture... we don't have any idea why he was spanked or even if he's already been hairbrushed or that's "stage 2" about to come! And is she pointing at him to say "That's what I do to bad boys", or "You're next!" or even "Now you've been spanked too, you can join him in the corner"? Thoughts?


  1. I've gotta love this woman's sadistically crooked smile. To me, it's very much a case of: "See what happened to HIM? Well, you're NEXT!" Colin

  2. I love this picture and I think this picture is saying that since he already got a warm up by hand and is getting a chance to let his bottom rest some while she grabs the EVIL hairbrush and then points at him as she gets ready to take a seat back in the chair and give him the main course of the spanking he earned himself with that EVIL hairbrush *shivers* The reason he was spanked is because he had an attitude with her for awhile and she wanted to show him how to respect her *giggles*

  3. Speaking from experience, never put two people in the same corner. It lessens the punishment for both of them, and it's crowded. Counterintuitive, I know, but discipline is funny.

  4. Kimberley would like to know if you had her in mind when you created this, Banjo?

  5. I like the look of smug satisfaction on her face.Great artwork!

  6. Ah, one of my favorite and recurring fantasies, is to receive a hair-brush spanking while wearing naught but white socks.

  7. That evil smile is priceless and indeed She is pointing to show me what i can expect within seconds, lol

  8. Agreed on the priceless look of smug self-satisfaction. To me, there's also something distinctively Australian about the look of Banjo's ladies. It's not just that I know Banjo's from Oz. Although I've never visited Australia, there are plenty of hot Aussie women living and temping in my part of West London, which is why I think I can recognise the look. (Plus I'm a fan of Kylie M, Danni M, Nicole K and Holly V, amongst others.) This pic, like the others, hooks me at once

  9. Enjoy her ornery and mischievous look on her face pretty happy of the otk spanking she gave him very nice.

  10. I love his shoulder muscles so much, that's my man strong and submissive! ;)