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Monday, 12 September 2011

Flashback: Hall Monitor Meanies

"Hall Monitor Meanies"
This week's "school theme" begun with my new piece continues with this very old artwork of mine, called "Hall Monitor Meanies".

Here, I imagined a boy assigned the chore of scrubbing the school hallway floor with a bucket and sponge (no mop, so he has to do it on his hands and knees). His short pants make this hard on his knees, of course!

The girls "supervising" his work are either all Hall Monitors or Prefects... or at least, one of them (probably the ponytailed girl on the right?) is one, and the rest are her friends who've come to watch the hapless boy scrub the floor in his lunch hour.

I tend to see what happened as follows: he was ordered by the girl(s) to scrub the floor, but when they saw he wasn't doing a good enough job, he was given a bare bottom spanking (perhaps tucked under the angry hall monitor's arm?) then and there! However, during that spanking, he knocked over his bucket, so now he's *really* in trouble! What do others think? Maybe he knocked the bucket over afterwards, since his vision is blurred with tears and he's not paying close attention due to his stinging backside? Or maybe one of the girls walking by *kicked* it over, just to get him in more trouble? What do others think?

With her hands on her hips, the dark haired girl certainly looks annoyed at his "clumsiness"! The blonde on the left is "helpfully" pointing out the mess he's made, while the pigtailed girl behind him is likely explaining either why or what should be done about it! The redhead looks quite amused by the whole "show" (perhaps she's another "new girl" like I suggested in "In Front of the Class"?)


  1. Nice, I think he was otk from the hot blonde but then the red head who is new banged into the bucket and knocked it over. So now they are telling him he has to go over her knee for the follow spanking!

  2. I'd agree that 'Pony Tail' is the senior student present, and I get the impression she lacks the sense of humour of some of her mischievous girl friends... which is bad news for the bozo on his knees!

  3. I'm a bit curious about those six "dislikes"... more feedback, please?

    I like your idea of the new girl knocking the bucket over and him catching the blame! :P

    @Aunty Andrea
    Brings back memories, Aunty Andrea? :)

    Glad you "got" that the "Pony Tail" is quite humorless than her girl friends here... that's what I was trying for. :)

    Incidentally, when I first made this artwork (a long time ago, now!) I started off basing the four girls loosely on characters from the novel "Linton Abbey", if anyone has read it.

  4. I think the further two are a little surprised that the further forward two are contiuing to be mean to him even though he has complied with all their instructions.To them a boy is right to be beaten if he transgresses but the nearer two like to indulge their sadism and are more experienced in these matters and know boys need to be kept of guard and shoudl expect pain and humiliation even if well behaved at times.


  5. Very nice ornery and mischievous schoolgirls having fun spanking a naughty boy.

  6. I think that the only thing that could make the drawing better is if he was totally naked

  7. I think he has been a very good boy and has worked very very hard and scrubbing the floors just like he has been doing every day all school year. But the three girls wanted to have some fun with him and they all talked and conspired to kick over his bucket like they have been doing for days now.

    Once this happened the Hall Monitor just happened to be walking by just like every other day and his already aching rump got a good reminder of just what his place is!