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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Guest Fantasy: The Emilyverse

Frequent readers will know about a friend of mine who posts here named Emily, who won my 2011 Birthday Competition with her short story and requested a custom artwork of her spanking me as her prize!

During an email chat, Emily and I were discussing our shared love for "narrative" in spanking fantasies, and she wound up sending me a wonderfully perverse and sexy fantasy that was on her mind at the time, thought out in great detail! I loved the idea of her "alternate universe", where... well, I'll let her explain it all shortly!

Emily tidied this up and gave me permission to post it here, as she (in her words) "believes in open source masturbation". I hope my readers enjoy discovering The Emilyverse as much as I did, and I hope to feature some art and other things based around Emily's kinky world.

A word of warning: while primarily F/M, The Emilyverse also contains 'heretical' references to F/F, M/F and M/M too. It also contains ageplay and 'ravishment' dynamics at times. Please remember that this is fantasy! But if that stuff really bothers you, I suggest you skip this post.

Now... welcome to the Emilyverse!

By Emily

I get off on sociology and feminist theory, and as such I've recently developed a complex fantasy AU based on a few references in Betty Friedan's 1963 classic The Feminine Mystique. Friedan talks about the infantilization of the 1950s housewife, a learned helplessness and a turning away from adult interests and adult thoughts in favor of a kind of endless dollhouse play. That, and thinking about the completely arbitrary nature of what people call "traditional values" or "traditional families" led to a notion that opens up an entire world of... well, of my special brand of creepy.

I imagine a world wherein the sociological dice shook out a different way after the Dark Ages, and everyone came to accept that a "normal" "healthy" marriage is one in which one spouse assumes a parent role, and the other assumes a child role. It's taken for granted that this is what everyone does, or at least should do, and there's lots of tedious justifications about how the most natural and healthy emotional relationship is blah blah blah... you know how people make up reasons to keep doing what they're already doing. Essentially, a man calling his wife mommy isn't weird in this world, it's standard. Some women look for a big strong daddy to marry, others look for an adorable little boy, and the same goes for the guys.

Now, who takes which role is by no means gendered, so this world contains as many kinky M/F fantasies as it does F/M ones. Also, population growth has been slower in this world, as a percentage of people find all their parenting urges fulfilled in marriage. With the de-emphasis on procreation and a different understanding of what marital gender roles are, same-sex marriage was widely legalized during the various democratic reforms of the late 18th century, though it remained often stigmatized until the 20th. Thus you get your daddy/boy and mommy/girl dynamics as well, because hey, why the fuck not?

Of course, different people play out these roles differently. One of the questions of marital compatibility is whether you see the roles the same way. Some like an almost-equal spouse who must nevertheless defer when mommy or daddy puts their foot down, others just like a firm hand of accountability, and many prefer one degree or another of total regression. Grown men in short pants and grown women in pigtails are pretty commonplace sights; nobody gives them a second glance. The societal code for this is "old-fashioned" or "traditional", as in "We have a good old-fashioned kind of marriage" or "she's got very traditional ideas about marriage," which is understood to mean "her husband has his pubic hair shaved and wears cartoon underpants."

Tradition holds that it's good for newlyweds to have a few weeks all to themselves on the honeymoon, as an important adjustment period to their new roles. This can be a negotiation period where two basically-adults set rules and expectations and so on, or it can be a sort of psychological boot camp where one partner has their adulthood systematically stripped away from them and is retrained as a "child" of variable age. I personally prefer the latter, but my libido runs a little creepy sometimes.

There's also a very common punishment in a lot of the more modern marriages, where when the "little" spouse has been really bad, or just really immature, they have their adulthood revoked and are temporarily regressed much further than usual, to be raised properly until they're mature enough to be a grownup little again. This can take a few days, or much longer, depending.

I side with one social commenter from this world circa 1955, who complained "These modern books about marriage, saying that traditional ideas make every act of… you know, marital sex… tantamount to child rape. Well, of course it is. I don't know what these modern theorists think makes sex fun, but as far as I'm concerned, that's the point."

Most of my fantasies tend to coalesce in the early-to-mid-20th-century in this world, because I love the aesthetics of that time period, and I love the social enforcement. GOD mechanisms of social enforcement are sexy. The magazine ads about getting spanked for buying the wrong product. The comic strip about the well-meaning but bratty husband who's always getting spanked in the last panel. The section in every clothing store that has juvenile styles in adult sizes. The sitcom jokes about "You're in for it now!" The magazines and books and comics aimed at adults with the social role of children, talking about adult subjects but written in condescendingly simplified language. ("Goofus gets spanked for playing with himself, but Gallant knows that only mommy is allowed to play with his pretty cock.") The pornographic comic books aimed at adult children, which also serve to enforce their roles. The "serious" short stories about men who can only find true happiness in their marriage when they let go of their immature ideas of retaining adulthood, and accept their new role as mommy's little boy, all presented in that turgid mid-century prose and sold as a serious emotional journey, but they're really just about enforcing social roles. (Those stories' real-life counterparts warranted most of a chapter in Friedan's book, lest you think I made them up.) My fantasies, of course, skew F/M, but there are just as many M/F enforcement models out there, though F/F and M/M, in the time period I fantasize about, tend to fall into that category of "Goodness, no, I have nothing against those people, I'm not bigoted, we just can't put them in the ads without threatening our market share."

In terms of specific fantasies, I've had many. Most of them are set in the first half of the 20th century, for the above-mentioned reasons of repression and social enforcement and gorgeous clothes. One favorite is where I'm a nerdy, socially awkward teenage girl (no, really, nothing autobiographical about that) who has an afterschool job babysitting for local married folks whose spouses are too "little" or too bratty to be left on their own. Naturally, the adult little boys and girls of my neighborhood get strictly disciplined and quite shockingly molested. "If you don't do what I say, I'm going to tell your mommy" and so on. Essentially, all the frustration and horniness that I carry around from school gets taken out on these poor boys and girls.

I picture college girls in 1940s nightgowns gathering into little cliques in the dorms at night. One group of girls is talking about which boys might make nice strong daddies, but my imagination doesn't hang out in that dorm room long. I wander more quickly to the other girls, the ones talking about how such-and-such a boy in their class is SO cute, they just want to cuddle him and hug him and bring him up properly. One girl talks about how she took her boyfriend over her knee last weekend, and everyone else squeals in delighted shock. "No, you didn't!" "You're not even engaged yet!" "What was it like?" and she's totally bragging a little, says "Well, he's got to learn sometime. If he can't take a little discipline, then he's not the boy I want to marry, now is he?" and everyone's giggling and saying how daring she is. Of course, in that group there's a couple girls who have gone a lot further than that, including one who had a babysitting business in high school, and another whose mother gave her full disciplinary and sexual authority over her own father when she turned twelve, but those aren't the kind of things one talks about publicly. Everyone knows they happen, but nobody talks about them.

Then there's the other clique at college, the girls who are pretty sure they're not really into boys, gingerly experimenting with mommy/daughter roles on each other. Here in the enlightened 20th century, such marriages are barely even frowned on any more, and everyone congratulates themselves for being so open-minded, while still harboring secret bigotries. In particular, I imagine one of those incredibly tight, powerful bonds two girls can sometimes form in their teens, where the two of you become this unified being against the whole world. (If you've seen the film Heavenly Creatures, like that.) So two roommates at college who utterly bond with each other like that, and grow so naturally into mommy and daughter, and so fast, that within weeks it's "Betty, what did I say would happen if you didn't study?" These two marry after college, of course, and Betty becomes the sweetest, most dutiful, bratty little girl a dominant mommy could want.

Perhaps my favorite specific one is based on my study of the old "lonely hearts" magazines, which circulated personal ads from people trying to find love. These led to the Lonely Hearts Killers and the classic con the Lonely Hearts, of course, but there's something so earnest and goofy about those old postal romances that I just can't resist. In this one, I'm a chubby, virginal girl who sees a desperate, slightly sad ad from exotic New York City (it's the 1930s), and after an intense correspondence, I take the train out there and meet him. He's a little older, also a bit chubby, and is a moderately successful commercial artist in a gorgeous pre-war loft apartment (brick walls, exposed steam pipes, bohemian but classic) who is plagued by missed deadlines, unanswered correspondence, and his own general immaturity and disorganization. Naturally I regress him hard (short trip) and make sure he starts getting all his things done on time. At the same time, I'm a horny small-town girl who's just arrived in the big city and gotten full rights to anything I want to do to this boy, so there's a lot of exploration and experimentation going on too. Banjo thinks this fantasy is about him, because of course he does.

I don't want to imply that I don't also have very, very naughty M/M fantasies in this AU, of course. For "old-fashioned" gay couples, it means I get to picture a couple of gorgeous married guys, the "son" slightly older than the "father" but much brattier, in the 1950s with the postwar tract housing and the linoleum kitchens and everything. When his little boy finally pushes him too far with his bratty, irresponsible behavior, "daddy" regresses him hard, including taking away his long pants and confining him to shorts, and giving him an incredibly unflattering bowl haircut, implying that his sentence will be at least as long as it takes for the hair to grow back out. In the meantime, he's got a sore red bottom almost every day.

There is, for some reason, a good deal of pegging in my version of this world. Well, not "for some reason" at all, it's because I like pegging and I love the idea of gorgeous 1920s strap-ons made of bakelite or celluloid, polished wood or pressed leather, as I pin my beautiful young husband to the bed and remind him that mommy can do whatever she wants to him, that's what being mommy means. I figure that historically in this world, strap-ons became popular with lesbians during the 19th century, and filtered over to the hetero market as married women discovered that having a cock from time to time is awesome.

Being what I am, I tend to recast and re-imagine classic works of period literature in this universe. My version of Lolita is actually much filthier than the original, and has a happier ending. Patricia Highsmith's short stories also wind up far filthier, though Tom Ripley remains a lonely outsider. Lord Peter Wimsey falls in love with Harriet Vane because he thought he'd never find a woman smart and powerful enough to be his mommy, but now he has. Lucy gets spanked in 40% of all I Love Lucy episodes, as her trademark "B'awwwww!" of disappointment and frustration too often devolves into a foot-stomping tantrum more becoming of an eight-year-old girl. Batman can finally make an honest man of Robin (though for some awful reason, my mind keeps going to Adam West and Burt Ward: "Holy corporal punishment, bat-daddy, you don't mean the utility belt?" "No, little chum, daddy's got a different belt for this..." There's something wrong with me.) And so on and so forth.

Phew! I hope you've all enjoyed this trip through Emily's wonderful and well-thought-out 'alternate universe'. As I said, I intend to revisit the F/M elements of The Emilyverse again in future posts of my own, as long as there's continued interest.

Again, if anyone feels uncomfortable about some of the elements presented here, please just move along. If you did enjoy it, though, remember to leave a comment to thank Emily; she put a lot of imaginative creativity into this kinky, unique, alternate version of our world.

While some of the more 'heretical' elements mentioned (particularly the M/M parts) are not really my cup of tea, Emily assured me that she's got female friends who will really enjoy reading those bits... and making girls' panties moist is something I can definitely get behind, regardless of how it's accomplished!

Thank you again, Emily, for sharing this wonderful piece and for allowing me to post it here... and an extra thank you for your patience with me over just how long getting this posted actually took!


  1. Like a song from Frankie goes to Hollywood:



  2. Awesome! And very kinky (not that there's anything wrong with that... ;-)). I could personally imagine any number of scenarios I might undertake, with the understanding that I could walk away if they didn't work out the way I thought they would. Some people know what they want from a very early age and some of us need to experiment a bit (or more than a bit) to find some measure of personal fulfillment.

    Rock on, Emily (although your fondness for pegging might be a problem if we met in your universe, different strokes for different folks...)!

  3. The Emllyverse is an awesome place! Being a 'moderately successful commercial artist' myself who would benefit from a little maternal-type discipline, I can certainly appreciate her fantasy.

    Emily can babysit me anytime, but fair warning - I have a tendency to deliberately antagonize them.

    Great post, and thanks to you both for sharing


    1. I also enjoy your work, RedRump, and like I say, this is open-source. If you were to feel the urge to draw, say, a cute young married guy getting scolded in short pants, or put over his wife's knee in footie pajamas with the flap down... well, who am I to object? ;)

    2. Thanks, Emily

      And now you've got me inspired - my head is spinning with creative ideas, and you didn't even have to spank me.

      (well, nothing's perfect.)

  4. Wow...just wow. Thanks Emily, there really is something in there for everyone! I love the idea of the dominant collegegirls swapping stories about boyfriend training and babysitting industries. Plus the whole pegging angle...the thought of all those retro-attired wives with something extra under their dresses, just waiting for hubby to get home... And I suppose the advantage of the MF and MM couples is that the pegs come ready fitted ;)

  5. Emily, is there an archive of these fantasies that we can read? You have an amazingly sexy brain.

  6. The unacknowledged infantilization of one partner by another is not uncommon in personal relationships. Although this is no longer as gendered as Betty Friedan observed in the context of 1950s marriages, it too often remains a form of personal bullying or repression and a cause of confusion, strain and unhappiness. But where partners are enlightened, open enough and willing to acknowledge and cypher any latent imbalances of power in their relationship (be they psychological or economic) as fetishistic or ritualised expressions of intimacy (including experimental reversals), this can, I believe, be cathartic and have a healthy effect on the relationship as a whole. That's a manifesto for 'age play' and/or spanking between consenting adults as aids to mutual fulfilment and well-being. When seeking cultural forms to codify such fetishes, it's often fun to share fantasies about a seemingly rigidly gendered past - the 1950s being a case in point. Interestingly, I remember reading somewhere that, throughout history, different generations of spanking enthusiasts have turned for inspiration to cultural eras that either they distantly remember from their childhood or which, in fact, pre-date them altogether by a decade or two: nostalgia or an imagined nostalgia is often an important element in the codification of spanking fetishism. Thanks to Emily for giving as a window into her personal AU.


    Please note that my name in previous posts has given a link to my Yahoo spanking group, starstrucklives. I've now deleted this group as I wanted to close my own (starstuck-shaped) online window for at least a while, in order to feel less exposed.

    1. See, that's the kind of analysis that I get off on. Mmmmm, unexamined assumptions and mechanisms of social enforcement...

    2. Great, now every guy on here will be trying to work unexamined assumptions and mechanisms of social enforcement into their comments. Emily, did you mastermind this? Is poor banjo chained to his computer in his basement with you standing over him with a paddle?
      "Sweetie, Mommy needs more asses to spank, invite them to the Emilyverse so I can pick and choose."

      Hang tough Banjo, we're coming, not that it'll help, but we're coming.

      I guess my favorite thing about your universe is that you've created such a solid back story as to remove the slippery slope that most age play rests on. In your universe there's no exploitation of children because it's easier and more fun to grab an adult.

      That's my favorite part, but the hottest part is the snippets of dialogue you've shared. It's rare to see good dialogue in erotica.

      Thanks again for sharing.

  7. yes! sharing some of these thoughts/ fantasies at some length... well, speaking only for myself, I would doubtlessly enjoy it! Thanks, Emily!

  8. Thank you for sharing, Emily. Hopefully as time goes on you will share some individual stories. While my own preference is F/m scenario, with your talent for narrative I would no doubt find others quite arousing as well. That's the fun part of fantasy. You can let your mind take the adventure. It doesn't always need to be something you might actually do. Add Banjo's talent for art to the mix, well, you could almost have a virtual erotic amusement park. Looking forward to more.

  9. Very intriguing Emily, and well-written besides. Especially fascinating is the pegging that goes on in your AU. Harking back to Banjo's alternate Valentine's artwork, the first thing I thought of when I saw the strap-on and the freshly-spanked, happily-positioned boyfriend was that he bought the dildo as both a gift and a request to assume the position of submissive.

  10. Very well written and very interesting and well hot, loved it.

  11. For me this is the most exciting scenario there can be.Where the whole of society condones the domination (for me in this cas F/m) and sees it as normal.Well done Emily.


  12. Not too far fetched. I remember my grandfather referring to my grandmother as mother or even mommy. And deffering to her on many issues as she was the mother of the house. Even today I see many relationships where you can detect a definite parental overtone. Physical discipline nowdays has gone out of fashion so can see why you would set things mid-century at a time where it was still common practice. But the dynamics are still definitely here today.

    What I like is scenarios where it is publicly acceptable and acknowledged. For instance today there are still people that spank but it is never talked about because of societal restrictions. Would love a more open society where even though you may not practice it or be something you are into it is still accepted as part of society.

  13. so, Emily, if one of us were to develop some extensive thoughts, however humiliating, in regards to an Emily-verse type world, how would that person best share them with you? ;-)

    1. I'm easily reached at emilyspank2@yahoo.com. Creepy stalkers will be summarily spamfiltered without trial.

    2. So, I'm curious, do you have a full series of stories written, or is that coming? what about guest authors, could one of us write a story to be posted in your group? just curious. Thanks for great intro to your world!

  14. Would that the Emilyverse were more than verse.
    For now it's a dream some might call perverse.
    But imagining myself spanked on the bare OTK
    I realize by self-spanking. For now that's okay.

    Little Boy Blue ( aka Victor )

  15. Emily, that was quite a fantasy. I hope we hear more from you, and do you have your own website? Banjo, the illustrations were great.

  16. This sounds like a GREAT world you've created, Emily. I can't wait to see and read more - maybe even contribute some stories. One question: do you have a website and/or blog up, or is all this still in the planning stages?

  17. Spanking is a fantasy ?