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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


A quick update:

A few weeks ago, various behind the scenes issues of running my blog were starting to get to me; even though mostly minor things, it was getting more stressful than enjoyable, more of a chore rather than "fun". At the same time, a very close friend's site disappeared overnight (wary of some very scary new laws in a country I'm happy not to live in!), and then when Google shut me down yet again just after my last post (though only for a day, it meant going through the appeal process for the fourth time) was the last straw. 'Real life' and work had been pretty stressful too of late, and I felt I needed to take a week or so's break totally away from it all. Thus, I took myself off for a week's holiday.

However, I fell pretty ill about a week later, and haven't felt up to blogging or even being online much during that period. Without going into details, it was actually rather scary, especially since one's mind tends to convince you that the worst is to fear, but I'm pretty much on the mend now, and my fears of what might have been the problem seem not to have been the case, thankfully.

It has given me time to think about the future of my blog; I'm hoping that my time away will be case of absence making the heart fonder: that is, it will be more enjoyable for me to return to posting and chatting with readers.

I hope everyone's been well and safe in my absence, and continue to enjoy what I post here. Hopefully, you're all still out there! :)

Short version: I'm still alive, and regular service will now be resuming.


  1. Hi Banjo,

    I'm so glad to see you are back after having been deleted for the fifth time.

    I would suggest you go to Templates, then switch to a Simple Blogger template - NOT a dynamic view. That will get rid of all your template mods, then do not modify the template at all. Delete any gadgets that are third-party, i.e. not Blogger ones. See how that works for a few weeks.

    Good luck!


  2. P.S. to activate threaded comments, after you have switched to a Simple Template, go to Settings, Posts and Comments, scroll down to Comment Location, then choose Embedded.

  3. We're still here, and glad you are too - and more importantly, back to health.
    Don't apologize for the look of your blog, either - Google is the one who should apologize for f****g you over so badly.

    Welcome back (again)


  4. I'm glad to hear that you're in better health, Banjo, and I trust that online spanko activity will soon seem fun again - its only raison d'etre.

    I took down my own Yahoo groups, starstrucklives, because a recent draconian application of the Malicious Communications Act in the UK was targeted at some trolling on a social networking site. My celebrity spanko captions were parodic, never malicious, fairly tame but hopefully sometimes erotic: I was concerned that by some outside chance they, too, might fall foul of over-zealous spoilsport UK authorities and so, reluctantly, I've rested my material as far as semi-public access is concerned. Still very happy to be around.

    Cheers, Colin

    1. Colin,are the pics from starstrucklives available anywhere anymore?that was one of my favourite sites

      Cheers, Siddy C