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Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Brand New Ugly Look!

Less than five minutes after publishing the previous post, my blog was deleted by Blogger/Google again.

Again, I had to go through the whole "beg to be restored" nonsense, until I got it back again today. Blogger officials still flat-out refuse to tell me what is triggering the auto-deletion "robots" they ridiculously employ, but several volunteers on their message boards agreed with what I'd diagnosed all along: it was something in my whiz-bang custom template that caused the "protecting" (LOL!) robots that look for malicious spam scripts to remove me. Thus, regretfully, I have been forced to remove ALL custom template work from my blog for now. I may reinstate some of it (some things are now "broken" here - due to removing so much of the "guts" of the site) since I can't fathom how countless other blogs use things like LinkWithin just fine, and I can't seem to.

Apologies for how crap my blog now looks... it's rather shameful compared to the work I put in to making it look nice and different before, but if the alternatives are "looking crap" or "getting deleted every month or more" I have to consider the former preferable.

Honestly, the one thing that's held me back from an alternative like WordPress is that I fell in love with how customizable Blogger's templates, look and interface was; simple to edit and could be highly customized to look awesome and be easier to use than the "defaults". Take that customization away... and alternative services seem much more viable.

*sigh* Blogging is supposed to be fun and not stressful, isn't it?

(Oh look, I'm now missing the old "dashboard" across the top of Blogger. That will add some extra frustration, eh?)


  1. It would be nice if they could tell you what you're doing "wrong" to trigger all these problems, but I guess that would spoil all the fun or something...

    Glad you're back and I hope you can stay awhile this time. ;-)

  2. Banjo - Don't get burned out. If you need to take a break from blogging, please don't fee guilty about doing so. Your adoring public is happy to have access to your wonderful artwork. Keep it fun!!!

  3. Banjo, I love your blog, and it's the content that is most important, if this is the compromise you have to make to stay on the air, so be it. You'll have far less stress without the blog being deleted every other week, sweetheart.

  4. We love your work, so whatever you can share, we all appreciate!

  5. Hi Banjo. It must have been frustrating to have to jettison the work you did customising your blog - in order to prevent, hopefully, further deletions by robots. By way of encouragement I can only say this: often one becomes so close to one's own creations, that it's easy to overestimate the effect on an audience of what's lost in a strategic jettisoning of work, especially when the loss represents hours of work. The new look isn't too bad at all, and the core opportunities of your fans to enjoy your art/commentaries and to contribute comments are all intact. Colin :-)

  6. Banjo:
    Your artwork and your writings are what we come here for.
    You could put them on a strict black and white page with no extra layouts and they'd still be worth coming here for. So long as the blog is easy to read and its easy to find stuff that is all that really matters.


  7. I'm glad you at least have a blog up and running to share your works of arts with us all :)