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Friday, 2 September 2011

Flashback: Supervised Surfing

"Supervised Surfing"

One of my early works, and probably my very favourite spanker I 'created' during that period.

She combines a lot of things I love... tight 'boybeater' vest, shorts, ponytail, strong arms and legs, and a real sense of "mission accomplished" in her expression and pose. You can bet she'll be looking over his shoulder when he's surfing the internet from now on!

Note the 'meta' use of my (then wishful thinking) 'Banjo's BBS' website on the poor spankee's computer screen... and just how old-fashioned that ugly PC (and is that a floppy disk on the desk?!) looks compared to typical computer setups of today!

I never had a clear idea of "who she was" when I made this, except that she's definitely can spank hard enough to make an impression. Is she a 'big sister'? Babysitter? Girlfriend? Someone else?

And is her solution to the 'problem' here more or less effective than the likes of internet filtering software and porn blockers?


  1. Who is she? His little sister who has always completely dominated him.

  2. I can totally see that being the case, actually! "Busted again, big bro!" :)

  3. Thanks for the new stuff -that pic with the blonde and the hairbrush captures the best of your work all in one picture. Her face, his reactions..wow.
    I'll be sure to get the word out about this site. I'm still a member of three of your Yahoo groups though they are only updated ( I know how bad Yahoo treated many in the community and it drove so many away)by members every few months with a picture or story here or there. I often wondered what happened to you , once in a blue moon I'd see you comment somewhere else on the net, but your personal life was never part of those comments. I guess I kind of imagined that next door neighbor of yours got in some sort of relationship with you. You do have a real talent for this kind of artwork. I don't know how long it takes but if you could do perhaps two a month you could post one here and maybe let a pay site have another one and get some recompense for your work.

    In any case, thank you for all you've done and its good to see you back!


  4. I like to think of her as his big sister. She caught him surfing the Banjo BBS site and decided to show him what a real spanking is like. Now she is supervising as he posts a detailed report to the site as to what has just occurred.


  5. I think she looks like his big sister and caught him doing something he isn't allowed to so she decided to spank him and have him delete it was he was doing and begin working on his homework like he was supposed to do in the first place *giggles*

  6. I love the combination of delicate beauty and full-bodied intimidation conveyed by the woman in this pic. I can't believe that she approves of his internet habits, but better that he hangs out on F/M spanking sites than (heaven forbid!) M/F! Colin

  7. I'm figuring that the young woman caught her boyfriend looking at the videos on SpankingTube, so she gave him a sound bare-bottomed blistering while a third party (her best girlfriend or perhaps his sister) recorded it. Now she's watching as he types a description of the video before posting it to SpankingTube (and YouTube also after that), with the warning that she'll be checking every couple of days to be certain that it isn't removed by him.

    Of course, IMHO she does need to send him shopping for a bristle-surfaced mat tomorrow, which he will have to sit upon the next time he's in a similar sore-bottomed situation...--C.K.

  8. Definitely a little sister who has been given spanking rights due to her older brother's immaturity, which he has just demonstrated by looking at inappropriate pictures on the computer and having to be spanked by younger sister and then have his further activities strictly supervised. Hopefully Mummy will give him another spanking before bed.

  9. MR Banjo
    Itoo, like the way she is dressed.I have never cared for the "dominatrix"look . I like the fact that she is dressed casually and comfortably.But also sexily.I lik the fact that her legs are bare and she is wearing sandals. I love seeing a woman in a boybeater tank top.Especially the white ones that a lot of American women wear. Those tank tops really show off the women's athletic arms
    I also like the triumphant and slightly smug look on her face

    I think that the only thing that could have made the picture better was if the male was completly naked. Ive always liked the idea of Clothed Female Naked Male[CFNM]. But then again, thats not everybody's cup of tea.

    I do love the domsetic aspect of most of your artowrk. One can imagine the young man having to clean the young woman's room,make her bed and obediently do her laundry. I like drawings that show confident young women humbling cocky young men.
    I would like to thank you for posting so much good artwork

  10. One of my all time favorite Banjo pictures! I'm not sure who the girl is either - I'd probably prefer girlfriend to little sister, as others have suggested, but all the options sound good to me. I also like Crimson Kid's idea about the bristle mat... ouch.

  11. I am in agreement with Aunty Andrea.I think its his little sister and he will get a further spanking after this interim on the spot spanking which will be delivered by his Mother.

    He is usually atired like this with trousers down and pants at half mast whilst playign with himself.However he might be dressed the same but now he ahs been effectively dealt with.

    His face is red too with the embaressment of it all.He will now view your wonderful artwork and see all those other naughty young men getting their comeuppance.


  12. Nice work did she use a hairbrush or paddle pretty red.

  13. I too like this piece. I also like the idea of her being his little sister. Spankings are supposed to be humiliating and shameful as well as painful, and there's little I could imagine more shameful than being punished and controlled by a little sister. Having to endure her supervision after the spanking would only add to the shame. Awesome piece.

  14. I love to fantasize a lot about this theme, but not 'surfing', for me it is 'studying'...

  15. Hello Banjo
    Nice to see your good work again.
    This is one of my favourites too (from the 'Yahoo old days' including Camp Counsellor - excellent and was it shower skirmish?

    Anyway back to this. Forgive me if it is a little too long, but anyway here's my contribution.

    I will stand there as long as it takes.
    Elena Prerovsky's expression and pose says it all from this once promising young East german gymnast who in her own country got a degree in sports psychology, but since arriving in this country, could only get a job flipping burgers at Burger king and taking orders at McDonalds and then KFC for two and a half years before finally getting this crummy even lower paid position as a student counsellor and assistant sports coach at some second rate boarding school for spoilt brats, some badly in need of parential discipline in her opinion, and, with no interest in any sports whatsoever unless it was on one of those silly computer games.

    Now if it was up to her she would ban all computers..

    Weekends or no weekends, free time or no free time, it is not allowed for boys in the computer room to look at inappropriate images on the internet. Elena (always adressed by her first name by the students) had for some time suspected most young men did but was quite unprepared for what she walked into when she just stuck her head around the door for no apparant reason on her day off that afternoon.

    Leaning forward in front of the computer with his jeans around his ankles and his underwear pulled halfway down, she saw this young man vigorously masturbating with one hand and clicking the computer mouse with the other. Elena Prerovsky (as this is now serious I am calling her that) calmly closed the door as quietly as she could and crept up and stood behind him. On the computer screen were pictures of girls in underwear, and some girls with no clothes on...
    but looking down Elena Prerovsky was more interested in the redness on the young man's bare bottom. Leaning forward she put her lips to his ears.

    'What the hell are you doing....stand up, now.' She half shouted making the young man nearly jump out of his skin.
    Shaking and embarrassed he claimed to Elena he was doing a study assignment.
    'No you are not, don't lie to me and why is your backside so red young man?'

    kicking the chair out of the way Miss Prerovsky then proceeded to slap his bare bottom so hard that her hand went quite numb and his backside even redder.
    'Now sit'

    Now seated in front of the computer again with a sore throbbing backside and his underwear still pulled halfway down Elena Prerovsky having briefly left the room and having returned told him to carry on with his so-called study assignment while she stood and watched.

    What she didn't tell him was that within an hour two young female IT professionals from a computer company that she had called in especially, as a priority, would turn up to do an investigation on all the computer hard drives and while seeing him wearing no underwear, for medical reasons of course, he would be asked to personally show them what filth he had been looking at on the computer.

    That would be mission accomplished she thought as she stood over him with her arms folded, trying not to grin.

  16. She seems to be overseeing him as he works on something. Perhaps he told a lie about her online, and now she's dictating his apology. Or she could be his tutor or study partner who's frustrated by his laziness, and she's making sure he finishes his share of the work now.