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Monday, 5 September 2011

Suggestions welcome!

"I SUGGEST you get yourself over my knee, young man!"
I'm very new to this whole "blog" thing, folks... both in posting content and designing the look and feel of the site.

If anyone has trouble navigating this place, or wants to make suggestions about how to improve Banjo's BBS technically, aesthetically or otherwise, please comment on this post with your ideas!

I also welcome suggestions for types of content I might not have thought of... however I've already got a lot of ideas planned for this place, so stay tuned!

The first week or so may be a bit "bumpy" as I get settled in, so please be patient with me as I learn the Blogger ropes and adapt to being back in the public spotlight again!


  1. I expect I'm somewhat older than you, as I developed my spanking kink in the late fifties/early sixties. At any rate, my fantasies tend to be about going bare bottom up on the knees of baby-sitters, aunts, and teachers in wool skirts and soft hosiery like knee socks, over-the-knee socks (and how great would those be on a young female disciplinarian!) , and tights. Anything you can get along those lines would be appreciated.

  2. I suggest I lay over her lap, very hot. Thanks

  3. Welcome back. Your pictures were amazing back in the day. Really looking forward to following your blog.


  4. Welcome back and I gotta say that you are alot better at running a blog on here then I am from the looks of things :)

  5. Love over the knee spanking, lady in her forties fifties and the young man 17 to 24. Also you might want to link up with Maamyesmaam and trade links I think it would pickup your readership. EJ

  6. Banjo, may I ask if the 'evil Auntie' is based on any particular Auntie? Hmmmm...I am waiting, young man.

  7. Banjo:

    Glad to see you back. As for suggestions, I prefer a younger boy (12 or younger) being spanked by a female authority figure (mom, aunt, babysitter, teacher, etc.) on the bare, of course (OTK is my favorite) and, preferably, in front of witnesses.


  8. Banjo:

    Just wondering why my name isn't showing up in the "members" section. I thought I signed up properly and picked out a picture and everything but I'm not listed.
    Did I do it wrong?


  9. Found your site via My Botom Smarts.
    Well done, delighted, love all aspects, keep it up. Dare I suggest a few stockings and suspenders!
    Yet another anonymous.

  10. So delighted at your return. I love this image; loving wife is about to correct well-meaning but forgetful husband. He loves her beauty, will obediently get over lap and prove his devotion to her by taking much deserved punishment.

    She is already dreaming of new found respect and a romantic evening.

  11. There you are again. One of the originals, like the Parisian of Aunt Suzanne's Hall (something like that. Has his own blog now. Nice to see you again. My fantasies vary now, but the originated (at night, in bed, about 5) as a tripartite series of imagining what it would be like to get caught with my shorts down (onanistic reasons), then by a woman, and finally a perfectly clear image of myself across her lap undressed and being spanked, and I was in love. That image stayed constant without scenarios until at least 8 I think. Kid's punishment, kid's fantasy, so I thought it would end when the kid did. Also, that I was alone in that way in a world devoid of women who would have been very willing to satisfy that fetish. Didn't even know the term, and there was no internet to dispel those misconceptions. What a pity!



    (anschutziii@hotmail.com) - what's your email? may finally apply myself to some sketches worth sharing.

  12. What about auntie etc giving a wheelbarrow style spanking

  13. Love a strict aunt using one of her slippers.