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Friday, 2 September 2011

Flashback: Performance Evaluation

"Performance Evaluation"

Though a common fantasy, I'm sure, I suspect that my love of strict 'corporate boss ladies' was fueled by the fact that one of my first employers was a nice but rather bossy young woman fond of tight-trousered pantsuits.

The scenario here is clear... his productivity is down, so his pants come down too! He seems to be promising to do better, but somehow I don't think she's going to stop until she's taught him what happens to 'underachievers' at this company! :( I'll bet he pays closer attention to his figures from now on, though, wouldn't you?

When I made this I imagined this as a weekly or monthy 'evaluation' meeting in the boss' office, though it could work equally as an 'on the spot incentive' in the middle of a busy office!

People have told me the lady in this picture reminds them of Nicole Kidman... perhaps a subconscious influence? I can certainly imagine Ms Kidman as a tight-suited, firm-handed, no-bullshit office boss, can't you?


  1. haha...well after reading your thoughts and questions I gotta say that I would like to think of the boss lady here dishing out spankings to underachievers at her busy office on a busy day and help give her employees an incentive to do better at work if their performance is down *giggles*

  2. May I please join the staff that reports to this hot lap?


  3. Her looks shows she is meaning business with taking care of this underachiever, a very nice way to motivate Her personnel, though i think i would definitely be an underachiever every now and then just to be motivated.

  4. This one reminds me of a story that I'll have to post on my blog at some stage in the future.

  5. I like to think that its a wife who took over her husband's company due to his mismanagement.And that she is spanking him in front of the female staff ,to show who's boss.and to show which gender is in charge of the company.

    i can imagine a company where the women can wear whatever they want.But the men must wear sandals,tight fitting shorts, and go shirtless for the women employee's pleasure. And the men would have to serve in a subordinate role to the women in the company.

    There is something erotic about a woman in a business pantsuit

  6. I think the business woman has had enough of his sub-duty job performance and has taken matters in her hand

  7. The bell of red hair, the grey business suit and the dark scowl absolutely suggest to me a high-flying, driven, exacting company boss who bullies - and spanks! - her team of fearful male employees. I bet she monitors their performance every minute of the long working day!

  8. Fine illustration of a classic spanking scenario. I'd prefer the lady boss to wear skirt and stockings though - it doesn't make her less stern and looks a lot more exciting.

    By the way - this moment is perfect for the entrance of the secretary or temp girl with some documents requiring signature of the boss.