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Friday, 2 September 2011

Flashback: Birthday Surprise

"Birthday Surprise"

"Happy birthday, darling! Do you like surprises? Well, take those underpants off, lay face down on the bed, and close your eyes, honey... I've got a BIG surprise for you!"

With this old artwork, I wanted to do a birthday spanking piece of some kind, and rather than the typical, I decided to suggest a 'surprise bottom warming' from his Significant Other that night.

While looking at it now, it could be viewed that she's finally agreed to grant him his spanking fantasy wish... but at the time I made it, I had something less-nice in mind, I'm afraid:

HE is excited because he really thinks she's got him something nice, and it looks set to be a romantic evening, too... however, SHE is trying not to smirk because she actually only bought him a sturdy wooden hairbrush to receive his blistering birthday spanking with! (maybe he's only had birthday handspankings other years... or maybe this is his first one full stop?).

Mean, or just all in good fun? What do you think?


  1. It is just all in good fun and its just her way of finally being nice and giving him a spanking for a first time since it is his birthday and he's been requesting it FOREVER!!!

  2. I reckon the guy is expecting some fluffy sort of bedroom present, such as a pair of toy handcuffs for a vanilla sex game. His face will drop when he realises that the love of his life has bought a hairbrush, and that she means to do some serious business with it!

  3. Nothing better than a good birthday spanking, I don't think a birthday is complete without one.

  4. Great fun but would love him over that sexy lap!!


  5. It would be mean if the hairbrush wouldn't have his name on it, lol... It shall be a complete surprise for him, because She hides it well, but i am sure in no time that will change into a hiding on his bottom. A good start of his new year!

  6. His dreams are coming true--but much more pain and embarrassment than ever imagined. He has already forgotten his request for a spanking on her birthday, too!

  7. Birthday Spankings are so nice he'll love his gift she is about to use on his butt great work

  8. His first birthday spanking will be plenty of fun for both.

    But I think that he'll soon be regularly washing dishes and doing other neglected chores with a hot, stinging bottom.

    Next year, maybe he'll get a new strap!

  9. Well, I've always figured that it's a loving (but thorough) birthday spanking which the guy is about to get--his wife/girlfriend has figured out that he has spankophile-submissive tendencies, something he may not have consciously admitted even to himself. His eyes will be shining with eagerness even as he verbally (but half-heartedly) protests her instructions to lower his briefs and bent over her lap

    So they'll both have a lot of fun, although the 'birthday boy' will be squirming and squealing while enjoying himself.

    Let's hope she gives him a smack for every year, plus the traditional "one to grow on," atop EACH of his buttcheeks--and I also like the idea of her gifting him with a brand-spanking-new implement (and testing it out via his birthday butt-whacking) every year... --C.K.

    1. Birthday spankings were tradition in our family. We got gentle slaps but be in birthday suit in front family and relatives was very embarrassed after our 12-13