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Friday, 2 September 2011

Flashback: Taking His Medicine

"Taking His Medicine"

This old piece was partly inspired by my real-life childhood fears of getting injections.

At the clinic depicted, though, big boys who act so childishly get given something to really cry about... hard, bare bottom spankings until they are pleading and promising to co-operate and take their dreaded 'shots'. Which, of course, are then duly administered... directly to their very red, very sore bottoms!

What do you think? Is that a fair and reliable treatment for such 'problem patients'? Or would it just give them a NEW fear about trips to the doctor's office?


  1. hehe...well I can kinda relate to not being a fan of doctor's offices... and I'm sure that will be a reliable treatment, but also give a new fear...

  2. I can't speak for anyone else. If I knew this was a possibility - especially with a doctor who looks like that - I would act like I was afraid, and resist getting a shot, just to get a spanking.

  3. Michael said it all....where does she practice, very hot


  4. Fantastic drawing! I love an intelligent well educated woman who wears glasses.

    I love the idea of a woman taking her husband to a female doctor for advice on how to control him.and i like the idea of the doctor showing the wife the right way to spank him

    I love the idea of women mentoring each other and teaching each other how to dominate thier men. I have always loved the idea of a feminist female proffesor teaching a classroom full of women why they should be in charge of thier men and showing them how to do it. Imagine helpless boyfreinds being brought to class so that the proffessor could show the female students the right way to spank thier men

  5. If this attractive domme was my doctor, I'd probably start suffering with hypochondria... even though I'd end up suffering with a soundly spanked bottom!

  6. Was he supposed to get the shot in his butt this is more enjoyable!

  7. As long as the spankign and the injection was accompanied by the possibility of he inject his penis into her or between her thighs then yes a perfectly sound way for the doctor to overcome his fear of th eneedle.

    I am with Bob as the idea that the domination is widespread and accepted in the wider society is super hot.

  8. I would have definitely gone to the doctor more often if this scenario had been possible when I was a boy!
    Maybe my Mom would have taken a hint on how to "manage" me too...


  9. This is the medicine of every naughty guy!

    @smuccatelli this is so funny :) you would go to the doctor to be spanked not to be treated!

  10. Yes. Got to get my regular dose of "medicine". ;-)


    "Anonymous" again because my Google account name isn't "authorized".