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Monday, 12 September 2011

Flashback: In Front of the Class

"In Front of the Class"
It's a "School Special" this week, to celebrate my never-before-posted "A Tattletale Earns Him Seconds" artwork's release!

In this old artwork, I wanted to capture the "ultimate nightmare" of a male student... a pants-down walloping by an attractive but strict teacher in front of his cute female classmates!

Here, he looks (I hope!) suitably "cowed" after a painful encounter with his teacher's heavy wooden school paddle, and is nursing his poor bare bottom with tears running down his face, as Miss points the way back to his (uncomfortably hard) seat.

Meanwhile, the two girls sat in the front row of the class are snickering and giggling to each other. The brunette on the left is a little in awe of having just seen their male classmate get paddled... or maybe she's just surprised at how hard he was paddled, or at what a big baby he's being about it? Or maybe this is her first day at this school, and her previous one didn't allow bare bottom paddlings? What do others think?

Whatever the reason for her amused surprise (she seem to be gasping "Wow!" here to me), her friend on the right (the blonde girl) is much less shocked and more smug: she's probably seen boys get spanked before (leading credence to the "girl on the left is new" theory?) and enjoys the show! Maybe she's pointing out to her female classmate that his reaction isn't unusual, nor is their teacher's severity with him? Maybe she's telling her not to worry, because only boys get paddled like that at this school? Or maybe she's just agreeing smugly "Yeah, that's what he deserved!"

Whatever the whispered discussion in the front row (a good place to sit in this classroom if one wants a "nice view" when a boy gets called up to be paddled by teacher!), do you think that this sobbing spankee is going to *ever* live this incident down with his classmates?


  1. I hope the paddling was OTK, since that's my thing. I think being over her knee would add to his humiliation.
    And I can only imagine what it would be like to be over that lap and have your cock between those strong warm thighs...

  2. A spanking from a strong and sexy female in front of giggling girls is the worst humiliation that I can imagine. I totally agree with smuccatelli. An otk spanking would be the greatest.


  3. Wow

    I would think the embarrassment will be mitigated if that sexy hot teacher gives the same treatment to the giggling ladies in front of all!


  4. Those two students in the foreground look, to me, like seasoned troublemakers. I bet they make a habit of getting Young Master Sore Buns in hot water with Miss. Maybe that evil brunette surreptitiously stuck a pin in the underside of his buttocks, beneath his shorts, causing him to squeak as he was standing reading a book aloud for Miss. Miss wouldn't take kindly to readers who squeak...! And doesn't she look cross...! Perhaps he DOES have issues with otk boner control!

  5. I'd say this particular paddling was administered with the troublemaker bent over Misses desk for his whacking, although if she's a seasoned spanker she would have had him over the knee for a good warm up by hand first.

  6. Hi
    Good to see you back online. This is a terrific image for the mind.
    Good luck

  7. @Aunty Andrea
    That's how I envisioned it too... over the desk and bottom towards the class! Though face towards the class might have been actually more embarrassing for him, now I think about it!

    As I said above, I am with Aunty Andrea on this one... as much as I personally love anything OTK, I always imagined this as an over-the-desk paddling.

    I like that: "seasoned troublemakers"! LOL! Love that scenario of them constantly getting "Young Master Sore Buns" in trouble with teacher, too! Though I think the blonde might be the more "evil" of the two!

    Somehow, though, I think those two young ladies are going to get away with their giggling... ;)

    While I can imagine a few even worse humiliations (topic for another time?), but not many! He'll flashback to that awful day every time he seems them at school, too, I suspect... if they don't remind him of it first!

    @Michael M
    Thanks, mate! It's great to be back, and I appreciate the kid wishes!

    1. I know the feeling of seeing my classmates eyes on my face as a female teacher works on my misbehaving bottom with a large paddle. It's more embarrassing than with your butt to the class.

  8. I think he bent over the girls desk and she is telling all about it! Nice work

  9. I love the idea of a female supremacist/CFNM school where the females can dress however they want in casual clothes for instance ,shorts,tank tops and flip flops ] but the males have to go completly naked. And where all females are refered to by males as "ma'am.And where females get to go to gym while the males learn to be obedient househusbands in home ec class. I love the idea of feminist female teachers humbling the naked male students for the female student's pleasure and enjoyment .And all of the students taking Feministic classes

  10. Thats how all scholls should be BOB and if they still don't learn to obey Male Re Education Centres for them.At the very elast Feminists who by deffinition beleive women and men are equal.But as you say Female Supremacists would not want to be stifled by wanting to be as low as equal to men.


  11. Ahhhh well, my thinking is that the teacher is pointing at a corner in the back of the room where a tall stool with a hard wooden top is located.

    "Keep those pants and briefs right where they are, move that glowing rump and plant it right on that stool with your nose touching into the corner, young man. You're to report to me right after school for a longer, harder bare-bottom paddling, which the ladies in this class are free to drop by to observe it if they wish."

    As for the two girls...

    Brunette: "Look how red his precious rear is, Betsy, and he'll be getting his butt blistered even worse after school. I'll get the video of that red-assed shellacking on my camera phone too, then we can post both of them on YouTube and Facebook."

    Blonde: "Perhaps we should offer Philip a deal first, Bonnie--if he'll take a proper pants-down whuppin' from each of us, we won't post his punishments from Miss Strictland on the internet. Of course, he'll have to take a good hard lickin' from each of us every week in order to keep that little arrangement in effect."

    Brunette: "Maybe Miss Strictland can tell us where to get ahold of a heavy paddle like hers..."


  12. This is my favorite. I would love to see you do one with teacher paddling the boy over the teacher's desk with his face to the giggling and snickering girls.

    Although my pants were not down, I found myself in a similar position as a schoolboy and it's something I shall never forget.

  13. I would have killed to be a freshman or sophomore boy getting a bare rump spanking in front of hot girls delivered by hot English teacher Ms. Skovnik. High school boys should all get punished this way and then locked in a wood pillory in the lunchroom so all the kids can see their roasted rumps.