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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Flashback: Bedtime Series

This series of artworks is actually the oldest of all my work. It was one of - if not the - first works I ever did, and so is a bit "rough around the edges", especially compared to my newest pieces! I was still learning the ropes of how to do this when I made this set.

However, for some reason I know it happens to be one of my most popular works, and I've got several nice emails about it since I opened this blog, even though I wasn't even planning on re-posting it here. So, by popular demand... I present one of my first-ever attempts at spanking art: The 'Bedtime' series!

I don't know why, but I've always had a 'thing' for "bedtime spankings". Maybe it's the childhood urban legends/folklore of "crying yourself to sleep" after a good sound bedtime spanking, something I personally never experienced? Maybe it's the intimacy of a sleepwear-clad spanker and spankee? Maybe it's the idea of anticipation (a bedtime spanking is - at least in my mind - not really a "spontaneous" spanking, but a premeditated and preordained one). I really don't know, and would love to hear others' thoughts on the whole "bedtime spanking" concept, routines and effectiveness, from both the point of view of spankers and spankees.

But first, to the artworks... all nine of them!

"Bedtime #1" (1 of 9)
When making this, I'm pretty sure I imagined the character to be brother and sister (likely "his new older step-sister), or maybe cousins. Her state of dress rules out 'babysitter' for me, and she looks too young to me to be 'mommy' or 'auntie', probably.

Whoever she is, it's his bedtime now, and she's paying a visit to his bedroom (or perhaps summoned him to hers?), and is wagging her finger in his face as she lays down the law. The scenario here strikes me as somewhat "playful", at least from her point of view, so I can almost imagine her scolding here to me somewhat "acted", though the poor nervous young man likely doesn't know this!

Perhaps she's explaining how she won't let him get away with nonsense and disrespect now they're "family"? Perhaps (if his cousin), she's lecturing him on what a brat he's been all day and how he's got this coming? Or perhaps she's just telling him how she intends to give him "hot, hard bedtime spankies" whenever she wants to, and that he'd better not tell anyone about it, if he knows what's good for him!

"Bedtime #2" (2 of 9)
As with most bedtime spanking scenarios, at least as I imagine them, he was likely already told to get undressed for bed before it was time for her to deliver his "goodnight smacking". Typically, I'd expect this to mean somewhat childish pajamas for a young man's bedtime spanking, to really drive home he's a "boy" being smacked and put to bed. However, this particular young man seems to be wearing the more "teen trendy"/"grown-up" sleeping/boxer shorts.

Well, it doesn't seem like it matters much, as she isn't about to leave them on for long! I wanted to have her looking him in the eye as she hooks those fingers in his waistband here... as if she's telling him "Oh yes, these are coming down whether you like it or not!"

"Bedtime #3" (3 of 9)
He's blushing with embarrassment at having his shorts tugged down (and off!) by her, but she grabs his wrists to prevent him covering himself. She's amused at his shyness, and quite possibly even teases him about it! Depending on his 'reaction' down below (which we can't see here, though she clearly can!), she may be amused by that too?!

"Bedtime #4" (4 of 9)
Over he goes! Possibly his first-ever "lap time"? I wanted to make him look nervous, either way, as she settles him into position and raises her hand for the first smack. He tenses up... maybe a last-minute plea "please don't spank me" or maybe just "not too hard"? Or maybe just silent, anxious anticipation?
"Bedtime #5" (5 of 9)
SMACK!!! The first swat of many lands, and it's a stinger! In fact, they're all "stingers"! He's finding out a bedtime spanking is far from 'childish' when it comes to the sting and burn! I wanted to make it apparent that she's not holding back or even giving him much in the way of a "warm-up" here... no, it's straight to the super-stingers from the first smack!

"Bedtime #6" (6 of 9)
Panic sets in as he grabs at her ankles. I wanted to depict his "hanging on for dear life" mixed with "oh noooo!" emotions here. I imagine big "Oooooooh!" gasps of shock and pain; he had no idea it would be this painful! Indeed, his poor bottom is on fire already, but she's far from done with him yet...

"Bedtime #7" (7 of 9)
Tears are running down his face now, dripping on the bed covers and carpet as he squirms and kicks on her lap. Sobbing pleas - "Stop! Please! No more!" - and desperate attempts to reach back and block her swats come at this point, but she knows this just means her spanking is getting through to him and having the proper effect. Perhaps he'll promise her to be good? Heck, maybe he'll promise her anything he thinks she wants to hear? I know I would!

"Bedtime #8" (8 of 9) - Never before published!
Hands that reach back are easily dealt with! So are squirming legs! Firmly pinned and locked into place, she can finish up his bedtime spanking with a minimum of fuss from him now. Well, kind of... note that his face is now a mess of streaming tears and icky snot! Ugh! What a crybaby! Still, she is smiling here, so I guess she's pleased with the reaction she's getting from him, don't you think?

Note: this image - number eight in the series - has never been posted or seen before! It was originally intended to be part of the set but I could never get it to work, so I omitted it... I found it today and polished it up and have included it here, though it's a bit rougher than I'd like in a perfect world (which should also explain the slight difference in lighting to the rest of the series). Still, it is nice to have the series finally "as intended"... consider the extra image an 'exclusive' for this blog!

"Bedtime #" (9 of 9)
Finally, it's all over. Rolled off her lap, he kneels before her, rubbing and cupping his burning hot buttocks and sniffling tearfully as she lifts his chin and makes him look her in the eyes. Time for a few final words, though what they are I'll leave to the viewer's imaginations! Is she telling him off for being such a baby about his spanking? Promising him many more bedtime smacked bottoms in the future? Warning him not to tell what happened? Reminding him she can do this any time, any place? Or just making it known that she expects him to go straight to sleep now... or she'll be back to give him a second dose?! What do you think?

Whatever she's saying and whatever the future holds, I'd bet good money he'll be sleeping on his tummy tonight, eh? And very likely will be crying himself off to sleep!

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this trip down memory lane! It's been a rather nostalgic experience for me, since this is - as I said - one of my earliest ever artworks and one of the few 'series' I ever tried (I soon discovered how much work they were, so stuck to single images pretty much after one more experiment). As always, please leave comments on any or all of these pics, and if you want to talk about certain images in the series in particular, just mention the number of it in the comment.


  1. this is one of my favorite sets you made. i loved the whole story laid out in pictures. OI think this was the first real poser art that i had seen and i became an instant fan.

  2. I also adore bedtime spankings, it's so nice to take a warmed bottom to bed on a cold night, and it can also work in reverse, knowing you've warmed up someone else's evening. In this particular series I would also think that the young lady is a sister, possibly a cousin. What could add to the young man's intense embarrassment is if she were a younger relative, maybe one of those rare occurrences where the aunt is younger than the nephew. He seems to know exactly how to lay over a lap and accept a sound spanking, so it may be his first experience over that lap, but I'd say he's a regularly spanked boy, and more power to his Mummy's arm if he is!

  3. I never had the opportunity to see this artwork series and I'm glad it's (re)published now - I really like the pictures and the commentary added.

    What strikes me is the fact that one could wonder if the girl is enjoying the spanking, while there is no doubt the ladies from later artworks really like what they do to their naughty boys...

  4. I include myself among those who consider this a favorite of your artworks. The addition of #8 is perfect. I've always thought the series needed one more and that is exactly what I would have imagined. After he puts his hand back pleading, "Please that's enough" she pins his hand back and sternly responds "I will SAY when it's enough."

    As far as what she is saying after... I favor the idea that she is making it clear she can and will do this any time, any place, even in public, and there is nothing he can do about it.


  5. that is quite hawt! Bedtime spankings are THE best :-) He clearly will be sleeping on his tummy with a smouldering backside...[Love your commentary on the images]

  6. The young male is in very good hands. His life promises to be one of spankings, CFNM and the occasional reward.

  7. Very enjoyable spanking both are really enjoying it very much well done.

  8. Fantastic drawings! I love how you lead your viewers through the whole story. I love the CFNM aspect. My favorite ones are the first one where he humbly hangs his head.And the second one where the female hooks her finger onto his waistband.The one where he is humbly kneeling is great also .

    Id love to see a "before and after" set of drawings.One which show a macho male ording around a female and having her wait on him hand and foot.and then him being stripped naked and spanked by her in front of her laughing girlfriends.And then seeing the roles reversed and him waiting on her and her girlfriends hand and foot. Id love to see drawings of a macho male turned into a humble, naked houseboy .Or better yet, a group of males

  9. I love it, keep up the great work!

  10. I've always loved this series since I first saw it. I especially like the "previously unpublished" pic (I love the "leg lock" position for the unfortunate miscreant) and I theorize that the spanker is an older relative (not his mom) and that this is not his first foray over her knee, nor will it be his last.
    Lucky boy...


  11. I haven't experienced a bedtime spanking yet :(

    However with these pics I get the vibe that it is older sister/younger brother...

  12. I loved this series so much.. this is exactly what I love and dream of.. the theme, the positions, the intensity, everything is just perfect.. maybe the only thing that I miss is the use of implements.. the hand only isnt enough for me..

  13. How wonderful to see this series posted to the blog as a 'complete' edition! I'm definitely thinking 'his new step-sister' - and the 'leg lock' featured in the previously unpublished #8 suggests all the hot, erotic intimacy of the secret bedtime spanking she's giving him!

  14. This is my first post here, but I just could not resist. A bedtime spanking is one of my oldest fantasies. I have fantasized for years about living in the same house as an Aunty. Of course we have separate bedrooms, but one of her requirements is that I report to her bedroom at a certain time just before going to bed in my pajamas. I am to knock on her door and come in only when invited. She will be seated on a love seat, and I will be told to come to her. By her side will be her favorite hair brush and paddle. She will reach out and lower my PJ's to the floor, and while I am still standing there she will address any naughtiness that I may committed that day, and if I have been a good boy she will explain that a good spanking every day will help to maintain my behavior. She will then have me step out of my PJ's and help me off with my pj top. I am now told to go across her lap as she raises her thigh length chemise to her waist so that I am laying on her bare thighs, my head on the love seat, and my feet on the floor. She then puts her right leg across my legs to lock me in place, holding my bottom and upper thighs where she can get at them best. The spanking will first start off by hand and will continue for about 4 or 5 minutes. The spanks get harder after a couple of minutes, by that time they are really starting to hurt, the tears are starting to flow, by the time the hand spanking is finished I am crying fairly loudly. If I have been a good boy for the day she will now release me to finish my crying in the corner. Then I am to come back across her lap to have lotion applied to my red bottom. If I had been naughty that day then after the hand spanking the paddle and hair brush would be applied in that order..... and I hate the hair brush, so I am usually a good boy. After the lotion had been applied we will stand up and she will give me a big long nite nite hug, with a few gentle pats on my sore bottom. I am then allowed to get dressed and go to my own bedroom.

  15. This... is... just... perfect! Your single pictures are good, but a good storyline is even better.

  16. I too think it a Sister and her younger brother.I like the way he listens wide and tearful eyed to her lecture after the spanking.Its a gentle one and he is grateful for the wisdom.Surprisingly after the torrent of tears he can still take in the lessons she is teaching him.There is awe at her wisdom from him.


  17. nice pictures the boy could easily be me! but when i start kicking and clenching i get the hairbrush!

  18. What no baby powder? Sheila.

  19. I first encountered drawing #2 on another site and spent hours trying to track down the others in this series. The bed-time spanking scenario is one that I have had very strong fantasies about all my life. This is also one of your best since it includes the act of her taking down his pants, which is another very strong fantasy. Each viewer will add his/her own unique elements from their own perspective and that makes it a wonderful series. I thank you for your efforts.

  20. You're really good at this. Sister and brother fits it perfectly. He knows she has the goods on him, so he doesn't dare resist. Later he'd be too embarrassed, and too afraid of it being worse the next time, to tell on her. Who'd want anyone to know his sister stripped him naked and spanked his bare butt? Well, I would but not if it'd stop her from doing it again.