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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Gone again, back again!

Yes, Google decided my blog was "malicious" again, just before Easter.

It got restored today, after (like before) I appealed the decision. Again, thanks to Nitecruzr on the Blogger forums for forwarding my appeal (I think the poor dude is the only person who's actually working at Blogger, and he's a volunteer!).

Again, there was no concrete reason given why, though I am guessing it has to do with the changes I made (see previous post, made minutes before my "deletion")... the fact that others seem to be able to tweak their blog's code to their heart's content and that whenever *I* touch mine, the blog gets flagged as "malicious script" is confusing and nonsensical... but I get the feeling that's Google these days, sadly.

I was told "Sometimes spam detection is unfair, but until the spammers go, we're stuck with it". But it's not the false positives that bother me, it's that they make their mistake my problem, and then take so long to fix it, with no apology or even information given. How can I avoid this happening again? No idea... they won't tell me. Also, having to chase hard-working volunteers on a help forum isn't how this should be resolved. Heck, they don't even notify you when it's been restored!

Sadly, what this means is that to be safe, I won't be taking chances again by improving my blog's layout/features anymore, since doing so seems to be what trips Google's "you're a criminal" robots... a shame since I've worked hard to make this "more than a simple blog" in terms of interactivity, fun features, etc.

But enough ranting... I'm back, folks!

And I'm feeling artistically inspired, at least, by the relevant theme of "guilty until proven innocent"...


  1. Google can be so silly. Imagine thinking your wonderful site is spam! I think someone needs a good spanking.

  2. Yaaay! Welcome back (again).

    Nitecruzr is the man, all right, but there are several other great Top Contributors too. And none of them works for Google. They are all just bloggers like you and me.

    Hermione (also on the Blogger Help Forum)

  3. Well, glad they let back (without any explanation or information) but I guess that what we can expect from Google now. I seem to recall that Yahell was worse...
    Anyway, glad you're back!


  4. Welcome back and glad it sorted out.

  5. I am so glad you are back! I did a little rant against Google censorship while you were away.

  6. Good to see you back yet again Banjo. Proof you can't keep a good dude down.

  7. Welcome back... and thanks! The new 'reply' feature is cool, though I've yet to use it. The fact that it was your attempt to make the blog as user-friendly as possible which triggered its removal is one of the galling aspects of this episode; and even if, now, for fear of further problems with Google, you call it a day on making any more format changes you've still created a perfect interactive home for your art and related other stuff. Colin

  8. Someone needs to take Google down a peg or two. It's actually getting scary how much control they have over the web.
    I'm just happy you got it straightened out. Welcome back!

  9. Dealing with Google is a bit like a Monty Python sketch, specifically the Piranha Brothers... you have basically transgressed the unwritten law and Google has nailed your proverbial head to the coffee table (basically they penalize you but refuse to tell you what you've done wrong). We've had (and still have) a problem with them including us in their index... in the end I found it most rewarding simply to ignore them, not so easy if you're using blogger of course.

  10. It is sad they know they were wrong and restore your site but no comment or apology at all... Narrow-minded people.

    Anyways, good to see you're back mate.


  11. Glad to see you are back...happy spankings