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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Normal service to resume shortly

Apologies for the "down time", folks.

The triple whammy of 'real life' being insanely busy of late, the fight to get my blog back up, and the worst flu I've had in years has taken a toll on me and kept me out of action and contact for a good few weeks. Add to that the sad news of the passing of an old friend whom I'd lost touch with a year ago, and I've not felt much like blogging or making art of late. :(

But I'm now recovered from the flu, got my blog restored (for now, anyway!) and hoping to pay tribute to my friend (a fellow spanko) here sometime soon.

I've got a bunch of new stuff to post, including a very special (and very hot!) guest contribution, a new topical art piece (hint: done to commemorate a very special day in April that should not have passed without celebration), and another new art piece that I've been working on for a while involving... actually, I think I'll make that a surprise... ;)

Again, apologies; I look forward to emailing all I owe replies to (you know who you are... and I'm sorry) and thank you all for your support while my blog was down, too. I hope you'll all continue to comment here on my art, stories, fantasies and other silly stuff... I love reading your feedback (and they do influence what I make and post).

Oh, and newcomers here? Please don't ever think a post is "too old" to comment on... unlike a lot of other blogs, this one is intended to be more of an open discussion forum, gallery and library with all posted material as relevant today as the day it was posted... so don't forget to browse through all the past posts and comments, or you'll miss out on some of the most fun stuff here! :)

Finally, a special mention: I want to say how sorry I was to see Otto's wonderful art blog had been seemingly removed by Google. I don't know the story behind it, but Otto is a talented artist and I hope he can get his blog back up - or find another option - to host Aunt Blaine and her delightfully strict and sadistic friends again soon.

EDIT: Sorry... it's also now that time of the month again for me. :(


  1. Well, let me be the first to wish you well now that you are fully recovered (?) and looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. I'm so glad you are back again.

    Otto's blog going away might be a similar situation to yours, but his tumblr is gone too, so that can't be Google's fault. Maybe he will explain what happened.


  3. Welcome back and glad you are ok and things in vanilla world worked out.

    So sad to see Otto gone and so quickly.

    Be well

  4. Glad you are feeling better now. I'm looking forward to the new stuff.

    Sorry to hear about your friend. That is never an easy time.

  5. Glad to ehar you are well again.Its so warm and welcoming on this blog.Bit like the fond embrace of a dominant woman after she has lovingly warmed ones bottom.

    So sorry to see Ottos Blog is down.


  6. Glad to hear that things are back on track, Mate. Real life always seems to find a way to mess us up. Looking forward to your new art!

  7. Hey there, Banjo... how's it going now, mate...??

    I can't understand how different 'Organisations'...(If they even knew how to organise themselves..tee-hee)...could dictate to people in a free-speaking environment, and shut Your site down in a random fashion.. why are they preventing peoples' opportunity for free speech and FM spankings.. lol.. didn't want to keep it too heavy..
    You are doing great, buddy.. as I think my fellow admirers can confirm..

    Your work is highly regarded and Your subject matter is always... 'entertaining'.. mate..Good luck (From "The good old UK..)

    Terry Mc, London..