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Saturday, 3 March 2012

That Time Of The Month

Just a quick update I thought I'd better make, to let everyone know a small but important detail about my 'real life' situation and this site. No, nothing bad! But this is something most of my close friends know, but likely not general knowledge.

In Australia, internet service providers and data allowances are pretty "backwater", compared to some other first-world countries. We pay a lot for a little, most of the time. One such issue is that almost every ISP imposes "caps" on data uploads and downloads, meaning that if you use more than your contract is for (say, 20GB) in a month, you either get charged extra or have your internet speed throttled to (very) sub-dialup speeds. In my case, it's the latter.

All this means is that sometimes, rarely but possibly, near the end of every month I might trip this limit and basically lose the use of the internet. Normally, I'm careful enough, but last month I ran out a good week before the end of February. Hence, for example, why my new Valentine's Day art piece didn't get posted until now.

It's no biggie, and almost will never be relevant, but just something I wanted to make known in case a promised update or something doesn't show up in the last days of a month, so nobody got worried!

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