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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Scenario (Spankers Only!): Forbidden Lust

You are a teacher (college or high school), and find yourself attracted to one of your students. You're not sure what it is about them, but you find yourself having distinctly inappropriate thoughts... including daydreaming about keeping them after class and baring their bottoms for a good hard spanking! This student of your desires is most likely:


  1. Since this is an F/m site and I'm a male, I guess it doesn't really fit the scenario, but I'd like to comment anyway...
    She'd be cute as hell (and she'd be well aware of it) and use it to her advantage, flirting shamelessly with male teachers to get out of trouble. I'd keep her after class and escort her to a private location, take her over my knee, bare her adorable young bottom and vigorously hand-spank it long and hard to blushingly rosy red, enjoying her sweet cheeks bouncing and jiggling, as well as the sight of her embarrassingly exposed little, pink treasure...
    Hopefully, she'd come before I did! ;-p


  2. @Smuccatelli I'm a guy too (obviously), but is it any consolation that I - putting myself in a 'Top' M/F role for this scenario - chose "Miss Popular, cute and bratty and she knows it" too, like you did? Shhhh!

    Actually, I deliberately left the Poll's gender-roles ambiguous, so that both male and female "teachers" (with daydreams about either male or female "students"!) can vote on this (and the previous) poll.

    Spankers and switches of both genders, I don't want anyone feeling excluded here!

    Just because my own art and stories are focused on F/M, doesn't mean I don't acknowledge and allow a bit of "heresy" from time to time. :P

    Oh... and nobody likes spanking cheerleaders anymore? :( LOL!

  3. I had always thought of cheerleaders as the spankers, vicious little bullies who enforce their popularity with a paddle!

  4. I agree with Humiliated Geek on this one. One of my favorite fantasies is about my cheerleader babysitter. I'm a naughty little boy, totally unaware that she's complained to my parents about my behavior while under her supervision. They have granted her permission to spank my bare bottom whenever I misbehave. To my shock and surprise, I find myself across her lap with bare bottom exposed to her enthusiastic administrations. Sometimes I think that she has had a lot of experience with her younger siblings. Other times I like to think that it is her first time administering a bare bottom spanking and is feeling all the power and control that entails.

  5. I notice that the vast majority of votes are for the shy, sexually awkward victim: Caleb, the born-again Christian. Works for me... But, of course, it's all up to Mrs. Drivenside's judgement.

    I, for one, would endorse the idea of Mrs. Drivenside keeping young Caleb after class and spanking him in the most humiliating way she can imagine, embroiling him in a sick psycho-sexual imbroglio that would shock the Marquis de Sade. But that's just me...

  6. @Humiliated Geek
    I don't know why, but your comment really "got to me" for some reason! :P You've inspired me... watch out for a "vicious little cheerleader bullies" tribute soon!

    A babysitter spanking has always been pretty much top of my fantasy list too, mate. I love your take on it, with a big athletic cheerleader babysitter who has permission to spank... but her charge doesn't know it yet! I also can't decide if her being a very experienced (and thus very painful!) spanker or an inexperienced but eager one is sexier! :)

    I know... so many evil spankers out there, picking on the shyest, most timid boys and girls! LOL! Should "shy boys" like me be worried? Oh, and I loved your comment "spanking him in the most humiliating way she can imagine"... that's just extra evil! I wonder what she has in mind there, though?

    Incidentally, these polls were really just for fun... but I've felt kind of inspired and may in fact do some art or stories based off them and their results at some point! :)

  7. My favourite clients are those that Kimberley and I term 'virgins'. This means they have not yet been spanked, they tend to be rather quiet, shy and nervous in my presence, but I like them, they're often very polite and they perform so wonderfully over my lap and after when they're doing their corner time.