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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Art: Valentine's Heartburn

"Valentine's Heartburn"

Concluding the Valentine's Day theme (here and here) for this year, this new piece is dedicated to all the romantics out there like Emily and Aunty Andrea.

Unlike some of my artworks, this piece was more about the final image concept than any deeper 'backstory'. I wanted to do a picture of a scantily-clad couple in the aftermath of a Valentine's Day spanking... her relaxed, and him distressingly aflamed! The heart-pattern marks and paddle was my idea to add an extra 'playful' and romantic touch.

Looking at it now, I wonder if the spanking was for failing to please her with his Valentine's Day gift (chocolates and a teddybear instead of expensive clothes or jewelry!?) or as a "thank you" for those gifts and his kindness.

Perhaps she wanted to let him prove his devotion: "If you love me that much, sweetheart, you'll let me 'brand' your bottom for you!"?

Either way, that cute teddybear bearing the "I Love You" message is notably placed near to his tearful face for him to look up at. Whether this is her reminding him of how much she loves him despite how much his bottom is now burning (or because of it!), or just an ironic and rather mean co-incidence... I'm not decided.

And what is she thinking about here, as she regards that chocolate box and listens to him sobbing behind her? Is she just going to ignore him and eat those chocolates, or is she contemplating paying further attention to her red-bottomed Valentine, to lovingly help him forget his pain and tears?

Whatever the reasons behind this scenario, he'll be wearing her 'heart' on his bottom for a few days! A visible reminder of their Valentine's Day celebrations... and of their unique but devoted relationship.

Deep down, I'm a romantic at heart too.


  1. I wonder what she likes better, the valentine heart or the paddle with the heart hole, she spanked her boyfriend


  2. Given his pose, I'd assume she's about to peg him, but perhaps that's just my tastes showing through. ;)

  3. This is a great 'concept pic': the idea of those heart-shaped imprints is pretty awesome! I ended up with a fairly complex interpretation of the relationship, here. The 'cougar-ish' look of the woman and the apparent age difference between the two characters suggested to my perverted mind that perhaps he was her step-son: perhaps he's received a Valentine's themed spanking as a punishment for offering her tokens of an inappropriate kind of fondness on the special day.

  4. I thought the same as Emily when I saw his pose. Perhaps it's not chocolates in the heart shape box she's eying but a new strap on attachment. It may have been his gift to her or the other way around but either way, she will soon be *giving* it to him. Another reminder of whom he belongs to.

  5. Before that, she'll soothe his sore cheeks with some sunburn cream, to his eternal gratitude (they're in a DD relationship) before she uses her strap-on, enjoying the sight of his well-branded buttocks jiggling while she's dominating him.
    Afterwards she'll turn his sobs to groans of pleasure by covering his sore bottom with gentle kisses, just for fun, and it'll be his turn to use his mouth on her (but not her ass...)causing her own groans of ecstasy.
    Then she'll share the chocolate with him...


  6. I must see if I can find a paddle like that for next Valentine's Day. What better way to show the shops clients how much I care!

  7. that is a very interesting paddle, i am surprised that woodenspoon is not already offering it.l maybe he is. nice drawing banjol i love them all.

  8. Hmmmm...Well, the woman has a contemplative look on her face, so I'm guessing that she may not be finished applying the paddle to her lover's romantically-marked derriere--which would explain why he's still "assuming the position."

    The teddy bear's "I Love You" message, where the grimacing (but also gratified) guy can read it as he awaits 'round two' with the heart-hole paddle, strikes me as quite intentional, reminding him that the spankings he regularly receives from his paramour (including the very recent one) are given out of deep affection and should be received that way.

    The chocolates and teddy bear were Valentine's Day gifts from him to her, as I see it, then she produced the paddle as her gift "to both of us" and insisted on immediately giving it a full-fledged tryout. Does that tryout count as the Valentine's Day walloping her lover has coming from her, or will that be a separate paddling?

    She's mulling that over, but the fact that he's still "in position" reflects the way that she's thinking, doesn't it?

    Will she share her chocolates with him afterward? Of course, along with some loving passion in bed after she's soothed his throbbing, enflamed behind with some aloe cream.

    She does love him dearly, after all--which is obvious from the way his glutes are glowing... --C.K.

  9. What a wonderful drawing and a very sexy lady, plus she can spank. Love it