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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fantasy - Teacher's Valentine

Shortly after I posted this artwork, I suddenly got a mental flash of what could be the scenario there, and I wanted to share.

In my imagined little fantasy, she's his teacher, and he's her college (or senior highschool) student... however, she's young enough (and he's old enough) that he feels his crush on her has a slim chance of being reciprocated, so he sends her a Valentine.

Maybe he signs it honestly, or maybe he sends it shyly and anonymous (but she recognizes his handwriting!). Either way, to his surprise, she invites him over to her house that evening.

He's nervous, but can hardly refuse, can he? He's been dreaming of this moment, after all!

When he arrives, she's dressed in lingerie and a silky gown. Two glasses of champagne are poured. He truly can't believe this is happening as she smiles and leads him to her bedroom... gulp!

However, our lucky student Romeo is even more surprised when - once in the bedroom and she has him undressed - his teacher proceeds to show him just how "naughty" his lustful affections for her are... with a sound, bare-bottom spanking!

In this day and age, teachers spanking students is fairly a thing of the past... but not tonight! No, tonight, this "naughty boy" gets his bottom thoroughly roasted and reddened by his teacher (and crush) right there in her bedroom!

But if he thinks she's angry with him, it's only because he can't see the smile on her face, even as she 'lectures' him on his inappropriate attentions. He can't see much with his face pressed to her mattress, tears soaking her sheets. He doesn't know she's quite flattered by his attentions, and far from disinterested in them.

When she's satisfied that his bottom is hot and red enough (she did spank him longer and harder than she first intended, but just because his bottom was so cute!), she has yet another surprise for him: she reveals that she has no intention of throwing him out of her house... or her bed!

Soon, she's teaching her naughty young admirer an entirely different sort of lesson.

The start of a very interesting relationship between teacher and her naughty student-slash-Valentine's Day admirer?

When I posted this, I was just thinking that I'd post my mental ramblings on this little scenario, in case others had any thoughts to add. Now, thinking about it some more... if others enjoy reading and discussing this sort thing, perhaps I should share more of my random silly daydream fantasies as they pop up? For me, writing 'proper' fiction (i.e. short stories and such) takes time and lots of work before I feel it's good enough to post publicly; random 'Quick Fantasies' like this one - often simply inspired by a blog comment by another reader, something in everyday life, or just idle daydreams - can be more stream-of-consciousness, and thus more frequent. So, would this sort of thing be worth making a semi-regular feature of this blog?


  1. I enjoyed reading this, and think you should continue.

  2. This scenario remembers me of a japanese spanking drawing ( sorry don´t know the artist). A young female teacher spanks one of her students otk, while he is holding a valentine heart.


  3. Like the fantasy very much and also like the idea of making it a regular feature!


  4. By all means. Ilove F/M fantasies

  5. It's not the story that came to my mind looking at the artwork, but it's an interesting one. And I strongly support the idea of publishing such ad hoc stories and ideas.

    I believe it's a drawing by Kami Tora.

  6. I love this, please keep them coming, nice lines and fun

  7. You know perfectly well that I enjoy talking fantasy scenarious. I look forward to seeing more.

  8. I enjoy polished stories, but off-the-cuff fantasy jottings like this are good fun and certainly provide lots of entrtaining food for thought. Colin

  9. absolutely I think the quick thoughts are well-appreciated! Too many stories never see the light of day just because they take too long to be satisfied with.

    John S. MacLeod