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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Flashback: Happy Valentine's Day

"Happy Valentine's Day"

Obviously a belated posting, but since my blog was (thankfully, temporarily) deleted from Google on February 14th, I am just glad to be able to post this at all, though it was planned to be posted on that same day.

To commemorate Valentine's Day, I wanted to repost this old artwork of mine for both those who've seen it before and those who may not have. Sadly, when I tried to re-render it (as I do most of my Flashback reposts), I discovered the original files were damaged... sad, because I always felt that while this turned out well, it is a bit too dark (in lighting, not tone!). So, apologies if some detail here is a bit hard to see.

Looking at it again, I'm not quite sure whether this piece is depicting "Best Valentine's Day Ever" or "Worst Valentine's Day Ever"... or if that opinion may even vary, depending on which of the two people in it that you ask!

The two champagne glasses on the bedside table suggest some form of mutual celebration, though whether the spanking now happening is part of that celebration (planned or impromptu), or a reaction to some offense he committed during said celebration is open to interpretation, I think.

Are we seeing the romantic realization of his (or maybe her!) spanking fantasies here? Or is this simply the smacking of a naughty husband or boyfriend whom - for whatever reason - his partner has decided a red hot Valentine's Night is in order, to remind him who's boss in this relationship?

Perhaps the (notably rather full) champagne glasses indicate that a celebration was planned... but he was late for it? Or perhaps they show that she had this 'spanking surprise' in mind all along, and this is just the start of the fun: "Spankies before drinkies, sweetheart!"

Whatever the case, her smile and flushed face show she's clearly enjoying herself. I can't decide if his "Ooooh! My bottom burns!" expression is due to pleasure or pain (or both!), though. Either way, she's visibly made the poor dear cry on Valentine's Day... awwww!

I also find myself pondering... what else have they been up to (or will be getting up to) tonight? Is this spanking romantic foreplay, with yummy sexytimes to come? Or a playful but stinging lesson "after the fact", for not taking care of his beloved Valentine's needs satisfactorily in bed?

Once his bottom has been set aflame, will he be allowed to please her in a matter that both of them will enjoy... or will he simply be expected to put his tongue to work?

Are they married? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Newlyweds or early in their dating... or long-time lovers? Is there much of an age difference between them?

Was he looking forward to tonight... or dreading it?

One image, so many possibilities! What do you think?


  1. Uncharacteristically for me, I'm going to say this is a completely consensual, sexy, non-disciplinary spanking. She knows he loves it, and it's a reaffirmation of the strength of their bond. 'Cause I'm a romantic deep down.

  2. I'm with Emily. He may be crying now, but in a little while when the fire has died down to a nice throbbing warmth he'll be smiling and wondering what he ever did to get such a lovely partner who understands him and his needs so well.

  3. I prefer non-consent scenarios and I tend to interpret Banjo's drawings in this direction. But this one (as previous posts suggest) seems to be consensual play of two lovers (perhaps even wife & husband). Their body positions, lady's outfit and especially her smile make it look this way.

  4. As long as his naughty bare bottom gets warmed up, it will be a GREAT valentines Day. Consentual would be vest though.

  5. I agree, this is a hot caring lady tending to her partner's needs and desires being a warm bottom. SHe is very sexy in her panties and warming him nicely. I sure he delivered later in the evening.

  6. Actually, this reminds me of the scenario Banjo outlined in the "Teacher's Valentine" fantasy. She looks a bit older than him and, after his spanking, he may get his wish, given her sexy attire...

  7. Consensual, probably... but I do suspect a degree of reluctance on his part. I get the distinct feeling that it was her idea - not his - that a romantic Valentines Day spanking might be kinda fun! Colin

  8. Consensual, I believe as well, and it's good that she has produced this effect with just her hand. Notice he is not really restrained. I'm sure he has spent similar times over her knees, and the rest of this evening could be very warm in other ways. ;)