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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Happy Birthday, Aunty Andrea!

Congratulations to 'Aunty' Andrea Mahoney, Kimberley Kennedy, my old buddy SeeGee and everyone at the amazing 'The Spank Shop' blog, on their recent first birthday!

I'm a huge fan of the Spank Shop stories, but only recently finally got the chance (after many promises... sound familiar?) to start reading Aunty Andrea's awesome blog.

Because of both these reasons, I wanted to do something special: I hope you like the 'birthday card' I made for you all, Aunty!

"Happy Birthday to 'The Spank Shop', from Banjo"

For anyone unfamiliar with Aunty Andrea and 'The Spank Shop'... check out the stories, articles, and fun picture commentaries at www.thespankshop.blogspot.com... and tell 'em Banjo sent you! (you can wish them "happy birthday" here).

And because I'm such a "fan boy", I couldn't help but make the following rendition of the beautiful-but-strict Aunty Andrea as well, as I imagine she might look at first sight to a new client at The Spank Shop, emerging from her 'spanking parlour' doorway to summon them inside for their appointment.

I hope you approve, Aunty!

"Aunty Andrea - Here Comes Aunty!"

I hope the outfit I chose was okay, and that I got your ebony hairbrush right, too; I had to do some research to get the right texture... and the heavy brushes I saw were enough to make a naughty boy nervously clutch his bottom... so heavy and "ouchie" looking!


  1. So well done but I wonder if Aunty would wear such a short skirt, Kimberley maybe but thank you for sharing this, regardless Aunty is awesome and I love your interpretation.


  2. Oh, VERY nice. Cute turtleneck/sweater combo, and that's a gorgeous hairbrush.

    1. @Emily
      Thanks. I wanted to capture the 'formidable' feel I've always got from reading descriptions of Aunty's favourite brush in SeeGee's stories.

  3. Oh, Banjo Aunty is so terribly flattered by you, darling! Thank you so much. Emily thanks for the comment about my favourite ebony brush, too. Kimberley wonders why she hasn't been given a drawing, too.

    1. @Aunty Andrea
      You're most very welcome, Aunty. *blush*

      Kimmy was going to be in the anniversary picture, actually, but I ran out of time as I had the 'model' for you done long ago. Please pass my apologies on to her (to hopefully avoid a possible 'Rosewood Encounter', if you take my meaning?).

      I hope you won't mind if I post more art of you in the future?

  4. Happy Birthday from me too


  5. Happy Birthday to Andrea, et al, from me as well. I remember SeeGee's story too. Liked it very much...
    Having said that, I'd have preferred seeing "Aunty" dressed more like the "Ready for your spanking, sweetie?" window on the right side of the page. That would certainly make a potential client "perk up", so to speak. ;-)
    And, by the way Banjo, it sounds a lot like you'd better get to work "drawing" Kimberly too, if you value your ass...


  6. Aunty Andrea looks smooth, smart and severe with that hairbrush in hand. The artwork is a fitting tribute.

  7. It looks like the length of my skirt has started a mini controversy. One I think I can clear up. Banjo did not consult with me when he drew this, but he knows me well enough to understand how I would wish to be portrayed. This was a depiction of me at a celebration for my blog's anniversary. Now any girl likes be at her best for a party, so I would have dressed differently than if I were receiving a client. The skirt is a teensy bit shorter than I would have chosen personally, but that's Banjo's prerogative, naughty man!To smuccatelli, thank you for the compliment, the Ready for your spanking picture is how I may dress to take a lover over my lap, but not for receiving clients, we already have enough trouble with young men becoming rather excited prior to their bottom warmings.

    1. @Aunty Andrea
      I feel now that I should have given you a gorgeous 'party dress' for the celebration instead!

      I'm sorry for being a bit cheeky with your skirt length... but I'm just naughty enough to want to see your lovely legs in full, Aunty. :)

  8. Well, Aunty (if I may), regardless, I'd venture that having men becoming "rather excited" is an ongoing and constant problem in your, uh, line of work... ;-p


  9. Aunty is so well portrayed, love the look in her eyes, the skirt is hot so maybe we can all just dream. Yes love her ebony brush!

    Well done

  10. OMG, I love that outfit! It's just not fair to dress like that and expect a guy to control himself...

  11. Hey RedRump you're gettin' a little rapey there. Watch it.

  12. To be a bit clearer, it is always incumbent on men to maintain control of themselves, no matter what a women - or man is wearing. It's never someone's fault if someone else can't "control" themselves.

    Oh, and both pictures are feckin' hot. Well done, Banjo.

    1. @Humiliated Geek
      I'm afraid I have to put myself in the same naughty category as RedRump... right or wrong, a boy like me can't help but find themselves uncontrollably 'rising to attention' when faced with a disciplinarian like Aunty Andrea (sorry, Aunty, but I know you experience this problem with even your shyest your male clients!).

  13. @Njspank, @Colin and @RedRump
    Thank you! I very much enjoyed making these pieces and paying tribute to my favourite Aunty! :)

  14. Mine too and Banjo, if I were ever at Aunty's shop, I am affraid Kimberley would be doing some milking before I lowered myself over Aunty's lap for a long dose of the ebony!