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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Art: Emily Spanks Banjo

At long last...

With Emily's kind permission, I am proud to present the artwork I made as a prize for her, for winning my 2011 Banjo's Birthday Competition.

Emily's winning short story can be found here (with the runner-up entries here).

The promised prize was a custom artwork of the winner's choice; pretty much anything they wanted and that I could create. Emily somewhat surprised me by requesting an artwork of her spanking me... pants down and over her knee in front of my computer desk, for being so slack in running the competition and my site!!!

Both flattered and genuinely nervous, I wanted to really make this piece live up to her expectations, and worked with her through several drafts of both the customized 'Emily' model seen in the piece, and of the art piece itself.

And here it is:

"Emily Visits Banjo"

I really wanted to make it a depiction of how she imagined this scenario might look in real life, while adhering to Emily's guidelines: I'm still semi-clothed - pants pulled down - to show that this isn't a sexual spanking but a punishment one. The hairbrush is cracking down very hard, too, as the spanking moves past the point of real tears and heartfelt apologies. Our Heroic Spanker is wearing a satisfied smirk, pleased to be delivering Justice upon this poor lazy artist! And for Banjo's part... a hard lesson is being learned!

On finally completing and sending it, I was thrilled that Emily liked her gift so much! However, you might be thinking "Wait, the competition was in October! That was four months ago!" Yes, I know, and so did Emily. Having already scolded me once for the competition results delay, I was informed that punishment was in order for procrastinating and keeping both her and my readers from seeing her artwork. A second piece was demanded, and this one was to be special: an aftermath picture of me in the corner, post-spanking from Emily, with my bottom blazing and crying face red with shame... and sucking my thumb like a little boy.

I have to say, making and posting this second picture was pretty embarrassing... not just because I knew why I was having to make and show it, but because it's one thing to render myself being spanked, but another to create a picture of myself in such a humiliating pose!

"Emily Visits Banjo: Aftermath"

There's something very humbling about the idea of being spanked so soundly it reverts one to the mindset of a sobbing, thumb-sucking little boy! I am happy to report that Emily gave her stamp of approval to my 'punishment assignment' piece as well, though.

Thanks again to all who entered the competition, and a special thanks to Emily... for her friendship, inspiration and for not letting me get away with my bad habits and procrastination; I'm so very glad you liked the final artworks you waited so long for.

I hope everyone else enjoys them too.


  1. Like Rod Stewart sung "Some guys have all the luck, some guys have all the pain" Emily looks very pretty and you deserve every smack. Two wonderful pictures Banjo.


  2. Quite the "angelic" spanker! Though not much hope she'll actually improve your habits, is there? Still, the second pic as least gives us a chance to appreciate her well-filled jeans!

    John S. Mac Leod

  3. Ahhhh well, it's one thing to be spanked bare-bottom OTK by an attractive young lady, and another one to be put into pants-down cornertime while she smugly gloats at the redness on your rear end that she's produced, but still another to be reduced to thumb-sucking like a young toddler...Yikes!

    BTW, I truly appreciated the view of Emily's own bluejean-encased derriere--Mmmmmm, very sweet indeed... --C.K.

  4. Both pieces are awesome! It's cool to think that the inspiration was from within the blog's own interactivity: thanks to both Banjo and Emily! Colin

  5. I repeat publicly what I said earlier, Banjo: if you find it embarrassing posting that second picture, just remember that it's your own fault, and you wouldn't have to do it if you'd been a good boy. ;)

    They both look great, and I'm really pleased to have them available for everyone at long last. And to all you boys drooling over my butt, all I can say is you should see it in real life...

  6. Looks painful (and humiliating), especially the second one. Good for Emily! And it's a good thing Banjo's standing in the corner 'cos he probably can't sit... ;-)

    "And to all you boys drooling over my butt, all I can say is you should see it in real life..."
    Any chance of that, Ms. Emily (with all due respect...) ;-p


  7. Forgot to mention that Emily seems to greatly resemble the cartoon character Daria. Any coincidence there?


  8. Humiliated GeekMarch 05, 2012 1:39 pm

    Emily looks like she's having a good time....such a meanie...

    Great pic, as always.

  9. Emily looks very much like she'd fit right into the sorority Phi Gamma Beta, I wonder if she was a sorority girl? Having your site on the laptop in the background is a marvelous touch, darling, and so indicative of your attention to detail. Emily's a very lucky lady.

  10. Thank you, Banjo.
    I've had a crush on Emily since I saw her artwork on Anime Otk back when she first showed up there. I wondered what happened between you two over the past few months. I'm sure she enjoys these as much as you enjoyed creating them, and though I'll be jealous, I hope you two meet some day :)


  11. Nicely done on both pictures. I too especially enjoyed the *rear* View of Emily in those tight jeans.

  12. Emily is very sexy and what a lovely brushing she hands out, nice work.

  13. Hi, Banjo...

    More great artwork, as I am sure that i, and a great majority of your loyal fan base, are all too happy to acknowledge...

    I am slightly surprised at the fact that I seem to have been taken off of the list of 'Commenters'... is this a technical glitch??? I am sure that you and your loyal followers have seen how much I have posted since I finally managed to hook up with your site... lol..

    Your work is still phenominal, buddy.. keep us all... 'Entertained' ... Mate..

    Terry Mc

  14. Two excellent pieces, Banjo. In spite of Emily's consternation, it was well worth the wait!
    And I enjoy the view of Emily's tight jean clad bottom as much as everyone seems to.

  15. @telmac69 The 'Top Commenters' gadget updates itself automatically. While I would like it to show "of all time", it shows "top recent" only. Someone like Aunty Andrea, Colin, Njspank or Emily have loads of comments here, but if they're not "more recent" than someone posting a dozen today, they'll drop off the list. Only way to stay on it... comment frequently! :P

  16. Thanks to everyone for the very nice feedback... this was fun to make (but well-deserved, and as said, a little embarrassing!).

    @Marrk, Crimson Kid, John MacLeod, etc.
    I laughed when I saw all the comments about the "rear view" of Emily in the second pic, too... honestly not as deliberate as it might seem!!! I know Emily to be rather proud of that part of her anatomy, though, so hopefully I won't earn another dose of the brush for that!

    Yes, Ma'am. I know. *blush* Hmm... perhaps I need to have another try at rendering your backside for that second pic?

    You know, "lovely" wasn't the first thing that came to my mind in regards to Emily's hairbrush technique here... ;)

    @Aunty Andrea
    Emily as a PGB-style sorority girl? Hmm... ;)

    I decided to put my site on the computer shown here (which was part of Emily's request), and chose the January 2012 update screen to show, since it indicates how "late" my competition prize was! :(