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Friday, 9 December 2011

2011 Birthday Competition Runners-Up

I really enjoyed all the entries I received for my 'Banjo's 2011 Birthday Spanking Competion'. While there weren't a lot of entries, those I got were all very creative and lots of fun! With their creators' kind permission, I've posted some of my favourites below:

(click any entry to enlarge it)

Submitted by David.
Someone knows how much I love 'athletic women'! The idea of a fit, strong woman who can drag you over her firm thighs and bruise your bottom with just her palm alone is both scary and exciting to me. Here, I can just imagine watching her work up a sweaty sheen at the gym, shoulders glistening, hair damp with perspiration, flushed with exertion... those toned arms and thighs pumping and flexing... watching her with a mix of arousal and fear, because the minute she's done with her workout, we're going home for the severe OTK spanking she's promised... and it'll be an extra long and hard one, too, just because it's my birthday! But the hairbrush, paddle and wooden spoon?! I think I'd be howling from just her strong hand, let alone all three of those awful implements! The phrase "worst birthday ever" comes to mind!

Submitted by Gerard.
When my friend Gerard 'introduced' me to stunning Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes a year or so ago, I fell instantly in love. I don't honestly know why (besides the obvious!) I became so besotted with her, but something about her just screams "glamorous spanking aunty" to me. The scenario in this entry ties into that, and captures her imagined persona so well, with her mix of mock-sympathy and strictness. Just one little pout, and the chance of a sexy, sensual birthday spanking - stingy but playful, over a lingerie-clad Aunty Doutzen's lap on her big bed (at least how I imagined it!) - is whisked away, to be replaced with a blistering birthday hairbrushing with the big, heavy wooden Victorian hairbrush Aunty bought on her shopping spree! It'll still be in her bedroom, it seems, but I don't know if she'll be stripping down as planned, and I know it will be anything but 'playful'! "Aunty Doutzen is going to spank some manners into you"... I believe her one hundred percent! What a memorable birthday this will be! And I can just imagine her smiling and singing along to the CD of 'Happy Birthday' as I dance about, tearfully clutching my freshly-brushed bottom! Hmm, waitasec... I just noticed something: it's my birthday but Aunty Doutzen seems to have been shopping only for herself!

Submitted by Joerg.
I'm sure I'm not the only submissive spanko with a major crush on Australian actress Nicole Kidman. I still remember the first time I saw her, in the movie 'Wills & Burke', when I was a kid. With curly fire-red hair and an epic pout, I got a very funny feeling about her... even then, I knew I wanted her to tell me off and smack my bottom! Here, Joerg's fake really captures what I feel a Ms Kidman spanking would be like: dressed in shiny boots, stockings, and a prim black dress, she looks the part of a stern 'governess' here to me. And with a hard wooden hairbrush, she could reduce a boy of any age to tears in mere seconds, I think! Here, she has 'me' naked (birthday suit!), no doubt as an extra measure of humbling on this 'special day'. And again, it's not a birthday spanking but a birthday hairbrushing! How mean! From the humorous sing-song caption, I get the impression that the brushing will continue at least until I confess to Ms Kidman my actual age (some of us boys are sensitive about that too, ladies!)... only then will the real birthday spanking begin!

Submitted by Smuccatelli.
Last but by no means least, Smuccatelli's awesome entry tells the story of an embarrassingly-familiar-sounding brat who isn't satisfied with anything for his birthday. I love the idea that our 'hero' here kinda wanted a spanking... but didn't count on his Mom putting it off until all his guests arrived and chose to administer it (with a very stingy looking ruler... ouch!) in front of everyone! I can imagine trying to 'push' for a spanking by being a brat, being somewhat pleased when it was certain I'd be getting one, but confused when sent to wait... and wait... and wait... and then horrified when it was announced that my spanking was due, only once the house was full of guests! "B-but Mom... not now! There are guests here! Aren't you going to spank me after the party? Mom, please! Not in front of everyone!" I'd be blushing at both ends if it was given in the middle of a birthday party like that, but I guess this year's birthday spanking doubles as a punishment spanking as well! I'll also add that I love the artwork (by the legendary Jay Em, no less!) that Smuccatelli picked to accompany this short story... that ruler is sure cracking down, and the spankee depicted is reacting with just about as much dignity as I would, audience or not!

Well, I hope everyone enjoys seeing these wonderful contributions, as well as reading my silly commentary on each of them. I honestly don't think I've ever been more in love with the whole "birthday spanking" idea until this year, thanks to some of these red hot scenarios! Thanks again to all who entered, and for permission to share your great work here.


  1. Wow, those are some nice ones. I think my personal favorite would be Smuccatelli's, but that's just my own taste. Something about the gradual building of tension in the narrative, you know?

  2. Glad you like my little fake.



  3. I'm glad you liked my story so much (although I wish I'd won the "custom" artwork. I have some definite ideas about what I'd like to see. :_p).
    And, by the way, thank you Emily for your kind words. I liked your story too. Can't wait for the artwork!


  4. I have to confess to quite liking the one of Doutzen Kroes, partly because she looks like my roving reporter; Debbie, and partly because she is portrayed as a kind, but strict aunt, and there are of course obvious reasons for me liking that, aren't there? I hope you did enjoy your birthday, dear.

  5. Well done to all the runners-up! These are fun! I'm especially grateful for the caption with Doutzen Kroes, as this inspired me to do a web browse for more spanko-friendly pics of her. My own captioning of the pics I found are posted in my groups, which centre on the celebrity 'starstruck' F/M genre. Colin

  6. I hope that your birthday was ALL you wanted it to be.