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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Flashback: On The Naughty List

"On The Naughty List"
I did this one a long time ago, for a Christmas long past. Makes me feel rather nostalgic just looking at it again here!

This artwork came about from a fantasy I'm sure a lot of spankos have, and perhaps had when they were younger, too: a spanking for being on Santa's 'naughty list'. The idea that 'good boys and girls' got rewarded at Christmas while 'naughty boys and girls' got rubbish presents or - worse - some kind of punishment is of course something not often suggested or encouraged in today's politically correct world, but for myself growing up, the idea that come Christmas Eve, it wouldn't be a stocking full of presents awaiting me at midnight, but a red hot bottom as 'reward' for past naughtiness (the ultimate concept in 'postponed punishment'?) was a rather common thought around the end of December.

The idea of waiting nervously under the covers, unable to sleep as the clock ticked down, imagining a 'special visitor' was coming to pull me out of bed and spank me when midnight struck... surely I'm not the only one who thought about that?

Of course, me being me, a spanking from a fat old guy with a beard wasn't exactly something I liked to imagine, not even as a kid. No, in my mind, Santa would be too busy at Christmas delivering presents to the nice boys and girls, so either Mrs. Claus (an inexplicably hot 'MILF', at least in my daydreams), his strict-but-sexy daughter or attractive female 'helpers' (in my mind, like the kind of young ladies often seen in malls, dressed in cute 'Santa-ette' outfits and helping take photos of whining kids for tired parents) and would be the ones assigned the task of dealing with those on 'the naughty list'. Yes, I was a pervy F/m fan even back then!

Also, since I was (in all modesty) pretty much a 'good boy' as a child and teenager, the fantasy of being one of the 'naughty ones' seemed somehow all the more exciting. Perhaps Santa and his 'naughty list monitor' saw past what my parents counted as good behavior? With their Santa-powers, they likely knew even the small fibs, the secret naughtiness I got away with, and so on. There could be no escaping their exacting and strict standards come Christmas Eve!

While this artwork is not specifically intended as that personal long-ago fantasy (notably the spankee is at least too old to believe in Santa Claus!), it is certainly based on that concept. The single bed to me suggests this is not a married young man, but someone still living at home, who is being paid a visit this night by an unexpected mysterious woman dressed in a provocative manor, carrying a wooden paddle! Her outfit only causes further visible naughtiness once the young man is ordered (or forcibly) undressed, and that paddle is there for the express purpose of executing his long, over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking sentence for a year's worth of disrespect, disobedience, bad language, irresponsible behavior, back-talk, lying and all manor of other things he thought he'd gotten away with!

On the other hand... there is a totally different, non-fantastical alternative for this picture: this is his girlfriend or wife, and they've been to (or are maybe even still at) a 'fancy dress' Christmas party. She's taken him upstairs for a paddling after an out-of-line remark or act. Or maybe, she's just a girl he met at the party, who's playfully led him upstairs to a spare bedroom at midnight since his familiar (though not entirely unwelcome) groping has earned him a spot on her personal 'naughty boy list'.


  1. I'm picturing "Mrs. Claus" as somewhat older (although still a MILF or perhaps a GILF) and the miscreant as somewhat younger and definitely in pajamas (perhaps even the drop-seat variety) for his bottom-warming.
    All, of course, a wonderful dream on Christmas eve ("we wuz so poor, if I didn't wake up with a hard-on, I had nuthin' to play with on Christmas...).


  2. Maybe Mrs Claus has deputised this young man's mistress for his Christmas bottom warming this season.

  3. Great! I find "supernatural" scenarios like spanking from a fairy etc. very exciting. The age and appearance of Mrs Claus is perfect to me (I would not appreciate old fat hag :-) ).

    Nice work with the light and the shadows on the wall - somehow reminds me A Christmas Carol and adds some feeling of mystery...

  4. It is indeed a powerful fantasy to imagine a Mrs. Claus or a Miss Claus, looking just like this, arriving down the chimney in the wee hours of Christmas morning and dealing with all the naughty boys in otk style: this gives a new meaning to Lapland! Or pehaps the woman in the piece is one of "those young ladies often seen in malls, dressed in cute 'Santa-ette' outfits and helping take photos of whining kids for tired parents": after a long, hard day bringing seasonal cheer to ungrateful brats, she unwinds, when she gets home, by handing out a stress-busting spanking to her hapless, innocent boyfriend!

  5. I agree with Aunty, this young and hot lap is commissioned by mrs clause!!

    Great stuff


    Happy New Year

  6. ...Or maybe the guy really was 'nice' overall for the year, but his wife/girlfriend knows that he's like most of us males (who read this blog anyway) and has what she teasingly labels as "naughty fantasies" (spanko-bottom ones) which deserve "punishment" from a surrogate 'Mrs. Santa.'

    Of course, given the smile on the pretty blonde's face, she's obviously enjoying dishing out all those smacks of the hardwood atop the bare behind of her personal 'naughty boy.' Perhaps the paddle itself was an 'early delivery' present to the couple, with a note stating that it should be opened on Christmas eve and put to use immediately by "Mrs. Santa's designated hitter."

    "Well, honeybun, if we don't follow Mrs. Santa's instructions, her husband may not bring us any other presents tonight. We can't risk that, can we? By the way, her recommendation is to add up our ages and have me administer that many paddleswats to each of your bare buns in the traditional over-the-knee position--but if that long of a spanking doesn't have your bottom's hue matching the color of my outfit, I'll have to repeat it...Of course she'll be watching, sweetie pie, and she can text Santa to bypass our place if she doesn't see a brilliant crimson glow on those chubby cheekies of yours..." --C.K.

  7. Well!!! This one brings back a few good memories of overworked wrist and lack of breath (Sorry Ladies)

    Many a night I was out of breath over this one...lol...........Shame Christmas only comes once a year, Yo, Ho, Ho...

    Happy New Year, everyone..

  8. This could definately be a "Good Boy" spanking present. I've been a "Good Boy". (That's a hint)

  9. Too bad next Christmas is so far off.

    This wonderful artwork relates to a long-held fantasy of mine that involves having to confess and be punished for all my misdeeds of the year before I could get presents on Christmas morning. How sweet it would be to have this Santa's helper doing the spanking honors.