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Friday, 16 December 2011

Art: Just The Warm-Up

"Just The Warm-Up"

Time for another OTK artwork, I think!

Hopefully the title and image make the basic scenario clear: our young man is getting a seriously stinging handspanking... but that's just the precursor to the sound hairbrushing he's going to get to follow!

I imagine the lady here as a rather glamorous 'aunty' (real or surrogate) type. She's a bit of a stunner, but strict and definitely no stranger to smacking bottoms! Her fiery red curls suggest to me a bit of a temper, perhaps? I do like how her rather racy, cleavage-enhancing lingerie turned out, too!

Him? Maybe he's staying with her for the weekend/week/holidays? Maybe she's his new legal guardian? However, this could also work perhaps as a 'mommy spanking' too, if you prefer.

Either way, the spanking is clearly taking place in her bedroom (a very lush, very purple room!). The blind being down - and her state of (un)dress suggest that this is maybe a bedtime spanking, though I'm sure there are other reasons for both these things if not!

I tried to make his body language rather childish here; this is a humbling, 'little boy' spanking even though he's a 'big boy' now. The awful sting and burn has forced him to cross his ankles and grip the pillow tightly, and his face is running with tears (note my attempt to make the pillow fairly soaked with them already!). This isn't so much a 'kick and squirm' spanking as a 'hold on tight and just cry' one.

However, once his 'warm up' handspanking is over and the hairbrush is introduced to his already very sore bottom, I suspect the kicking and squirming may begin in earnest, don't you?

As to why he's even getting spanked at all... well, does an authoritative aunty really need a reason? Still, perhaps this is his arrival at her home - his first night in a strange new house - and aunty couldn't resist giving him a nice 'welcome spanking' before bed, to set the tone of his entire stay? Or maybe he actually broke one of her rules for the first time today (either willfully or unknowingly, and anything from forgetting to mow the lawn to being caught masturbating!) and is now being shown just what happens to naughty boys in this house!

Is this his first ever spanking, or just one of many he's already experienced under her roof? Will this be his first hairbrushing, or does he know all too well what he's in for... aunty's palm may burn and bring tears to his eyes, but that hard wooden hairbrush is going to really open up his lungs and make sleeping on his tummy a necessity tonight!

Finally, when it's all over, will she just order him to his own bedroom? Will she put him in the corner for a while before bed? Or maybe she'll give him a nice cuddle on her lap while he sobs against her bosom? Or perhaps, just perhaps, she'll let him share her own bed tonight, for taking his spanking like a brave boy?

How do you see this spanking scenario playing out?


  1. He was caught playing with her panties (still clutched in his hand, under the pillow) and she is teaching him to stay out of her panty drawer. His bottom will be much redder than it is now when she's done with the brush, but she will let him keep the panties when the spanking is over. Will this encourage him to continue his panty fetish? Will he relive his spanking later when he's masturbating? Will he be over her knee again soon? Yes to all of the above...


  2. Thanks for bringing these fantasies to life. Your artwork conveys all the possibilities so well, and it doesn't take much imagination to hear the crack of her hand on his behind and feel the burn he is experiencing. Can't wait to see the next one of her applying the hairbrush.
    I think Smuccatelli that he couldn't resist the allure of her panty drawer. I suspect he secretly wanted her to catch him. Wonder if she did before he got one of her intimate items all sticky.

  3. "I've warned you before (SMACK!) about raiding my panty drawer! (SMACK!) How dare you pilfer my lingerie (SMACK!) and indulge your dirty little habits (SMACK!) when I've repeatedly (SMACK!) - repeatedly! - (SMACK!) told you that this perverted behaviour (SMACK!) is completely unacceptable! (SMACK!) You've no business coming into my bedroom at all (SMACK!), let alone cumming into my panties! (SMACK!) I hope that by wearing my lingerie to spank you (SMACK!) I will teach you some respect (SMACK!) for a lady's under-garments (SMACK!) and for her privacy (SMACK!) But because I know from bitter experience (SMACK!) that you're a slow learner (SMACK!) and stubborn in your disgusting little ways (SMACK!) I've decided as well (SMACK!) to extend this lesson (SMACK!) with a good, hard hairbrush spanking... (WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!)

  4. I'm rather partial to the idea of a welcome spanking. That's an interesting concept I'll have to explore the next time I have a 'nephew' over to stay the night.

  5. A night at Aunty Andrea's...whoa...love the thought of that though warily so :)

    Indeed an authoritative aunty does not need a reason, It could very well be a "welcome home" or "because I can and I want to" spanking. Your comment... "Her fiery red curls suggest to me a bit of a temper" brings to mind something Emily mentioned on the hairbrush dance...he does not have the right to refuse sex. Perhaps he tried and this is the result. He will soon find himself on his knees face first between her thighs where he should have been in the first place.

    I also like how her rather racy, cleavage-enhancing lingerie turned out, too.
    Very well done Banjo!

  6. "I think Smuccatelli that he couldn't resist the allure of her panty drawer. I suspect he secretly wanted her to catch him. Wonder if she did before he got one of her intimate items all sticky."

    If he didn't before the spanking, he certainly did afterwards... ;-p

    And Colin: A good scolding always improves a good spanking. Thanks...


  7. I just wish that I had an "aunty" who would welcome me with a good old fashioned otk hand spanking. (I think my bottom is too tender for the hairbrush though).

    Great Job Banjo

  8. in my opinion, it is always time for an otk art work. thanks banjo.

  9. "Auntie-nephew" scenarios are among my favourites. I suspect this auntie really likes to tease the young man and likes to spank him even more. Check the lingerie, fishnet stockings and red nails spotted by previous posters. She probably "accidently" walks on him dressed like that and he can't get her out of his mind. However, any inappropriate behaviour like peeping, opening underwear drawer or getting a hard-on in front of the auntie results in an immediate corporal punishment.

    This artwork makes it clear that the hairbrushing will follow-up in a moment. I was thinking of a slightly different scenario - he gets a spanking from his auntie dressed in such sexy outfit and he can't stop from masturbating afterwards. The auntie knows what he's up to, catches him and informs him that if hand spanking did't correct him from his filthy behaviour, she'll have to apply the hairbrush...

  10. Love this one for a number of reasons, first your otk art work is amazing. It is hot as hell as well.

    For me however this one shows how under appreciated a long hard steady hand spanking really is. We always classify the as warm up and while I appreciate that, if one has ever received a very long hard hand spanking, well they know the impact.

    However with the brush waiting, well just great stuff.

    I go with him clutching a pair of white panties under the pillow. A long brushing over those panties will follow.

    Your otk work is the best, thank you.

    Happy New Year

  11. Oh, my... How I wished there were really Ladies like this around... I would sell my house, change my job, lose my friends and present to Her for 'regular' attendance... Who cares about sitting down... I'll be a counter attendant at McD's if it meant I didn't have to sit for a few days...lol

  12. I just love your pictures!. What I've always wanted.

  13. So you want to wear panties? That's what I thought, I got rid of your briefs and boxers! Look what I bought and brought? You be in panties from noon too night! Don't put up a fight? Behave wear your panties everyday, it's feminine nylon panties, for now? Maybe comfortable cotton? If you don't get me down, with your tantrums, or its nylons & garter belt on you? And a padlocked Cor-set hurts bitch! Let's not forget, you new part-time job in a skanky outfit, as a sexy slutty cocktail waitress! Next we'll go to the salon waxed your legs and all, to those bushy eyebrows inside the mall, next it's the shoe store for some spike pumps show off your sexy rump? Amanda.