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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Art: Santa's Little Helpers

"Santa's Little Helpers"

I wanted to share this artwork of mine with you all, as Christmas dawns around the world.

In this rather fantastical piece, I wanted to somehow capture a time when Christmas was - at least in my mind - a more 'magical' and mystical time of year... and also deal with the consequence of being a 'naughty boy' in such a world, where both a jolly, caring Santa and mischievious, spiteful magic elves are both a reality!

Here, our shocked young man has been outnumbered and overpowered, stripped nude, and is now being giving a very painful caning from a group of cute-but-cruel female elves. Note the one going over a 'list' in the background; is this young man on Santa's 'naughty list' and these elves have been dispatched to visit and punish him? Or perhaps these mean little helpers are just 'dealing' with a visitor (or intruder) to Santa's North Pole workshop? Also, is he just getting a double-caning as depicted here (ouchies!), or are all those spank-happy elf girls going to take a turn thrashing his poor sore bottom, one or two at a time?

Regardless of the scenario, I hope you all enjoy this picture, and that your own holiday season can be every bit as magical... and spanky!

A very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and to all who have been so kind and accepting and welcoming since I made the big decision to come out of 'retirement' a few months ago and started this blog. I appreciate you all - your comments, suggestions, and friendships - so much.

I am enjoying being 'back' so much, and thank you all for your support!



  1. Banjo:
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful art this year. Having you come back and do your thing is like a dream come true, esp. since so many artists have dropped out permanently.

    I wish you the happiest of holidays and I hope ( I don't know your private life) you find the spanking lady you deserve this year!


  2. Very creative idea for a pic.......Happy New Year

  3. LOL! Great one! Happy holidays Banjo! ;-)

  4. I loved it! I wish your work was reality instead of this miserable plane. :-S

  5. A very Merry Christmas to you Banjo! I look forward to seeing all your great artowrk in 2012!

  6. A great drawing thanks. have a Merry Christmas.
    Michael M

  7. Great fantasy! I'm not really a fan of the cane but perhaps a good paddling or strapping would be in order for this "naughty" boy. Perhaps while Mrs. Claus supervises...


  8. Thanks for the little Christmas present, Banjo. I rather think that the young man over the table isn't the only naughty person present needing a hot bottom.

  9. Well, I'm guessing that there are five 'elfettes' in rotating positions--leg-holder, left-caner, stroke-counter, arm-holder and right-caner--and they'll each function in every position before the record-keeper (right background) announces that the nude young man's name will be removed from her 'naughty list.'

    So by my calculations the guy is in for five double-canings, and an absolute minimum would likely be 'six of the best' from each cane-wielding female elf, for a dozen combined swishes following each rotation--that's an overall total of sixty, twelve from each 'elfette' in two different roles.

    Of course, if their victim is going to receive a full dozen lashes from every caner in each position--well, his striped bare seat is going to put a candy cane to shame... --C.K.

  10. ha! That is a fantastic seasonal spanky illo--awesome work Banjo! Love those dominating elves.....Happy Holidays ^_^

  11. Guess he shouldn't have snuck into Santa's workshop without permission, huh?

    Best for the season and for the New Year!

  12. My assumption would be that The Elvettes are working their way through a Naughty List based on all the correspondence they've received at their Lapland HQ from the many Aunties, Stepmothers and Babysitters exasperated by their male charges during the run-up towards Christmas. Instead of travelling in "a one-horse open sleigh" the Elvettes fly magically from house to house on the green 'caning couch' featured in the picture. Arriving down the chimney would be somewhat undignified - and altogether impossible if, as here, there's a fire symbolically roaring away - so they knock at the front door and wait for Auntie to show them in and introduce them to Naughty Boy. During a visit, each Elfette partners with her five sisters in turn to administer a double caning, so they each have a good go; but with Auntie plying them all with glasses of sherry and mince pies, the whackings become wilder and less systematic as the visit progresses. Thanks for this brilliant seasonal piece, Banjo - I love the Elvettes' costumes! - and a Merry Christmas to one and all!

  13. Very cute artwork Banjo!!! It fits in with the Christmas season very well!!!

    I have to say that the reason why his is being caned by the female elves is because he broke into the shop to see just how many gifts he was going to get for Christmas, but instead he got caught and was given a choice to get caned by two of them at a time or to be put on the naughty list and get nothing but coal, so he chose the caning from all of them *giggles*

  14. So glad to see you're back Banjo, I've loved your artwork ever since I got into FM spanking and it's return is certainly a great Xmas present!
    I like the fantasy/reality blend to this piece. Perhaps Santa sends his team of 'little helpers' out to aid all the poor hard-working wives and mothers during the busy festive season and help them deal with all the naughty boys demanding brand-new ipads and refusing to do their share of the work

  15. I admire this drawing for several reasons. First is the idea of sexy elf girl disciplinarians, second their provocative costumes, third the large number of spankers which means more embarassment (and probably more strokes).

    The most obvious explanation is going through the naughty list. However, I have impression that these elfettes would gladly cane any male whether he was good or bad. So this may just be a guy who happened to be in wrong place on Xmas night. The list may not include his offenses but just what they have in store for him (e.g. 50 with hairbrush, 50 with strap, 30 with cane, ...).

    I wish a Happy New Year to Banjo and all the folks here and I'm sure we can expect many excellent spanking artworks in 2012 :-)

  16. Hey, Banjo!!!

    I hope I can get the opportunity..AT LAST!!! to post a comment on your 'Brilliant' site.. I know we go back a way but you and I both know how important this site is for YOU.... go for it 'cobber' from the good old "UK" Eh, What...lol

    Your work will always be inspirational to fellow spankos...

  17. Holy 'F*ck'... sorry everyone, but I have been trying for such a long time to be part of my old mate Banjo's site but have had many attempts to post comments denied by .... whoever???

    Finally I can give my support and total backing to somebody that I have admired for a very long time... good times and... Not so good..

    This man is a stalwart for spankos.. I wish You masses and masses of good times, Buddy.

    Telmac, London

  18. Ohhhh!! By the way.. if any Ladies out there were offended by my language.. I can make myself available to You for any retributions.. Tee, Hee...

  19. I wasn't lucky enough to have These "helpers' visit me. DAMN IT!!!

  20. There is a tradition in Holland of Black Peter who punishes the naughty and accompanies Santa on his travels.So there is a tradition in places of festive punishment.

    But who says he has been bad? Good boys should be spanked if they have been good.He might not enjoy it at the time but maybe later he will be thrilled.


  21. Santa told me I'm going too get, the "Xmas present" I deserved from those " sexy Santa girls! ( priceless) Gretchen M.