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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Art: Double C.U.I.

"Double C.U.I."

What better way for two wild party gals to celebrate the New Year than with a private party for three? B.Y.O.C. = bring your own cane!

The idea behind it was two tipsy ladies having a night of fun with their canes - and a hapless young man - in their apartment/hotel room; C.U.I = "Caning Under the Influence"! Perhaps not the safest or smartest idea (lots of potential for poorly-aimed strokes, reduced judgement of his limits, etc.) but unfortunately I don't think these two ladies have "safe, sane and consensual" foremost in their minds with a few drinks down and their private party in full swing... and he doesn't seem to be in a position to protest!

I wanted to make the spankers here just a little 'trashy', with their outfits, make-up and body language, while the spankee has definitely been thoroughly thrashed into submission! Vanilla porn seems to love 'Girls Gone Wild' type scenarios, and while I've personally never found the whole 'drunk girls' idea appealing, I wanted to sort of create a 'femdom version' of that concept here. Spanking genres (particularly F/m) also often deal with the whole 'spanked for getting drunk' scenario... I wanted to reverse that and have the spankers as the ones being 'bad'!

Although these two ladies here are clearly enjoying themselves, something about their expressions tells me they're definitely 'mean drunks'!

While I didn't really considered the trio's relationship to each other when making this piece (aside from the two ladies probably being friends), looking at it again now I find myself wondering mostly about who the guy is.

My favourite idea, I think, is that he's just some poor young 'wannabee stud' they picked up in a bar that night and lured back to their room with the promise of a 'threesome'! Or perhaps he's the boyfriend of one of them (caught cheating with the other lady, so both are getting some 'payback'?). Or maybe he's the shared boy-toy of both of them; best friends who believe in sharing everything, even boyfriends?

Whoever he is, for some reason I suspect he hasn't been allowed much to drink himself, compared to them... not even to dull the pain! A sober caning has a much better (and more amusing) effect, right?

Depending on their relationship to each other - and the ladies' moods! - I'm not sure how this party is going to finally end. Will he be on his knees all night? Will he finally be allowed into their bed, and if so will he be 'rewarded' for enduring their thrashing, or ordered only to please them... with no satisfaction for him? Alternatively, will be simply be left to sleep on the couch, nursing his welted, throbbing buttocks, while the two ladies retire to bed themselves? What do others think?

Whatever happens, I think it will be a night that none of them will soon forget (if they can remember it in the morning, of course!).

A final thought: good thing they're high up in that building, as they don't seem to have bothered pulling the curtains on the busy neon city beyond!

Oh, and it's a bit hard to read the labels in the finished picture... but the ladies are drinking 'Thrash Beer'. This (fictional) brand's slogan? "Serious Bite"


  1. I would have done this a little differently dear and those two young women would have been getting spanked into the new year for their mode of dressing and drinking too much.

  2. Cool! I guess the girls could synchronise New Year countdown with strokes of the cane :-)

  3. Cheers! After too much alcohol, the girls see the poor boy twice. Like it very much.


  4. Hi
    He had invited them both home after a night at a lap dancing emporium and when he told them about his toy cupboard, things got out of control.
    Great drawing.

  5. Maybe he's a college boy needing to do some escort work as a would-be gigolo, to make ends meet. After a trashy night out in the city bars, two young urban professionals of the meanest kind decide to call up a 'a date'. When he arrives at their high rise apartment, he finds, to his dismay, that at this point in the evening their idea of fun is handing out some corporal punishment, raucous style! In this pic, I think the view of the city through the window in the background is an especially nice touch, moodily suggesting the impersonal and often cruel nature of urban encounters...

  6. Well, he IS getting a "threeway", although not quite what he probably expected...
    I also fully agree with Aunty Andrea. There should be three bare bottoms well colored by that cane!


  7. Great picture! I would say that the brunette has invited her blonde friend back to her house at the end of New Years for some fun with her submissive boyfriend, and they both got a bit carried away. Although judging by the way she's sucking on that bottle, the 'unfortunate' boyfriend might be getting something to take his mind off the pain pretty soon!

  8. Ah yes, I've been there. I'm a long-experienced lush myself, and drinking is a skill. With practice, you learn to monitor how drunk you are, and curtail your activities accordingly.

    Past a certain point I won't drive, past another point I won't use any canes or whips, past another point I won't do any impact play at all, and past another I won't consent to sex with anyone new--established partners only. These are just well-established rules of thumb for being able to enjoy alcohol AND being a pervert, without hurting anyone in the process.

    This is tricky, because I'm a notoriously horny drunk. What I often wind up doing is pegging some cute young lad, which feels very toppy in a very safe and careful way, and works out well because I know more than one fellow into being pegged, but only once they're good and... relaxed, if you follow me. I get to feel all toppy and play out terrible rape fantasies in my head, and I come like a goddamn H-bomb.

    TL;DR: Those women in the picture are in fact being unethical, and Emily overshares when she's bored.

  9. Well, hopefully the young ladies are just drinking enough 'Thrash Beer' to lower their inhibitions enough that they'll swing their canes with enthralled enthusiasm--but still with enough accuracy to keep their swishes focused on the naked male's buttcheeks.

    If the women keep imbibing, perhaps they should switch to Spencer paddles, or even lexan ones, which are considerably easier to control than whippy implements like canes. Also paddling hard atop caning weals will really get their hapless victim's full attention.

    He could be walloped by each female while using his tongue and lips to erotically pleasure the other one, the whacks would be 'encouragement' for him to perform with enthusiasm and rapidity--his teardrops could mingle with her feminine juices.

    Would the guy eventually be given some sexual satisfaction of his own? I'd hope so, IMHO it should be a 'Happy New Year' for everyone... --C.K.

  10. Not a cane fan at all but this is awesome.