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Friday, 20 January 2012

Art: Persuaded To Please

"Persuaded To Please"

"No" isn't a word tolerated by the lady in this artwork!

As a result of several interesting comments on this blog, about whether a young man has the right to say "Not tonight, I've got a headache" with his wife, girlfriend or surrogate guardian, comes this piece.

It's hopefully clear what's happening here: she's explaining calmly and nicely to him that she would very much appreciate him performing oral sex on her tonight.

Of course, she's really angry... but then, this is her second (at least) such request... her first was refused, and she was forced to use her hairbrush to 'persuade' him to rethink his answer... as seen by the state of his blotchy red buttocks!

Looking at it now, it almost feels like a honeymoon or planned 'romantic evening' setting. The original idea was that this was a hotel/motel room somewhere, though... and either a date or a 'night away from home' for a couple.

Perhaps it's the first time she's instructed him to pleasure her orally... perhaps something her girlfriends (or one of those mischievous magazine articles like "Making Him Make You Happy in Bed") suggested she get him to do?

Perhaps they're not a proper couple as-yet, but new lovers early in their relationship (he does strike me as a lot less 'sexually experienced' than her... who seems a bit of a cougar, too)... perhaps even on their first big "sleepover" date? Heck, maybe this is his first time with a woman ever?!

Or perhaps they're married (or at least in a long-term relationship) and this is a "regular showdown" they have about bedroom needs (something she likes and he hates); a common point of disagreement between them that many nights ends up having to be settled by her hairbrush in this manner?

Whatever their relationship, she's certainly shown him that "no" isn't an acceptable response when ordered to pleasure her (with his mouth, or in any other way for that matter!). Refusal on his part clearly equals a blistering hairbrush spanking to remind him who's boss, and then being dragged roughly by the hair and his face shoved between her thighs to do what he should have done without argument in the first place!

The fact that he's now sobbing heavily - face awash with tears - while he orally pleasures her can only add to her satisfaction, and to his realization that he refusal was "wrong". Despite her sexy attire (or lack of it) she also appears to have rendered him quite 'limp' now, too!

Still, I wouldn't be surprised if a second dose of that awful brush was promised if he fails to perform to her expected satisfaction!

What do others think? Just what is their relationship and the nature of this 'encounter'? Was she right to spank him for refusing to go down on her? Will he learn his lesson about saying "no" to her needs? Is he skilled enough (and attentive enough) to do a good job for her... or does he have another hairbrushing in his immediate future?

Oh, and again... before commenting, please keep in mind that this is fantasy only! I do not condone real-life sexual abuse or coercion... even towards men who should probably show a bit more consideration towards their partner's sexual needs instead of their own!


  1. He's certainly annoyed her judging by the expression on her face.

  2. Sorry to say Banjo, but this is not the kind of picture I´m looking for. The boy got spanked, but I don´t like the oral aspect. My favorite is an old fashioned otk spanking with a lot of humiliation.



  3. @Joerg

    It's okay, mate; I know some folks don't like to think of spanking and sex together at all (especially those who view spanking as pure punishment and not something the spanker 'enjoys').

    However, since I'm personally less of a masochist and more of a submissive when it comes to my spanking passions, that means pleasing her is a big priority for me, not just getting the spankings I crave. Whether that means knowing she gets off giving a merciless spanking, or having to pleasure her in other ways... that's just a really big part of the appeal for me.

    Also, in 'real life', I've known very few ladies who were actually into spanking or femdom, but I've yet to meet one who - given the chance - didn't enjoy being pleasured in 'that way'... and it tends to bring out a dominant side it in even the quietest lady, it seems!

    Also, serving her orally is pretty humbling and submissive (even possibly humiliating) for the guy, too... but that's possibly just my viewpoint.

  4. Hmmm... She wouldn't have needed that with me. Hell, she wouldn't have even needed to ask...

    BTW, I've found guys are more likely to give a woman head if reciprocation is offered first. :-)

  5. In my interpretation, this is merely a spanking-oriented roleplay--either insisted upon by the slightly older-looking woman or more likely agreed to via mutual consent--in which the nude male ends up being very soundly spanked with the woman's hairbrush before he is 'reluctantly forced' to pleasure her orally.

    AFAIC any halfway-attractive woman who'd be willing to do that much blistering of my bare behind would certainly be welcome to a bit of oral satisfaction in return--the playacting at being 'spanked to submission' would make it that much more appealing to me.

    Of course, if my erotic performance didn't initially meet her exacting standards, the 'angry' lady probably has a razor strop and/or lexan paddle in the drawer of her nightstand to 'encourage' me to focus... --C.K.

  6. Abuse, you kidding that is a dream for most of us and I agree with Aunty, while his bottom is nice and red he looks more than ready to perform.

    Very hot and well done. Thanks.

  7. I believe a woman should be properly thanked after she has spanked you. She is just pointing this out to him. If this is his first date with her, he will know what is expected of him after he is spanked. This is good training for this submissive male that is younger than she is. Males need to be taught how to respect females, and it looks like she is doing a good job.

  8. Wife (or possibly girl friend) -- he couldn't perform, so she used the hairbrush since that has often stiffened his resolve. But it didn't work, so she's suggesting he employ a smaller, more active and flexible organ. By the way, I see you are testing us by writing the word "mischievous" as "mischievious," as people so often and so mistakenly pronounce it -- to see if anyone would catch it. You can't fool us, however. We know it's pronounced like "mischief" with a "-vous" on the end: MISS-chiv-us, rather than miss-CHEE-vee-us.

  9. @Anonymous
    Oops! I've fixed the typo to avoid confusing or offending anyone. :)

    But geez... I post a picture of a hot blonde forcing a man to give her oral sex and folks are looking for spelling mistakes?!

    (I'm just kidding! :P Thanks for the fun comment!)

  10. Having delivered her point that it was NOT a request, his saliva will now be mixed with some salty tears that have dripped down his face as he pleasures her. He will not say no again. Or perhaps he will. In either case it's clear she won't hesitate to "remind" him who is in charge.
    Nice one Banjo!


  11. Taken from another angle..
    He's a serial peeping tom detained in some institution and has been caught again but this time not in the patients area but by one of the duty disciplinary nurses who was getting undressed in her room prior to soaking away the tensions of another stressfull long hard day in a lovely hot bath tub.

    After thrashing him hard with the only thing she could find at the time, her hairbrush, she continued to tell him off.

    'What have we told you before about looking at ladies with no clothes on. Now take a long hard look and sniff it you dirty boy.'

  12. I can hear this woman singing The Yeastie Girls' lyrics to 'You Suck', a sassy rap track on Consolidated's album, 'Play More Music':

    "Quit making up stories,
    Yeah, give me a break,
    Cos I really don't believe that you've got a headache,
    You tell me it's gross to suck my yeast infecton,
    How do you think I feel when I gag on your erection?
    Ah, you're wasting your tongue with lame excuses and lies,
    Get your face between my thighs!"

  13. I love her look and it is VERY CLEAR that she has worked his bottom over! Excellent, Banjo.

    Colin, I like giving women oral myself, but I retain the right to make sure her hooha is clean, so unless his penis has mold on it, I'd say he has a legitimate complaint, lol.


  14. This would be a dream com true for me (although I prefer a hand spanking to the hairbrush)

  15. This is perfect! I keep hearing about men who are reluctant to go down on a woman, and this is EXACTLY what I would do with such a man if I were to ever encounter one. Heck, I have had to do this when my man has had his orgasm and thinks he is done for the night!

  16. Wow, reluctantly, never, it is a pleasure especially if I know she will warm me up with her brush first, sort like spanking heaven.


  17. Is Banjo's stuff getting a little bit darker?
    The females look a bit angry.
    The boys look well, it speaks for itself.

  18. Hi!
    Yep.. Some boys never grow up!
    You need a belting!

  19. It is practically a given that after a spanking I will be kneeling and licking my wife till she is satisfied. Fortunately for me my dresser is close to the bed and as I kneel and lick I get to sooth my hot buns on the cool dresser wood. Of course I have my own wood and am very obedient after a hard spanking.