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Friday, 16 December 2011

100,000+ Hits!

"100,000 hits? That was just one hundred,
young man! Don't be such a big baby!"
Wow! I just noticed that this blog has passed the 100,000 hits mark! I don't know what that means in terms of other "big" blogs, but I'm thrilled and honored. Thanks to all who've visited and taken the time to leave a comment, vote in a poll or drop me an email. As I've said before, I read every single one of them!

I have noticed a bit of a drop-off in comments lately (not counting my few wonderful "regulars" - Colin, Smuccatelli, Emily, RobertC, Aunty Andrea, etc. - whom I can always count on to add fun and fascinating insights). I do hope folks aren't getting bored with my art, feeling let down by my absence in October, or were put off by my Halloween posts. I've genuinely missed some of the great people who commented a lot when the blog came online, and haven't done so on recent posts. Still, I know all too well what it's like to get overtaken by "real life", so hopefully it's just the Christmas season keeping us all extra busy!

I mainly bring this up, though, because I want to feature some of my favourite comments in a new "Quote of the Day" sidebar gadget, showcasing a few of the most amusing or interesting little snippets of what you - my awesome readers - have contributed here.

As much as I love to read the comments left, I know not everyone takes the time to dig through them, and there are some great gems of observations people have left that I feel adds to my art and stories - or just spanking concepts and conversation - tremendously (sometimes more than my own words and art!) and I'd like them to be seen more prominently. I'm assuming anyone who leaves a comment publicly (rather than emailing me) is happy for this, but do let me know if you've said something you'd rather I not call attention to!

So do please keep the comments coming, especially those of you who were here when the blog started but have since either drifted away or become 'lurkers' (something I'm guilty of on many a blog/site, I'll admit).

Maybe I should have a special "Love Our Lurkers" event in the new year, eh?


  1. Spank our Lurkers would be a better special.



  2. I like the idea of the "Quote of the Day". Perhaps "Spank Our Quoters" would be an even better special feature (maybe a sort of reward for commenting...). ;-)


  3. The more feedback there is to read, the more fun it is for everyone, I agree. Although the large number of site hits isn't matched by the number of comments posted here - far from it - I hope this won't inhibit Banjo from continuing to share his artwork and his commentaries on it. Niche art which has quality endures, even in the chaotic, fly-by-night medium of cyberspace; and I'm sure these pieces by Banjo will accumulate admirers over time in addition to folk like me who are checking in regularly and enjoying the art immediately. The fact that some posters have acknowledged with fondness pieces revisited here which Banjo originally shared years ago in his Yahoo group is testament, I think, to the durability of his art and its potential to become 'classic' in the traditional sense. Colin

  4. Congratulations, Banjo, it is totally deserved darling. I wonder what sort of 'reward' you should receive for this honour.

  5. Congrats! Next milestone - 1.000.000 hits, probably soon...

    I was quiet for a few days due to work activities and it's a pleasant surprise that when I'm back, I can see cool artworks added and interesting ideas about new features. Regards.

  6. You'll be ok.
    The more of your artwork hits other sites like "The Cherry Red Report" and things, the more fans you will get. Plus this is the holiday part of the year, at least in the US. I bet things pick up again bigtime around mid January.

    Thanks for your artwork, and yeah, you'll get 1,000,000 hits before you know it.


  7. Congrats :) Keep up the good work Banjo :)
    I would love it if you would showcase your fave comments on your blog from your readers :)
    I haven't been around lately due to real life issues and health issues :/

  8. congratulations banjo. keep up the good work. i love the after spanking dance you are doing.

  9. Congratulations Banjo! Thanks for all of your hard work on this blog. I hope that you continue to do great artwork in 2012

    Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Years!