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Friday, 9 December 2011

Art: Knowing He's Next

"Knowing He's Next"

To me, one of the most exciting and terrifying part of spanking is "the wait": knowing with utter certainty that you are going to be spanked, and that it's only a matter of time before your hot-bottomed doom occurs!

It could be standing in a corner, pants down with the cool air reminding you how bare and exposed you are, waiting for those footsteps and the voice that announces "turn around and come out of that corner!". It could be after having been sent to your room, sitting on your bed with your pulse racing, eyes glued to the door handle as you wait for it to turn and open, decreeing at last that "it's time". It could be sitting outside the head mistress' office with other doomed miscreants, listening to the crack of a cane or paddle and howls for mercy from behind the door, as the queue thins out until it's your turn at last!

Taking that concept one step further is the idea of actually being right there in the same room as a spanking-in-progress, and knowing you're next for exactly the same! Having to watch and listen as your fellow spankee is smacked to a tearful mess, with full knowledge that "that will be you" any minute... well, that's just scary! Especially since you're getting to see just how hard your soon-to-be-spanker can hit, how strong her arm is, and how merciless she is no doubt going to be with you!

With this artwork, I wanted to capture that "oh god, I'm going to get that too!" vibe for a spankee in such a position. Here, our naughty boys have no doubt be ordered to strip naked and lay face down on their beds, a pillow under their hips to raise their bottoms up to present a more inviting target. Whether they've been waiting in that position for their punishment for a few minutes or several hours, I'm not sure (what do you think?).

Was their wait in tearful misery, both openly acknowledging that they were really "for it" now? Or perhaps they were both angry and sulky, making a "manly" pact between them to "not cry" and maybe even "don't show those girls that it hurts"? If the latter was the case, it's clear now that the one currently under the belt isn't honoring that pact at all, and that the young man in the foreground already knows he won't be able to either!

Indeed, while it's quite expected and natural for the young man being leathered by an angry young woman's belt to be howling and sobbing his lungs out, the boy in the foreground is already crying (tears of fear and anticipation, it seems?) too. Scrunching a pillow over his head and screwing his eyes shut tight, he tries to block out the sounds of his fellow (friend? cousin? brother?) spankee's childish screams and frantic pleas for mercy, but those braying wails and loud cracking of the belt - sounds that fills that small upstairs bedroom - are far too loud to muffle. Besides, nothing can distract his thoughts from the inevitability of his belt-spanking... he's next, he knows it, and it's really going to hurt!

Which raises an interesting question, I think: when you and another person are going to be spanked, who is (comparatively) better off? The one being spanked first, or the one being spanked last? Thoughts?

I'm not sure, incidentally, what the actual reason/scenario for this clearly severe belt-thrashing is, here. I am tempted to say the two girls are sisters, with tough 'big sis' dishing out a leathering for teasing/annoying/displeasing 'little sis'. The younger girl certainly seems quite smugly amused by the two boys' predicament here. Perhaps they 'earned' this strapping for something they did or said to her? Or perhaps she just made something up and told 'big sis', knowing she'd believe her over them? Is this a 'family' (brothers and sisters)? Perhaps one of the boys is a hapless friend, just there for a sleepover? Perhaps the strapper is actually the babysitter for all three of the others? All those ideas work for me... but what do you think?


  1. It´s not sure if the boy in the front gets a belting too. Perhaps he is only protecting his ears with the pillow because of the yelling of the other boy. It seems to be that the two girls have their fun.


  2. I can imagine they are two sisters with their boyfriends, in a holiday villa and the two men get back late from some bar or other, after driving whilst over the limit.
    Nice drawing.
    Michael M

  3. Banjo, it's rather hard to say. I always wanted to be first. Being last you can hear, or see the other person and your own emotions swirl. Will you be able to take it better, how much will it hurt? That doesn't happen when you're first. Delaying the inevitable is never fun. In the case above I don't think those young men had any choice. Although there are two ladies, so they could have both been busy with the straps at the same time.

  4. Hi Banjo,Lovely scenario.I have been a fan of yours for years.I still have your yahoo group and loved what you did there.I paricularly loved Principal,Home early and spotlight to name a couple.
    On this one Im wondering if the boys are younger stepbrothers and the younger girl is noy yet allowed to thrash them but has whistled up older stepsis who is allowed.No doubt the second boy is also getting it as he has a pillow underneath him as well.

  5. I want to see this mixed group as college housemates with an F/M spanko thing going on. Even so, a domestic set-up which puts two single beds in the same room seems an unlikely arrangement for adult students. I suppose the idea of a holiday villa would solve that issue. It's dreadful to be the one who has to wait, knowing what's coming next, so the pillow pulled over the back of the head is a nice touch.

  6. Hello Banjo,
    I don't know if either guy is better off than the other. I'd love to get spanked with someone else because I'd love to see somebody else kicking and crying while they get a good spanking. In my own situation though I'm required to keep my eyes buried in the pillow. I'm not allowed to look at anything while I get punished. If I could watch though, I think I'd like to be first. Then I could be watching without the anticipation of my own whipping to come. I'd be finished. But then I'd be in such pain from the whipping I might loose my interest in watching.
    The guy getting it first here has a face just as red as his behind. Of course he's embarrassed and he's crying, but if she is like my wife, he's also had his face slapped a half dozed times during his lecture and scolding.
    I say they are sisters and these two brothers-in-law were caught in a strip club by their two young wives. They were forcefully taken out. Pulled out by their ears actually,and they are now paying for their sins. They deserve every crack of that strap!! JayJay Great Art work Banjo!!!

  7. I really like this one, especially the character of the spanker (this girl knows how to swing a belt!) and the fearful reaction of the boy waiting for his turn.

    My story would be they are boys from the neighbourhood punished for some pranks or teasing the 'lil sis'. They are guilty as charged - she doesn't look like a meanie who would make it up (but who knows...). They certainly didn't wait more than a few minutes - the 'big sis' is clearly very angry and would get straight to the point.

    About the alternative whether to be spanked as the first or the last one - the sooner the better, it saves all that trembling anticipation. There is however an exception. What if the spanking is interrupted e.g. in this case girls' mother enters and states they are not authorised to conduct such punishment? If you chose to be the first, you were spanked in front of the others and they got away!

  8. Liked this one.... 2 girls enjoying themselves, two boys not.....

  9. double the spanking and double the fun. trying to out brave the other boy can be a challenge to you but a double spanking is also a challenge to the spankers' to see who can give the best spanking..