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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Art: Wishing He'd Stolen A Thicker Pair

"Wishing He'd Stolen A Thicker Pair"

A number of people have been posting interesting comments on my previous post "Just The Warm-Up" about the possibility of that 'aunty' catching a boy stealing her panties! Well, this new art piece is about exactly that.

It's hopefully pretty clear here what's happened: caught stealing panties = spanked in panties!

I imagined them as 'aunty' (yes, again!) and 'nephew', though they could also be 'mommy' and 'son'... or even a 'cougar' and her 'toyboy'?

Whoever they are, she's decidedly furious, and he's finding out how angry, much to his displeasure! I'm torn on how this situation began, exactly, though...

Perhaps she walked in on him wearing her lacy panties and spanked him on the spot. Since the setting is clearly 'her bedroom', I can imagine a case of her coming home early unexpectedly, and walking in to find him on her bed (too engrossed in his naughtiness to have heard the door, most likely), wearing her pretty pink panties and pleasuring himself shamefully! That would definitely make her angry, I think... no fibs or excuses are going to explain his being caught like that, eh? How embarrassing for him to be 'busted' like that!

Or perhaps she discovered a pair of her 'missing' panties in his room (under his pillow, bed or stuffed at the back of a drawer) while tidying, and is now confronting him over it? "If you want to take my panties... put them on! Yes, NOW young man! Since you like my panties so much, you can get spanked in them!" He might not even want to wear them; he just stole them to feel, smell or (naughty boy) masturbate with. In that case, it would be both humiliating and fitting justice if she forces him to wear them for his punishment spanking, don't you think?

And what a spanking! Because this artwork is depicting an actual 'offense', I wanted to make her anger clear, both on her face and on his bottom. Hence, the hairbrush... really really hard! Hard enough to leave blotchy bruises for days! Ouch! There's no 'playfulness' in this spanking; this is an angry and severe hairbrush blistering of the kind reserved for naughty little panty thieves!

Oh, and varnished hardwood versus delicate, whisper-thin lace? No contest, I'm afraid! Those skimpy panties aren't providing him with the least bit of protection from that brush (hence the somewhat unwieldy title). Though I suspect they both knew that would be the case from the start!

EDIT: Is it just me, or does it look to you (looking at this pic again) like she's actually paused in mid-spank here - hairbrush hovering - to ask him a question that she expects an answer to? If so, he'd better stop wailing and answer smartly, I think! Or maybe she's just paused for a moment to deliver another angry scolding tirade (no answer expected or acknowledged!) before that brush starts crashing down again?


  1. Hi,
    A terrific image that will stay in my head today. It was a spanking Aunty that got me into this, all those years ago.
    Have a good Christmas down under.
    Michael M

  2. really great picture banjo. it really shows that you know what a good hard over the knee hair burshing is all about. please keep them coming.

  3. Hi Banjo:

    Nice one! You really capture the emotions of the participants here! She looks seriously pissed off and he looks to be in a great deal of distress! ;-)

    Kudos! Thanks for sharing your excellent Femdom art!! :-)

  4. Well, what a predicament he's gotten himself into! I imagine he was caught wearing them as well as pleasuring himself, seeing how angry she is. He will probably soak them with semen as well as they are pulled up covering his penis while he gyrates on her lap, howling for mercy, which won't be forthcoming.
    He'll remember this for a long time but won't be giving up his panty fetish anytime soon...


  5. A sizzling illo! His bottom looks like it's smouldering and steaming hot indeed.

    Keep up the fab work,
    Seasons Spankings,

  6. Great picture. With that and the write up, it reminds me of a very old and never fulfilled fantasy.

  7. Thank you Banjo, a very Merry Christmas to you, dear.

  8. Ahhhh well, IMHO the pink panties' thickness would be more of an issue if their 'coverage' was more effective. In terms of protection, those lace 'scanties' (old-style term) are exactly that, only marginally better than a thong panty as they cover at most 10% of the young man's punitive target area.

    That's quite a hefty-looking hairbrush too, and the pretty lady looks extremely annoyed with her spankee, who's also her...Well, I enjoy cousin-spanking stories, so I'm making the guy a visiting teenager who got caught snitching his late-twentyish first cousin's panties.

    "If you like them so well, you dirty little boy, strip down completely then put them on--after which you'll take a trip across my lap for a long, hot session with the spanking brush! They're going to look pretty pale compared to the bright red color I'm going to paint all over your mostly bare behind..." --C.K.

  9. I think he wish he hadn´t stolen anything at all.
    Or maybe this was what he hoped for.
    I do anyway...

  10. It's not actually the thickness, but the size which is the problem Banjo. Those cover nothing. Spankings for stealing are always on the bare bottom in my shop.

  11. A very well deserved punishment on the bare bottom as I got from my father or teacher when I messed up.
    It should be severe and hard and a lesson not so litghtly forgotten for the bratt wo stole the pantys.
    Greetings from venbergen

  12. Oh YESS!!! A very determined lady and a very naughty "boy" equals one very sore bottom. I wonder when these panties are comming down for the real part of his spanking. (although these don't look like they offer much protection)

  13. A spanking for a visiting teenager from his aunt or older cousin fits best imo.
    He didn't wear the panties (though no doubt he found some other ways to use them)- she made him to put them on. She had an excellent idea - it offers very little if any protecion but adds a huge amount of humiliation.
    About the title - I wonder if he had such choice. The lady probably prefers such skimpy underwear and doesn't have any large, thick panties in her drawer :-)
    As for the pause in mid-spank - maybe she wants to know if he had any partners in crime? Are there any other panty thiefs among his brothers and cousins? They'll also be in big trouble soon...

  14. She did indeed walk in on him wearing her panties. He is paying the price now. And yes she is pausing for a scolding and telling him since he likes wearing her panties so much she will dress him in them, as well as her other underthings, whenever she wants...no matter who's around.

  15. Ooh! I like this one. Nicely done. Great red bum! I know that trying to put spank marks on a UV map is an incredibly tricky trial-and-error process, and frankly, I hate doing it...but it looks so good when you get it right. I like a good, authentic-looking, sore-looking spank mark about as much as I like the sound of a leather strap when it makes the perfect, almost wet-sounding "smack!" sound as it contacts bare bum-skin at the exact right angle and velocity. "Whap!" Spanking is a serious business, indeed - at least, to both of us.
    Merry Christmas, Banjo

  16. A brilliant piece! The spanker here touches some of my deepest fantasies about cougar aunties! Your suggestion in your Edit, Banjo - that the moment represented here could be a pause in the spanking, with the hairbrush momentarily suspended in mid-air - seems to match the picture perfectly: I can all but hear her resumed tirade against his panty-thieving ways, moments before that hairbrush comes whacking down again!

  17. Just an amazing pic and love the subject lines as well. Man this is just hot, like his pantied ass. Love this scene, it is the best

  18. Oh, ow, ow, I remember it so well. Although I had on a little more than just panties, and it was my wife later turned Mistress who spanked my panty-covered ass. Thanks for the great pic, and BTW, from my experience, she's just paused to say, "You fucking little sissy bitch!" again with each swat.


  19. the boy got big spanks from his pretty sister.

  20. Still my favorite so far!


  21. Another great image.
    I Like to think this happened during a flat or house share with the young lady working as an airline cabin crew member perhaps as she certainly looks tall, strong and and attractive enough.

    Him? who gives a damn : ) just another ladies underwear pervert be it boyfriend or another lodger caught red handed in her room.

    The sheer look of disgust and sheer disdain on the young lady's otherwise very pretty face is captured brilliantly and it would not surprise me if her knickers (English term) have not already been soiled with his dirty inconsiderate semen.

    If it was a set of 3 - then in my imagination:
    2. Would be her pulling her panties half way down his bare ass to carry out an underwear inspection and
    3. Place her soiled panties over his head before taking his fully nude body over her knees again and thrashing once more his totally bare backside to hell again and back.

  22. i love this one , think it will happen to me one of these days.

  23. This is my favorite and hope you take this theme forward.


  24. 'No more! No more spanking, please!' the young man sobbed.

    'Yes, more spanking. A lot more spanking - unless you tell us what you were doing in Cassie's room with Cassie's panties.' The young man's mother, Janice, nodded to her half-sister. A dozen, then a second dozen burning smacks stung Kyle's already sore red butt.

    'I'll tell! Oooh! No more! Owww, owww. Stop! No more spanking, I'll tell, I'll tell!'

    Cassie looked over to Kyle's mom, who motioned for Cassie to hold off.

    'Let's hear it,' said his mother. 'And it better be the truth or I'll be using your grandmother's old strap when Cassie's done with you.'

    Kyle sobbed, sniffled, tried to catch his breath.

    'Kyle--' There was a warning in his mother's voice.

    'They weren't for me,' he choked out. 'Really, I swear.'

    'Then what were they for?'

    He hesitated, sniffled, then seemed to pause.

    She stepped around in front of her son and pulled his head up. 'Do you need some more encouragement to tell us how Cassie caught you stealing her panties?' His mother sat down on the end of the bed facing Kyle and her half-sister.

    'They weren't for me. They were for the new guy, that Australian guy, who just moved in down the block.' He looked over his shoulder at his aunt, hoping for mercy, for some compassion, but her face showed nothing but anger and she had already pulled the hairbrush back to deliver the next set of smacks.

    Another dozen sharp strokes from her hairbrush stung his butt just where her pink panties disappeared between his legs. Kyle howled. Each smack was punctuated by his pleading: 'Nooooo! No more. No more.'

    Cassie stopped and looked at Janice. Kyle's mom asked her half-sister, 'Do you know who he's talking about?'

    'I think so,' Cassie replied angrily. She leaned over and said menacingly right into Kyle's ear, 'What does he have to do with my panties?'

    Kyle was desperate now. Between sobs he choked out, 'You're why ... you're why he's always ... he's always hanging around here. He's always trying to see you.' Kyle sniffled loudly and rubbed his face with the back of his hand. 'He was going to give me ....' He stopped and looked up fearfully at his mother. 'He was gonna give me 20 bucks for the panties.'

    Anger flared on his mother's face and the women exchanged glances.

    'Please Mom, please. That's why I snuck into Cassie's room when I heard her in the shower.' Kyle was practically babbling now, the words coming out in a rush. 'And I just put them on to sneak them out. I...I...I didn't want...I was afraid you'd see them in my pocket. Really, really, please Mom."

    A slight gesture from Janice set Cassie to work on Kyle's butt one more time. Two minutes later, she stopped. Kyle was beyond howling, beyond weeping. His bare butt was mottled red and purple. He hung his head and moaned: 'No more. No more spanking. Please. I'm sorry.'

    His mother pulled him up off of Cassie's lap by the ear and headed him into the corner. The older woman looked over at Cassie who had gone to the window. Cassie looked at Janice and said, 'I think he goes by Banjo, or maybe that's his name. You've seen him, I'm sure. He has a pony tail.'

    Kyle moaned again, 'Please, no more spanking.'

    A ghost of a smile flickered across Cassie's face and she turned back to the window. 'Oh yes, more spanking,' she mused, looking out toward where she knew Banjo had moved in. 'I think there'll be a lot more spanking.'