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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Art: Where's My Steak, Bitch?

"Where's My Steak, Bitch?"

Did you know that March 14th was (un)officially 'Steak and a Blowjob Day'?

Even though I'm thus characteristically late, I felt inspired reading about it across the spanking blogverse, and decided to dedicate this art piece to that day.

The amusing, blatant chauvinism of the concept meant that I just couldn't resist 'reversing' the traditional roles; apologies to anyone who may be offended by my portraying the wife/girlfriend character here as a denim-clad, beer-drinking, boybeater-wearing construction worker!

Still, it's not like she asks for much.

After a hard day at work, getting sweaty and grimy, all she wants to do is relax at home with a beer and a cigarette, and a nice steak dinner.

But her pampered, lazy young 'house-hubby' has been slacking off again, it seems. Too busy cleaning the house to have her dinner ready the moment she arrives? Pah! More likely wasting time on the computer, watching tv, or jerking off to his secret stash of porn magazines!

What's worse, tonight he dared present to her - her, the hard-working bread-winner of the household! - a CHICKEN SALAD?!

What was he thinking? Maybe she'd like to try something different?! NO!!! She expects dinner on the table when she gets home! On time! No excuses! And MEAT! Not salad, not some small portion gourmet crap like a fancy restaurant... she wants a big, juicy steak!

Since words don't seem to get through to her silly little house-hubby, though, it seems like a lesson with the carpet slipper is called for... right then and there there in the living room!

Rest assured, he's howling and pleading and promising to make her anything she wants by the time she's done with his red little ass!

Then, stripped naked and his bottom burning, he's sent scurrying to the kitchen (with a parting, hefty SLAP! across his glowing caboose) to fix her dinner... the right dinner, this time! No, don't bother getting dressed again! And he'd better not drip tears on her food, either!

His eyes are still still glistening with tears when he finally brings her the steak she demanded in the first place (now twenty minutes late).

The tray rattles slightly - beer bottles clinking - as he trembles on approach, naked but for a skimpy apron. He knows it would only take her a second to reach out, rip the flimsy garment from him and haul him bodily back over her knee, if she so decided. Her strength - from her physically laborious job - and his comparative weakness - from his idle housebound lifestyle - means he could offer only token resistance at best.

Well, at least the beers are cold, she tells him, accepting the meal with a sneer. He got something right, so maybe he's not totally useless after all?

Still, that steak had better be cooked correctly, and properly seasoned too... or else she'll be taking her thick leather belt to his backside in the bedroom after dinner!

She cuts off a chunk and starts chewing, as he stands there nervously shifting from foot to foot, tears brimming once again as he awaits her verdict of his culinary efforts...

(okay, all decidedly non-PC, I know... but I really felt inspired!)

Well, that's the 'steak' part taken care of, anyway. Now... who wants 'Part 2'. where she shows him what ELSE he needs to do for her when she's had a hard day at work? "Instead of all those excuses and apologies, you might as well put that mouth to good use..."

Oh, and yes... that's my fictional 'Thrash Beer' making a return appearance here!


  1. It seems to be, that she has a dusty and dirty job. And she need a cold beer and a big piece of meat, to get her power back. When her personal server comes only with salat, she will get angry.

    She works and he must cook and clean. A classical turnaround situation.


  2. Once again you find a way to outdo yourself. The attention to detail is just amazing. Love the twist on the not so well known Holiday. He's lucky she's dressed him in the apron and not something even more embarrassingly feminine.

    And once she's done with her steak his mouth will be busy and no she won't bother showering first. He will satisfy her as is, sweaty and grimy. Might she have something unexpected waiting for him in those jeans?

    Looking forward to a part two in this scenario, but then I'm warped...what's new? :)

  3. While the picture is quite nice and I do enjoy the role reversal in it, so lovely to see a woman in charge. I must however protest at the use of a female dog to describe a person. I find that a detestable word and something that no true lady would use. Maybe a certain artist needs a trip to my shop to have his mouth thoroughly cleaned out.

  4. Almost naked servant with a hot bottom - a fantasie for many of us. Great job Banjo

  5. Nice Banjo but I have to agree with Aunty, don't like the name calling....a long hard and intense slippering is well, enough. Great pic however, thanks

  6. A clever scenario... the woman is attractive but more 'masculine' in her looks than her 'pretty' bitch boy. Colin

  7. Great pic and story, ...I hope U'll do Part 2 and 3 :)


  8. I love the idea of a "househusband" kept semi-naked or completly naked.And who has to wait hand and foot on his Wife and her female friends. I love the idea of an obedient househusband serving drinks and snacks to his CEO Wife and her female friends and business partners, ,while he wears just an apron.

    with him fetching thier shoes so that they can go out for a "girls night Out" at a club that features male strippers. Whil e he obediently stays home doing her laundry