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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Art - Fleeing The Farm Girls

"Fleeing The Farm Girls"

I started on this one a long time ago, but could never get the lighting right. I wanted it to be a bright sunny day on a big open farm property, but it always came out too dark or too 'shadowy'.

A recent email correspondence with the talented RedRump prompted me to return to this piece and try to finally finish it to a point I was happy enough to post it publicly. While the shadows aren't perfect, I hope it meets with approval, and conveys the situation and emotions I was aiming for.

I actually first began this one over a year ago, after a chat with a friend named Strnggyrl. Her F/M fantasies occasionally involved overpowering and sometimes even "chasing down" a man who was trying to escape his punishment, which struck a chord with me and some very old (teenage!) "chased, caught and spanked" fantasies of my own.

Thus, with this artwork, I wanted to capture the sense of desperate fear (him) and relentless determination (her). The idea that he's trying to outrun a woman (or in this case, two women) who are clearly physically superior and fitter than he is, was the basis for the work. For some reason, big strong farm girls were the first thing I thought of as suitable 'pursuers'!

Although here he's already been given something of a 'whipping' with those switches already (and has already lost his pants in the process!), his tears are as much born of frustrated terror as of the pain of those weals; he knows he's not going to get away from this. Every time he glances in wide-eyed terror over his shoulder, they're gaining on him. He's running as fast as he can, heart pounding and legs burning with effort... but it's only a matter of time before he's caught and given the rest of the switching he has in store.

Perhaps, in his desperation to escape he'll stumble and fall to the dusty ground, much to the amusement of his pursuers? If not, one (or both) will likely tackle him roughly into the grass, easily pinning and restraining his frantic struggles.

No matter how it happens, though, he will be caught. Then it will be time for the switch. Again.

Held wriggling face down in the dirt, perhaps sat astride by one girl while the other switches his squirming bare backside? Maybe held firmly across their bare-legged laps, as they sit on a nearby tree stump; switched by one while the other watches in amusement. Or perhaps they'll drag him to his feet and over to the fence, where one can hold him bent over the rough wooden railing while the other mercilessly switches his buttocks and thighs?

Of course, they'll both take a turn - perhaps several turns - each with their switches. That is, unless they decide to fetch some rope from the barn and tie him to the fence or over a hay bale, so they can both switch him simultaneously (ouch)!

If you hadn't noticed by my stream-of-consciousness rambling here, I've got a bit of a 'thing' for 'farm girl fantasies' (the partial subject of my chat with RedRump that made me remember and finally finish this piece). I'm also a big fan of 'Daisy Dukes' (that is, denim cutoff short-shorts) in fashion for women. Of course, the two go together perfectly, in my mind.

Even the youngest rural/farm girls I've know have been fairly 'old fashioned' in their values, so I can totally believe in a scenario where a trespasser, 'scrumper', peeping tom (spying on them while they took an outdoor shower behind the farmhouse?) or lazy farmhand gets himself taken out to the barn or woodshed for a spanking, paddling or belt-whipping by these no-nonsense country women!

But what could be more 'outdoorsy' and 'country-style' for discipline than the dreaded switch?

I'll confess that I've never actually been switched in my life and that the thought actually kind of scares me from what I've heard, seen and read! Still, I've often fantasized about what a "go cut a switch" type spanking scenario would be like... and nine times out of ten, my imagined scenario somehow involves big, strong, healthy, 'old fashioned' country gals, too.

I somehow doubt these girls would show much pity or mercy on a spoiled city-slicker who's not used to 'country style discipline', either! Especially if he was to try and run away from his fate...

EDIT: I took to heart some of the comments here and changed his footwear to something less appropriate to running. Also, it made more sense to me on reflection that if they'd removed his pants completely, they'd have likely had to remove his shoes too (and a hasty attempt to flee would give no time for him to stop and put them back on).


  1. I think we need a follow up to this one, darling. I want to see what happens when those two ladies catch up to him, they certainly look cross.

    1. @Aunty Andrea
      The more I muse on this scenario, Aunty, the more I like the idea of doing a follow-up here piece. I will have to see what I can do! They're certainly cross, I agree... :(

  2. My old girlfriend who used to top me had grown up on a farm. CHRIST she was strong. Only girl ever to leave bruises on my poor derriere with just her hand.

    1. Now I'm totally imagining a strong "Amazonian" country girl who gives super-hard handspankings that leaves bruises!

      Not that I'm imagining YOUR poor bottom, of course, Emily... ;)

    2. Yes! A strong Amazon type, not unlike the women embodied in JayEm's work, taking the helpless schmuck over her lap and making him howl with nothing but her hard palm, while her two cohorts watch with glee...


  3. Hey, I just saw your message on the Blogger Help forum. How totally infuriating! I'm glad the blog came back so quickly.

    All that metatag stuff is really no longer necessary. Search engines are way smarter now than they used to be. When I did a search of my own blog, I didn't see a repetition of the description each time, so that might possibly be the cause.


  4. When I tried to open your blog yesterday, I got the message, that google has deleted this blog and my first thought was "OH NO not again".Then I saw this picture today,which remembers me to the TV serial "Beverly Hills Hilbillies" with the very strong Ellie May. I have often fantasies to get an otk bare bottomed spanking from her, when I was young. A well done picture Banjo.


  5. Fun one, but yes, a follow-up could be good

  6. Humiliated GeekMay 25, 2012 11:21 am

    I enjoyed this one. I love two-on one, and the movement is great. Welcome back!

  7. Welcome back. I agreee that a follow up drawing would be GREAT. I'm pretty sure that those swotches will really hurt. (although I've never been switched on my naughty bare bottom and don't think that I want to either)

  8. Very nice, reminds me of Eric Stanton's work quite a lot

    1. Thanks! That's high praise indeed!

  9. Nice one, I like the look of the girls - so young yet so stern and dangerous...
    I imagine that earlier the city boy tried to look down/patronize the farm girls and now the tables are turned. It is not sure that the whipping he has already received was from the girls - I can imagine he was punished by the lady who owns the farm and afterwards the instructed her daughters to make sure "the guest" would leave their land.
    Anyway, there is no doubt he will get caught and switched (presumably bent over that fence). I wonder what will happen to him afterwards. I doubt he will be given back his pants. So, he will find himself naked and with red bottom in unfamiliar rural area...

    1. Ha! I can just imagine that scenario... perhaps he was whipped by those two "farm hands" while the (older?) lady owner of the farm watched? I love the idea that they're "seeing him off"! Will they drag him back to the farm house for his second whipping once caught, or do it wherever they catch him?

      Also: alone and pants-less in an unfamiliar rural area? Why, what if he stumbles across another farm with girls not happy to see a strange half-naked guy? Or - worse - gets picked up as a hitchhiker by a "predatory" local lady? :(

    2. Perhaps a local lady who specializes in "rescuing" unfortunate young men and taking them to her manor house where she has a number of other "adopted" males to whom she acts as a stern but loving Mother.
      Sort of like "Hotel California": you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave...


    3. @Banjo
      Yep, these are more or less the ideas I had about what happens to him next. Plus the female sheriff's deputy taking him into custody for such "indecent exposure offending modest, hardworking people of the local community" and dealing with the offender herself.
      In fact one optin doesn't exclude others - this farm scene could be the beginning of the whole series of events.

    4. @Robertc
      I love the idea of him being picked up ("for indecent exposure" in this moral rural community) by the female sheriff's deputy. For some reason, reading your comment, I can just vividly picture that: her with her aviator sunglasses and country cop uniform, him stammering out a tearful, pleading defense... probably ending in a sound belt-strapping, bent over the hood of her police cruiser, followed by a pants-less and very-sore-bottomed car ride (in handcuffs!) back to the local police station for him.

    5. Heh, that's exactly what I was thinking of :-)

    6. @Robertc
      I wonder then, will his mother or wealthy aunt from the city have to drive all the way out to the country to bail him out?

      Will he need to spend the night in the cells with the sheriff and/or deputy?

      Maybe his fine will be paid (since he lost his wallet/money/ID during the farm chase) by one of the female land owners looking for cheap labor on their land? Or that predatory woman in the big spooky house on the hill that nobody likes to go near? :)

    7. Or perhaps his mother or wealthy aunt, having to drive all the way out the country to bail him out (perhaps in a chauffeured limosine) will borrow the sheriff's belt or paddle and punish the miscreant additionally.
      He'll regret his decision to take a country vacation for a long time...


    8. @Smuccatelli
      Maybe he gets spanked all the way home in the backseat of the limo over her lap, while the female chauffeur smirks smugly behind the 'privacy screen'?

    9. Wow! The whole bunch of new ideas!

      I'm sure that his aunt would be furious learning about his arrest and would deliver the (first dose of) punishment right on the spot or on the way home.

      The idea of being released because the farm owner or the predatory lady pays fine is cool, especially together with "work without pants" employment term :-)

      One more idea - I wouldn't be surprised if the boy has to face the trial in local court and it turns out that in this country idea the judge is also a believer of "old fashioned ways", who sentences him to judicial caning.

    10. @Robertc
      I love the judicial country punishment idea; perhaps he's sentenced to both a caning and a fine?

      I can imagine that the farm owner agrees to pay his fine (on condition of him working for her), but only after his judicial caning has been administered (he'll be sobbing face down, wealed and bare bottomed on his cell bunk when she comes to bail him out, I suspect)!

      Imagine the poor pampered city boy's fear as he waits in that cell for his first taste of the cane! Perhaps his "new friend" the sheriff's deputy will be the one administering it? Or would some other scary stranger (the "county caner"?) be worse?

      Would he use his one allowed phone call to call his rich aunt to beg her to come help him? I suspect she won't save him from the cane!

    11. Suits perfectly - the caning then the fine (or a few days in jail in case the fine can't be paid).

      I can imagine him waiting and then being escorted for punishment. I guess his fear, shock and shame will dramatically increase when he finds out that in this county judicial caning is usually witnessed by judge, stenographer, bailiff and some court office clerks (all females of course). I think the more scary option is when the administering person is unknown tt him (I'm sure there would be some volunteer willing to serve the community in this way).

      He is allowed to make a phone call - it's a constitutional right. However what if the aunt is on some business trip? She will arrive to deal with the troublemaking nephew but not soon enough to save him from the caning and a few days of "work without pants" job experience.

    12. Well, spanking him over her lap in the back seat would probably require a sturdy hairbrush or stout wooden paddle to impress upon him his unwise decision-making ability. Now the OTK spanking of the unfortunate young man is an idea I can get behind (pun intended)!


    13. @Robertc
      He may need a day or two in jail to 'recover' from his judicial caning, anyway? (face down on his bunk with an icepack on his buns, teased by the sheriff's deputy?)

      Anticipation is a big thing for me, so definitely agree on the fear of his waiting for his sentence and subsequent escort to his fate (two amazonian deputies?). I wonder if he'll go quietly to his punishment or make a shameful, tearful display of himself?

      I like the idea of a total stranger being the caner, too; I'm envisioning a big healthy strong-armed 'farm-azon' type, the County Caner who fills a prisoner with terror just on sight!

      Love the idea that he tries but just can't get through to auntie to save him! LOL! Such bad luck... nobody to come and rescue him as his caning is scheduled for tomorrow and they can't hold up justice trying to get hold of her while she's on that business trip for a week...

  10. Not a huge fan of the switch, but the scenario is compelling. Only thing is that cowboy boots are definitely not for running. That, his more conventiona shoes and his obvious fear provide powerful incentive for him to outrun them. Of course, they're probably in pretty good shape so...
    Can't wait for the follow-up.


    1. I agreed with you and tweaked the artwork to make the chase more "fair" (or rather, less fair!). And yes, they're in much better shape than him!

    2. Yeah, maybe they just like to toy with their prey before finishing him off, like domestic cats are wont to do.
      It might be a relief for him to "take his medicine" and get it over with. Still, it smacks of sadism to make him flee in fear only to have to surrender to his fate anyway (not that there's anything wrong with that!)...


  11. I am not into switching but with those two lovlies, well I would be willing to give it a go, would be nice to be over their knee!

    Good one, thanks

  12. And [s]he swung her stockwhip round and gave a cheer,
    And [s]he raced him down the mountain like a torrent down its bed,
    While the others stood and watched in very fear.

    -- Apologies to Banjo Paterson (and Aussies everywhere)

    1. LOL! Did you know Paterson is partly the origin of my handle/nickname? The AKSSI assigned me the "pen name" when I joined their literary society (before I was even online), and I guess my being Australian made them pick that for me. Needless to say, the name stuck long after the society (sadly) ended.

  13. Humiliated GeekMay 29, 2012 9:33 am

    I've been thinking. This site has a great group of commenters. What do people think of setting up a companion chat room? I don't really know how we'd attach it to the site but I am sure it could be done. Could be fun, a chance for us to give Banjo ideas when he's stuck, etc.

    1. Back when I still hoped to have a "real site", one of my must-haves (even if it had been a membership site) was to have a forum. Community and feedback is very important to me here (hence my constant begging for comments and the trials I went through to allow 'replies' here). If anyone has ideas to set one up for here, I'd be willing, though I'd hate it to take away from the comment posting here, where it can easily relate to the art. For the time being, how about a few general blog posts designed specifically for comments/discussion from others, such as a "Suggestions" one?

  14. Well, I don't see the guy's pants and briefs anywhere near, so I don't see much point in his running since in his state he really would have nowhere to go.

    IMHO the two girls are merely toying with the guy, with both of them landing swishes of their switches across his bare behind just to keep him moving. Assuming that the 'farm girls' are in better physical shape, their 'city slicker' victim will eventually be worn out and have to accept his full fate from each young lady in turn.

    However, at least he'll have gotten some much-needed exercise while desperately running in a futile attempt to avoid those stinging lashes--that may be the girls' intent in the first place.

    He may end of feeling too tired to move, but once he's upended over the fence's lowest bar, the ladies will have his hips squirming frantically in no time... --C.K.

    1. I wasn't thinking of it when I made the pic, but I love the idea of them "toying" with him. In much better shape and able to easily end the chase any time they want, they instead have fun with his terror, lashing at him as he runs and taunting him with the inevitable. Perhaps they figure he needs the exercise?

      (always love your comments, mate)

  15. Very evocative artwork, with an inspiring commentary. Although I understand the reasoning for the edit which has deprived the girls' quarry of his boots, I see a case for the original variant. In a scenario where he's a 'city boy' forced by rustic women to labour as a farm hand, he would need suitable footwear for his tasks - but perhaps the women wouldn't have allowed him to be wearing any pants in the first place. While insisting on the boots, they might have made him go 'bare bottom' so they could instantly switch him whenever he slacked off or whenever they felt like it (thus his already marked buttocks). Following Joerg's suggestion, I'd like to think of the more mature woman who may have punished him earlier as Ellie May (only slightly older than as she appeared in 'Beverly Hillbillies', perhaps). Typical of a spineless 'city boy', he found her switch to be more painful than he could endure and decided to take to his heavily-shod heels! Ellie May will have raised the alarm and that's when our pair of awesome farm girls (her cousins, perhaps?) fly into hot pursuit...

    1. @Colin
      I liked the "work without pants" idea, mate; perhaps the condition of his new employment after a "nice" lady pays his fine for him (see my comment to Robertc's deputy idea above!). Then again, you know me and "no pants chores" scenarios. :P

      I can definitely see the original farm owner as more mature lady (that fearsome amazonian JayEm-ish handspanker mentioned earlier?), who sets her cousins or even daughters to chase after him when he tries to flee.