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Friday, 25 May 2012

Rumours of my demise... aww, FFS! Again?!

Just in case anyone - like Joerg and a few others who emailed me - were wondering... yes, my blog was deleted again yesterday!

Again I appealed, and posted on Blogger's aptly-named "Something's Broken" forum... thankfully this time it didn't take them a week or more to restore it, and *fanfare* this time I actually got an "apology" email (likely a form letter, but still) saying I had been mistakenly thought to have violated "Terms of Service" (their way of saying "we thought you were a spam site", I think) and confirmation my blog was being restored (unlike the zero official communication I received last time, after the initial deletion information).

I'm still trying to get a proper answer as to what triggers the (pretty clearly) auto-detection of my blog as "bad" (every time it's been deleted, the reason in the first email is "malicious javascript", which suggests my customized template or gadgets). Heck, I've even had someone run my site through a malware checker! Nothing I can find (though I've removed meta data for "description" and "keywords" from my template today, in case that was it) and nothing anyone at Blogger/Google can/will tell me.

Anyway, at least I'm back again, but for how long... who knows? As I said on my old Yahoo Group page, the internet ain't what it used to be, sadly.

Hope everyone enjoys the new posts. It was ironic that after several weeks of feeling despondent and not "up to posting", the day I felt inspired and refreshed, I got deleted.

Do please keep the comments and feedback coming... I've more silly ramblings I'd like to post soon (and the super hot guest contribution I mentioned before will be up this weekend too!), but I need to know folks are still out there and interested in this disappearing-reappearing blog of mine.

Right... onwards and upwards, eh?


  1. Well, I for one am still out here. But ask anyone, I've been out since high school. ;)

  2. I, for one, am glad that you are back. When I checked your blog yesterday, and found it gone, I was pissed! Welcome back!!!

  3. Welcome back (again), Banjo! I was beginning to get a little worried (again)

    Let's hope the rollercoaster stops here.

  4. Good to see you back yet again, Banjo. The blog world just ain't the same when you're not around.

  5. I lost touch for a while, but surely I'm interested in more artworks, discussions and other contents of your blog :-)

  6. Welcome back, thank goodness, you were missed and keep up the ramblings, love em/

  7. Stay here please!! i love your work and if you don´t stay i will miss you a lot!!

  8. Thanks, folks. It's you guys and gals that keep me here! :)

  9. Banjo, your patience and resilience through the repeated frustration of your blog going down are much appreciated; thanks for persevering and for continuing to delight us with your work. Colin

  10. Hey! I have to say, I LOVE your blog and the pics are awesome!! I would love to see more and would in fact pay for more. My wife seems to like them better than the traditional online pics as the women are of course not real and the subject line is more tailored to us.

    Keep up the great job and here's hoping for less trouble from Blogger/Google in the future and thanks for putting up with the headaches to keep a great site/blog up and running!

  11. I hate that they keep deleting your blog :(
    I am glad however, that they keep giving it back to you though :)