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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Flashback - New Teacher's First Day

"The New Teacher's First Day"

One of my "oldies" from long ago. Not one of the first pictures I made, but certainly among them. In those days, being a college student, I had more free time so was able to indulge in creating time-consuming artworks of multiple characters like this... even though my old slow computer took ages to render them!

My idea behind this piece was of a new strict teacher's first class at her new school. In my original concept it was likely an all-boys school (a rare thing for me, since it "ruins" witnessed and removes "peer" spankings), and one where female teachers were seen as a "bit of a pushover". But with this new teacher, well... they're in for a sharp shock!

When I was in high school, I had a lot of female teachers (who'd have guessed?) but I always remember one poor young lady who was new, and basically lasted three or four classes before being unable to cope with the rowdy, nasty, totally disruptive nature of a large majority of the boys in the class (not me, of course, I was a good boy!). She had absolutely zero control of the class, who would even throw pens at her and flip tables over, all without repercussion. It was the only class in my school life where things every got that out of control, and it was pretty freaky.

Anyway, even back then, I thought "that wouldn't have happened if they still allowed corporal punishment". I also occasionally daydreamed that her replacement should be a no-nonsense lady with total command and control of her students and zero tolerance for misbehavior and disrespect. Of course, in my horny adolescent daydreams, she would also be A) hot and B) a spanker, and nobody (expect perhaps my fellow students) would mind or see this as "wrong".

This artwork was born partly from this old experience and resulting "daydream". Here, we see this strict new female teacher's very first class. Perhaps because of the past reputation of this class, or perhaps for no other reason than to "set the tone" for her tenure as their new teacher, she introduces herself to the whole class by thrashing each and every one of them soundly and mercilessly!

Being a "good boy" myself, I imagined that she would be as unfair as she was strict... this "introduction" thrashing would be given to the entire class. Not just the known troublemakers, not just the students who were likely to show disrespect and "needed" to be snapped into line. Everyone. Every single student in the class would get caned in that first "introduction" session. And each and every one would get just as many strokes and as hard as the others. The good boys, the bad boys, the quiet boys, the rowdy boys; this new teacher - knowing none of them and not wishing to make distinctions or go on "past records" from their previous teachers or principal - would treat them all equally on her first day there.

For many, it would be the first experience of corporal punishment they'd ever received, but they too were treated the same as those accustomed to a parental palm, hairbrush or belt. And yes, bare bottom. This is hardest on the "shy boys" in the class, but no exceptions are made. This is to be an educational experience for them all, she ensures.

The "introduction" proceeds in an orderly manner. Shorts and underpants are taken down as each student is bent over her desk, each caning taking place with a minimum of discussion and fuss (at least, on the teacher's part!). Those already caned are lined up facing the blackboard/wall with hands on heads with their red, cane-wealed bottoms on display and their pants around knees and ankles as they whimper and sob. Those yet to be caned are made to form a nervous queue, watching in horror and mounting horror as their own turn under that fearsome, whippy cane draws near...

The new teacher intends that every one of her students know from day one that she was a force to be reckoned with. That she would brook no nonsense from any of them. That she expected academic excellence and respectful obedience. And of course, that she would cane without hesitation or mercy if given cause (or even if not!). By the time she's done caning her new class, not a single boy is left without painfully-striped buttocks and tear-streaked face... and not a single boy is in any doubt that their new teacher is the one is not to be messed with!

That day would usher in a "regime change" of dramatic proportions, with this rowdy classroom of flying paper airplanes and nobody paying attention quickly replaced by the quietest, most strictly-run class in the entire school, where nervous students feel butterflies in their tummies whenever called upon to answer a question by teacher or when raising a hand to ask something (and these are the only time they dare speak, now!). A class where homework is submitted on time without excuses accepted, and when low test scores are rewarded with "marks" of a different (and very painful) kind.

For some reason, it's the unfair equality of this scenario that stands out for me the most, as I imagine it now. I wanted to capture the shock of this unexpected day in my art piece, but also the sense of "everyone gets lined up and caned, regardless"; this isn't even a "punishment" as such, but a teacher (mis?)using her new authority to make a decisive and dramatic impression on every one of her students, good or bad!

Now I'm a little older and occasionally feeling even more "submissive" and masochistic than I did as a teenager, I wonder if this scenario would be even scarier if the class depicted had no prior record of rowdiness, but were all caned just the same by this harsh new teacher just to make sure they didn't have any ideas about causing problems for her?

(sorry for the long ramble... I guess that's what happens when you don't post for a while!)


  1. Hi Banjo. Thanks for reissuing this piece and for your interesting commentary about what inspired you to create it. Like you, I was 'a good boy' in high school, so the unfairness of whole-class punishments has a resonance for me which adds piquancy to the fantasy. I love your suggestion that this hot new teacher may be caning the class at the beginning of her first lesson with them, as a pre-emptive measure, regardless of their reputation / actual behaviour. Colin

    1. As a fellow 'good boy' in my school days, I had/have many "unfair" spanking fantasies, definitely including whole-class punishments.

      As a teen, nothing was more unfair than getting "lumped in" for punishment with those who actually misbehaved or failed to own up. Spun off into a spanking scenario (even back then), that unfairness just adds to the whole 'helpless and dominated' feel for me.

      And yes, whether all, some or none of the class here "deserve" it or not, this is how this strict new teacher starts her first day and lesson: with a pre-emptive, instructional, "meet your new teacher" bare-bottom caning for everyone!

  2. I've seen this piece before somewhere and I really liked it.

    I usually imagine scenarios where someone is spanked for some committed offense (well deserved punishment) or is "framed" into spanking by false accusations or some wicked plot. This idea of being spanked just along with others, in the collective responsibility manner is rather new to me but surely it is interesting...

    The punishment doesn't have to be preemptive at all, I can imagine that the class greeted the new teacher with noise, paper airplanes etc. and that's her response - immediately caning every single boy whether he was actually misbehaving or not.

    I'm sure the class will behave better from now on. But will that be enough to avoid the cane? Depends on the teacher, she can always find a reason e.g. decide that the boy caught staring at her legs is showing lack of respect...

    1. Though I like the preemptive motivation for her caning, I also love your idea of her walking into a rowdy classroom on her first day and just immediately taking control then and there with frightening (almost excessive) severeness, caning every single boy (good or bad). I can just imagine the change in tone in that room, and the looks on the faces of those (poor?) boys!

      I also love the idea that she might "find" reasons to cane even when the boys are now trying to behave (such as thrashing that shy boy in the back row who she thought was looking at her legs... perhaps even wearing short skirts on purpose?).

      Or maybe just instituting on-the-spot thrashings for getting under 70% on her impromptu pop quizes and surprise tests?

    2. The scene with the change in tone and the looks on their faces would probably be almost as interesting as the caning scene actually depicted.

      Your idea about trashing for unsatisfactory test results is more fair and conformant to aims of the system of education. However I still like mine as it spices up the teacher-student relationship and really fits the way she is portrayed. Of course she would wear short skirts and tight blouses, so the boys couldn't resist to take a glance...

    3. I do really like the idea that she thrashes NOT to educate or teach, but just because... and getting them in trouble with short skirts and tight blouses would also have the effect of confusing the poor boys dreadfully when they knew looking too long would get them caned!

  3. Is is just me, or does the student immediately behind the teacher (not the blond one) look like a girl? And while we're at it, why not a co-ed classroom? The teacher could spank (cane) all the boys because they're the troublemakers while the girls are completely innocent (suuuuuure...) and they could witness the boys humiliation.
    Certainly, the young ladies wouldn't be, ahem, exposed in front of the boys if they were punished, unfair as that may be. Rank, or in this case gender, has its privileges...


    1. @Smuccatelli
      Oh, that silly young teenage Banjo and his long hair (though not long enough for a ponytail yet). :P

      I definitely like the co-ed idea (I'm a big fan of "in front of the girls" spankings) but since my original idea was that the whole class gets caned, that meant "boys only".

      Incidentally, I went to a co-ed school, so an "in front of the girls" classroom spanking was both something I fantasized about and something I honestly would have been utterly mortified by!!!

    2. Me too! And yet, the idea of "in front of the girls" is infinitely more compelling than merely being punished in front of other boys.

      Also, the idea of witnessing a girl or girls getting spankings (bare, please) even if surreptously, is also very compelling, your orientation notwithstanding. Of course, being discovered while "observing" and THEN getting it "in front of the girls" is even more so...


  4. This is a piece of artwork that I really loved and that I can somewhat relate to. When I was in elementary school, if you were naughty in class, you had to stay for detention. First part of detention was to clean the blackboard and the erasers, empty the trash, and help organize the room. Once that was completed, you would do your homework. At the end of detention, you had to bend over the teacher’s desk, your pants and underpants were taken down, and you were paddled. Each teacher had a large wooden paddle with holes in it, which hung at the side of the desk. We were always paddled with that paddle. Then we were given a note to be signed by our parents telling them we were naughty, had to stay for detention, and were spanked. Usually we were spanked again at home for being naughty and spanked at school.

    So it would be very embarrassing to be in high school, have your pants and underwear pulled down, and caned in front of the whole class, including the girls. Then after the caning, to stand there with my pants still pulled down and my hands on my head. I would make sure that I was a very good student in her class.

    1. @Anonymous
      I enjoyed your recollections of detention... I was such a 'good boy' that I never got them. :P

      I liked the idea that the paddling came at the end of detention, too... something to think about while cleaning the boards, doing your homework, etc.! I wondered if it would be better or worse if detentions of this kind were "1 to 1" with a teacher, or several students kept in together?

      "In front of the class" punishments are a fave scenario of mine; I know at that age, it would have been a very memorable punishment and effective deterrent against further misbehavior! (that girl you had a crush on would be watching too!) Post-punishment 'display' is an added humiliation, too (complete with dunce's hat?)

      I'm also a big fan of the "kept after class by teacher" scenario, though, perhaps because of the 'intimacy' of the 1-on-1 setup... and there would be no need for a teacher to worry about modesty or taking time to lecture in-depth during such a private spanking (which could easily include a 'childish' OTK as well).

    2. Back in those days, the girls were always prim and proper, so they did not get detention. And yes, the detention became quality 1 on 1 time with the teacher. There also was a lot of scolding at the beginning of the detention and during the spanking. Also, the wait for the spanking was almost as bad as the spanking. Sometimes I just wanted to bend over a desk and bare myself at the beginning of the detention, just to get it over with.

      On some occasions, another teacher would drop by to talk to my teacher, and I was spanked in front of both teachers

      I hope you create more artwork in this school room setting. It brings back memories.

  5. One of the things I always enjoy about your work, Banjo, is that you and I share a taste for narrative. You've got this one worked out in great detail; clearly it's a longtime masturbatory favorite of yours. Boys jerking off are SO adorable... you should do one of a boy masturbating with his eyes closed, lost in his own solitary ecstasy, maybe biting his lower lip a little, unaware of the lady (Mommy? Girlfriend? Both?) standing over his bed with a hairbrush, waiting for him to finish.

    1. And after a trip over Mommy's knee and a good dose of her hairbrush, yet another masturbatory fantasy.

      One wonders which will give out first: his bottom or his hands?


    2. @Emily
      I LOVE your "caught in the act" idea, Emily, and would love to make an artwork of that scene. Poor boy, so lost in his naughty pleasures and no idea what awaits when he opens his eyes...

  6. Great piece, darling, and I don't think there's anything unfair here. Those boys have to be shown what's what right from the start and your wonderful teacher has taken it upon herself to do this. More power to her arm! I wonder if she also recommended reminder bedtime spankings at home from their mothers.

    1. Well, I think a boy being spanked has a somewhat different idea of what "fair" is, Aunty. :)

      I can just imagine her handing out notes (to be signed and returned, of course) to the whole class to take home to their mothers at the end of the lesson, recommending a "firmer hand" be taken at home! At least some of those boys would be getting smacked on their stripey bottoms before bed, I think...

    2. And no doubt it would be the good boys who got bedtime spankings. After all, if the bad boys mothers were strict disciplinarians, they probably wouldn't be naughty at school in the first place!
      They whole 'unfairness' aspect really adds to the scenario. I'd forgotten how big a turn-on the idea of someone 'being spanked for something they didn't do' was!

    3. @QBuzz
      I love that insinuation! The 'bad' boys' parents might not care, but many of the 'good' boys suddenly find their 'nice' mothers dutifully giving them hard, undeserved bedtime spankings just because 'teacher said so' in her note home! :(

      Unfair, undeserved spankings are a huge turn on for me, for some reason! *blush*

  7. I like this!!!!!!! A session over the knee first?

    1. I think she'd save over-the-knee lessons for boys she felt the need to "keep after class", the all-but-empty classroom echoing with the sharp crack of firm palm on bare bottom as she spends a little "one on one" time alone with a student in need of personal attention?

    2. Ah yes, I remember it well... (I wish).

      It also occurs to me that the "one on one" session provides ample opportunity for both personal attention and additional severity (paddles, straps, etc.)...


    3. @Smuccatelli
      "We teachers aren't normally authorized to use tawses like this delightful one of mine here, but since it's just the two of us alone here now everyone else has gone home, I'm sure I can count on you not to tell anyone about it... at least, not if you want to pass my class this term, hmm?"

    4. @Banjo
      "And I'm sure you won't mind my colleague Miss Birch observing just to make sure there are no improprieties? And of course, the principal's secretary Miss Goodthighs."...


  8. Banjo,

    Sorry been a while but I agree with a previous comment would love to see her with them over her knee first, hot.


    1. That's what I'm sayin'. OTK rules!...


    2. Spoilers: I'm working on a more "intimate" position teacher-student spanking at the moment you both may like. ;)

  9. My Girlfriend in grade three back in the 60's liked to play school and her version included role play her being the teacher,vice principal and principal each stage meant more of my clothes off and firmer spankings, we did switch roles but i liked being at her mercy, sometimes she would spank in front of others just like in class. We are still friends today I often wondered if she was still a spanker.

  10. I love the way you did the 'striping' with the cane .Looks like she administered 5 strokes each in neat lines one below the other and one across .