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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Art - Birched On Mistress's Orders

"Birched On Mistress's Orders"

A change of pace here, from the scholastic and rural locations of the previous artworks. Now we visit a luxurious manor house - perhaps in the past, perhaps in the present - to take a look at the life of a Mistress, her maid, and her indentured 'houseboy'.

This new piece is based on three main ideas:
1) Being a "houseboy to a wealthy, cruel woman" is a fantasy of mine.
2) I rather liked the idea of a rich spanker getting someone else to do their "dirty work" for them.
3) I love sexy maids, but obviously would rather be spanked by than spank them!

And so this artwork was born.

Yes, that's loosely "me" as the poor spankee here again. I try to resist putting myself in all my work, since it (IMO) lessens the audience's immersion when the character is clearly "not you" (it's why I love "POV" spanking videos and audios). But this time I couldn't help myself, given I was feeling particularly 'submissive' when I made it. Besides, my trademark ponytail kinda fits the slightly old-fashioned setting here (well, that's my defense!).

Anyway, the concept of the picture was that the unfortunate houseboy had done something to displease his Mistress (the raven-haired lady with the folded arms on the right). She's furious, but isn't about to work up a sweat punishing him herself... that's what having money and power means!

Instead, she has one of her maids (the red-haired cutie on the left) restrain the nervous young man across the special spanking bench she had built for just such occasions, and then orders him soundly birched until she is satisfied that he's learned his lesson. Or that she's satisfied he's suffered enough for her pleasure (there are advantages to money and power for a sadistic aristocratic lady like that).

I image the proceedings being very formal; he's ordered to carry the spanking bench into the parlor and set it up for use. He's either ordered to undress and fold his own clothes nearly while Mistress watches, glaring imperiously, or he's ordered to remain perfectly still while the maid undresses him in a very humiliating and childish fashion.

Of course, the maid enjoys all this immensely. Having this young man trembling, nude and pleading before her, combined with being given express permission by her Mistress to really thrash his bottom severely... perhaps she's got a bit of a "crush" on this particular houseboy? That might explain her smirking enthusiasm and unbridled delight as she obediently whips that stinging birch rod across his squirming bare buttocks?

Such squirming is kept to a minimum, though; Mistress knows the effect a birch can have on a young man, hence the spanking bench and the restraints. He can wriggle ever so slightly (and pleasingly, Mistress notes) but not enough to escape or make the maid's strokes miss their target; the birch bites hard with every blow!

He remains ungagged, however; Mistress wants to hear him plead and apologize, she wants to hear how contrite he is, after all (and how much that birch is hurting him!).

Perhaps this is his first time under the birch? Mistress may have administered (or had her maid administer) handspankings, slipperings and hairbrushings before, but this could be a new 'experience' for the poor young houseboy? An 'escalation' of sorts? Or a new purchase by Mistress?

Or perhaps this is actually his first day in her employment? Ignorance of the rules would be no excuse, and making a mistake on his first day would see no mercy or leniency given. Besides, it would make a good learning experience for him to know what to expect when he steps out of line in his new position.

Perhaps he didn't even do anything especially wrong? Could Mistress be so cruel as to have him birched as a "welcome" to her household? That would certainly make for a memorable introduction, and set his mind firmly on how his life had suddenly changed!

If he did do something to deserve this, what could it be? Did he answer her back? Not perform his domestic duties fast enough or to her satisfaction? Did the naughty boy stain his bedsheets thinking about his Mistress and/or her maid, or even (blush) "get caught in the act" by one of them?

Whatever the reason (or lack of it), and whatever his prior experience being punished, it's clear that the birch is making a real impression on him! It's also clear that the maid is enjoying her orders and won't show any hesitation in carrying them out (even when Mistress - to his horror - calls for "Harder!" and "His thighs, too!"). And it's clear that Mistress is not moved by his cries, and will not call an end to his birching until she alone is satisfied.

I can see Mistress occasionally calling for a pause in proceedings, so she can crouch or lean forward to look him in the eyes, to ask him if he's learning, if he's sorry, and to remind him who's the Mistress here and who's the naughty little subservient houseboy.

Though I can equally imagine her watching the whole thing coldly from a distance, arms folded, frowning and silent, just letting her maid carry out the harsh sentence without engaging the poor frantic, pleading houseboy in dialog at all until his thrashing is over.

Afterwards, will he be allowed to scurry to his room to cry and think about what has happened to him? Will he be put in the corner, on display, for the rest of the afternoon? Ordered back to his duties with time to recover from his ordeal (Mistress will want her bath prepared)?

Or will he simply be released and left naked on hands and knees to clean up the bits of twig from the birch all over the floor. If that's the case, whether Mistress will remain to supervise him, or leave the maid to do so while she retired to her chambers to "reflect" on recent proceedings herself amid the silky satin sheets of her huge soft bed, I'll leave for you to decide...


  1. Having been birched I can sympathise with that young man. I do hope that mistress at least gave him a warm up spanking over her lap first.

    1. That makes me curious too, Aunty... as to whether you've ever birched a boy yourself (and if your own experience with the implement helped with that)? :)

    2. Ok, I have to admit I am curious as well. I am thinking however Aunty Andrea won't be very anxious to share those details. Ahh well, guess we will just have to use our imaginations.

  2. Hi. Great work today and yesterday. You are a master of the medium.

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate it, and am loving all the feedback and comments of late!

  3. Mistress's status is well realised in this piece: she indeed looks superior, as if the physical exertions of wielding a birch are beneath her; but at the same time she's taking a close interest in proceedings and she does appear imposing and fit enough to be capable of administering severe punishments herself should she choose to do so. The Maid is a big, strong-looking woman. I'm not sure 'cutie' is the right term for her, as she's more the amazonian type, possibly from the same stock as the pursuers in the recent 'Fleeing The Farm Girls'. (Perhaps Mistress recruits her female domestic staff from farms in her country estate.) I imagine that, as you've suggested, it's Banjo himself who'll have to pick up the bits of twig left on the floor. Banjo's trademark pony tail complicates the scenario in an interesting way, I think. Mistress's look seems contemporary to me, so I'm not convinced that his pony tail can be explained away as fitting a 'period piece'. It strikes me that, although she may be contemporary, Mistress would be old-fashioned in her expectations of the physical appearance of menservants, requiring them to have short, neat hair rather than individual, fashionable or 'signature' styles such as a pony tail. So it could be the case that Banjo is new to domestic service and is being birched for turning up on his first day with the pony tail. If this is the case, the Maid may be asked to cut it off after the birching is over with. (Sorry, Banjo! lol) Or it could be that Banjo isn't a servant at all, but a friend or relative of the Mistress, in which case he would, of course, be entitled to whatever hairstyle he preferred, i.e. the pony tail. If he's Mistress's friend or relative, that's where the structure of the relationships in this scenario, including the motivation for the punishment, becomes particularly intriguing...

    1. I really like the "new arrival" scenario you suggest, her new houseboy's first punishment on the day he arrives (definitely would leave an impression)! If he thought she'd be an "easy" Mistress, he's soon proved wrong... and no moderate little OTK spankings to ease him in; it's the awful birch on Day One for him!

      And yes, if the hair is a problem, she will have her maid give him an impromptu haircut as well. He's lucky if it's just his ponytail being chopped off and not a forced close-clippers-cut for his impudence, though! :(

    2. @Colin
      I just thought... don't you think 'Birched On Arrival' would make a great F/M spanking video or short story title? :D

  4. I love this one! There is something about girls in maid outfits :-) and this is interesting reversal to the usual theme of spanked maid.

    The formality of the "ceremony" is the distinguishing factor here - the houseboy forced to completely undress, the bench with straps made exclusively for this purpose, even the gloves the maid wears add such impression. One comment though - I don't think the mistress would call "Harder!". She would rather instruct calmly e.g.: "Betty, would you please apply the birch harder".

    My bet is that the boy employed as butler, caretaker or gardener in the manor failed somehow to do his job. The maid really seems to enjoy herself - maybe she has a crush on him, maybe there is some tension and quarrels between them, or maybe both. It would also be possible for the maids to "sabotage" something about his work to have some fun executing his punishment or at least witnessing it.

    BTW - The spankee character is different here but in general it could also be a follow-up of "Farm girls" story we thought of - what happens to the guy when his aunt brings him back home.

    1. If it is indeed the same guy from the farm girls story, he's really a most unlucky fellow. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

      Of course, he MIGHT be in heaven...


    2. @RobertC
      I'll go one further and suggest that Mistress would say "Would you kindly apply the birch harder?" (gamer geeks like me know what that phrase can mean!). Though I suspect it depends how angry Mistress is while supervising!

      Definitely love the idea of some kind of (unknown to Mistress?) 'relationship' between the maid and the spankee... I like the idea of the crush AND the quarrelsome tension for some reason! So she set him up so she could see him with his pants off getting punished... she never dreamed she'd actually get to do the punishing too!

    3. I can imagine the maid and "Banjo" having a relationship unknown to "Mistress" and the maid getting revenge on some perceived slight by the cad by setting him up to be birched. Or maybe she confesses to "Mistress" the relationship and how she's worried he's after one of the other maids and they conspire together to punish him. And of course later she will soothe his sore bottom and make it clear to him that he'd better remain faithful (and subservient) or he will really suffer. Then of course, she fucks his brains out... :-)


  5. Awesome job as usual Banjo. I love the various scenarios you mention as to what led to his correction. Another thought is that maybe he was caught leering at the maid, checking out her cleavage as she leaned over or perhaps catching an upskirt view as she bent. Maybe she even did it intentionally, trying to trap him, knowing what Mistress would have to say about it. That too might explain the smirk on her face. Though I've never been tied to a spanking bench I have received a birching. It stings like the devil and leaves a sting for some time after. He will probably think twice about leering at her again if that was the case.

    1. @Marrk
      I can so see that as the "reason"! I would certainly be guilty of leering at the maid, I have to say, and I love the idea of her deliberately setting him up for a fall by being a tease (then she's all "Mistress! He was looking at me! It was just awful"!)

      Maybe afterwards he's left tied to the bench to cry himself out for a while, and the maid sneaks in to gloat and tease him some more with what got him birched in the first place?

    2. I can definitely see that scenario. After Mistress leaves the room she admires her handywork, even chuckling, laughing a bit at the result. She teases and tempts more, running a finger along the stripes on his bottom, then drifting the back or her fingers lightly up his back. Moving in front of him she stands inches from his face, raising the front of her short maid's uniform. He can feel the heat emanating from her, even catch the scent of her aroused aroma.
      "You want this, you know you do" she tempts, knowing he's helpless and of course does want it.
      He wants to scream out, "Mistress, look what she's doing" but he knows she would never believe his side of event. Yes he will soon fall victim once again to her wanton ways and find himself back on the spanking bench.

  6. I really love the maid's smirk.

    1. Yes it is nicely smug. Her maid's outfit is lovely too, nice to see that the Mistress favors the skimpier end of the maid-outfit spectrum! With that in mind, I wonder what she requires her houseboys to wear when they're not naked for the birch?

  7. Great pic and I think that this is the Mistress new toy spanking bench and birch and she wants it tried out on her nephew to see if it is something that will keep him in line as he is living under her roof.

    1. I love that you went with the idea that she's "just testing it out on him"... that's even more 'evil' than anything else I came up with! :)

  8. OMG, this is hot, even if it is not otk but both the ladies, what a lucky guy. I like the Aunt and nephew scene, maybe even after catching him in their panty drawer! but wow.


    1. I think the bench could also serve as a strapping or paddling bench as well, but seeing as how it's a "spanking" bench, I thing Aunty should simply get comfortably seated and take her naughty nephew over her knee and SPANK him...


    2. I can certainly imagine her as an Aunty who just takes a seat, hauls him over her lap and spanks away long and hard. Though perhaps a nice couch/sofa or bed might be more comfortable for her to sit on since they'll be there a while?

  9. I tend to believe that the birched male has been falsely accused of sexual harassment by the maid, knowing that the 'lady of the manor' is strongly feminist and will allow the maid to gain retribution by via application of the birch herself, albeit at the direction of her mistress.

    Hopefully, the maid will soothe her victim's blazing buttcheeks afterward, although he has been sentenced to an OTK bare-bottom session with the lady's hairbrush at bedtime, applied over those crisscrossing stripes on his seat... --C.K.

  10. he will be sleeping on his tummy to night after a birching and hairbrush spanking

  11. hope he does not get excited and have a little accident when birched! that happened to me once got the cane legs up!!! learned to control myself!!