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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Art - Spanking: American Style

Apologies, folks. I've been rather unwell for the past three weeks, hence the lack of promised new stuff... but just because it was delayed doesn't mean I won't post it late!

With a very belated Happy 4th of July to my American friends and readers, I wanted to make something special to celebrate the day for you.

Enter: "Auntie Sam"!

"Auntie Sam: I Want You... Over My Knee!"

I'm really pleased with how she turned out; she was a LOT of work, perhaps the most I've put into a single character so far, but for some reason she kept needing tweaking to get "just right", especially the face and hair. I wanted to giver her a somewhat more "revealing" outfit, but decided in the end that as a guardian of strict morality and wholesomeness, Auntie Sam, wouldn't approve of that one bit!

As an Aussie (and thus non-American), "American spankings" are a cultural "other" fantasy for me as much as Americans and folks from other countries surely muse about spanking scenarios involving other nationalities to their own; strict British caners, sporty Australian beach babes, fiery Spanish spankers, etc.

Thus, the idea of what constitutes a truly "American Style" spanking is an interesting one. The paddle almost always comes to mind for me, a big wooden "sorority style" schoolboy walloper type, wielded one to two handed, against a bent-over bare backside, whether at home, in the classroom, at work or even judicially. I'm sure it's why I chose this formidable "wooden warrior" for Auntie Sam's implement of choice here; and on reflection, even though I couldn't resist the caption I went with, in reality that big paddle is far more suited to bending someone over a desk, table or couch for a backside-roasting, don't you think? And you can bet Auntie Sam wouldn't hold back!

Besides big scary paddles, "American spankings" often make me think of the leather belt too. Rather than the designed-for-corporal-punishment tawses or straps some might think of, I imagine "everyday" belts purposed by angry mothers, aunts and wives as a very "American" domestic discipline tool. Indeed, I think the image of an American Mommy applying a thick leather belt to a young man's bare backside as he lays across the bed over a pillow or two, the belt that looks so innocent hanging in Mommy's closet or looped through her jeans now cracking down mercilessly and leaving stripes that will make sitting a chore for days... that's a very "American Mommy" image for me, for some reason, at least as an "ultimate sanction" style spanking.

Not to mention, "American Spankings" often make me think of women in blue denim jeans, whether a casually-dressed "Mom" type, or a "country gal" who might take a lazy boy out to the barn for a whuppin', or perhaps even a switching! For more rural "American Spankings", I do think of switches and the unique ritual they entail (in fact, my friend and fellow artist, the awesome Red Rump, just did a new "country farmgirl" switch art piece you can find here... it's very hot!). The idea of getting a switching from a big strong ranch girl in "daisy duke" cutoffs out in the US Midwest or South is one that both excites and terrifies me! (and yes, speaking of "American Spankings"... cutoff denim shorts have to be the number one "All American" sexy clothes item to me... and I thank Daisy Duke for that! Maybe she needs her own blog entry here soon?)

But while I'm sure Americans use all sorts of spanking implements, positions and styles, I'd be remiss not to mention The Hairbrush! Although almost universal in its use by ladies around the world as a "go to" standby for spankings, it's surely the "weapon" of choice for a great many American Moms, Aunts, babysitters, sisters, girlfriends and wives, is it not? Big paddles bring to mind American school spankings for me, belts for an angry aunt or wife, switches for country gals... but hairbrushes are just Classic American Mom to me. From retro 50's scenarios (something many of you know are a favourite of mine) to modern times today, a hard wooden hairbrush applied to a squirming bare bottom as "Mommy" scolds in any delightful American regional accent is a very hot fantasy for me to imagine.

(yes, just as I know many Americans love Aussie or English or French accents, I personally just love so many American accents too! I could listen to some of those wonderful American spanking actresses like Jennifer Brooks or Kelly Payne or Clare Fonda or Dana Kane scold me all day long...)

Anyway, again, a belated Happy Fourth of July to my US friends here, and I hope everyone - no matter what your nationality - enjoys this special visit from Auntie Sam! I had so much fun making her, actually, that I couldn't resist doing another "spoof" version of her too, based on old propaganda posters of World War II.


"Auntie Sam: WWII-Style Propaganda Poster"

(If anyone wants me to render her again in a different pose/situation/context, let me know!)

I'll leave you with an invitation to both comment on Auntie Sam (and what a spanking from her might be like!), and to muse for yourselves what an "American Spanking" means to you... either as an American yourself with your own point of view, or as someone like me from another country who's "American Spankings" are a subject of certain fantasies, perhaps. Do you think of a certain time period (America was "spankiest" in the fifties?) Certain implements (hairbrush, paddle, belt, etc.)? Certain "pairings" (mother-son, husband-wife, ranch hand-farmer)? Even certain outfits for spanker and/or spankee? Share your thoughts, please!

If it proves enjoyable for everyone, I might have to run posts on other countries in the future, too (let me know if you have a preference or if a significant day for your nation is coming up that would be suitable!) Maybe they'll need their own "national spankers" like Auntie Sam, too?

Finally, again sorry for the absence. Hope Auntie Sam somewhat makes up for it! And I'm sure she'll be dealing with me herself with that massive scary paddle after I'm done posting this... :)


  1. There's something up with my connection; this is the third time I've tried to leave a comment.

    I love Aunty Sam! She's a good combination of the stereotypical "Wonder Woman" type figure with a more Latina looking face and skin tone, and that's one stern, sexy expression! Very American, very hot, and not a little intimidating.

    "American spanking" definitely brings to mind a big wooden paddle like the one in your picture, with the hairbrush and switch tying for second place. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds various American dialects sexy (and I'm American). In particularly I like Texas, Georgia, and most of the urban African American accents, though Boston has its charm as well.

    Its worth noting that for me, Australian accents are also exotic and sexy. :)

  2. Great piece, Banjo! Auntie Sam is quite the inducement - I wonder how many more volunteers the US military would have had if they had put her on the recruitment posters instead of that crotchety old geezer guy.

    Of course, the 50's were the heyday of domestic spanking in America (sadly, most of it went the MF route) but nevertheless, the sight of a 50's woman with her coiffured hair, pearl necklace and form-fitting knee length dress just oozes spankonosity. The paddle, the hairbrush, and the wooden spoon also scream all American.

    I guess being a North American myself, I never really think of the various accents across the continent as particularly exotic or sexy. But I agree with SNM - Aussie accents can be very hot.

    Then there's the switch - does any other culture make the punishee cut their own punishment implement? True American entrepreneurial inventiveness at work....

    Hope you're feeling better now, and thanks for the mention in your post.


  3. Yes, Auntie Sam is indeed formidable looking. Wouldn't want to mess with her. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind seeing her with a smile; not TOO friendly, you understand, just a little less grim.

    The big paddle seems to be quintessentially American, along with the switch. Big paddles like that are more associated with schools or fraternity/sorority spankings and are impractical for my favorite position (over the knee). The switch is rather impractical too but either or both could be employed after a thorough OTK hairbrushing (the brush isn't uniquely American but is rather a universal icon of maternal authority. If you haven't guessed yet, my favorite scenario is F/m, particularly mother/son.

    Being an American, I like foreign accents too, particularly British ones (or Scots or Welsh) or Irish. Australian one kind of turn me on too as long as they're not too "Crocodile Dundee" -ish. I DO have a fondness for Southern American accents too, especially for scolding...

  4. It was worth the effort Banjo, she is gorgeous. Since you ask it'd be great to see her in a spanking situation, taking her patriotic paddle to draft dodgers, hippie students or other unAmerican types ;)
    As well as the paddle, I always think of a thick leather razor strop as being a quintessentially American implement. Hanging on a hook on the back of the kitchen door or in the woodshed (surely the most American of spanking places), I bet those things deal out absolutely sizzling spankings!

  5. I think you captured her perfectly. The strict Aunt look mixed with those oh so luscious full lips and the tight outfit. This would have been so awesome to see on a float in the 4th of July parade in my way too conservative community. Can just picture the mixture of expressions. Some openly expressing their disgust, mothers covering the eyes of their children. Still some others, males, squirming to hide their allure to the strict looking patriot Aunt or hiding their familiarity with the implement. Some females with hands on hips eyes on their significant other as if to say, "that is what you are getting tonight." Quite frankly they could all use a little shaking up as they are way too uptight. Would love to see her again in perhaps a skimpier red white and blue outfit, shorter paddle with a very sorry and sore young man across her knee.

    I agree with your assessment of American spankings. All the mentioned implements were common for mothers in days gone by and each mother seemed to have their own particular preference. Some I had some up close and personal experience with as a youth and others, such as the switch, just a fantasy. All are enticing though and no doubt some still in use in the more old fashioned communities. Nice post, Banjo!


  6. The hairbrush/jeans combo is very much where I feel comfortable, but then, you knew that already. ;)

  7. looks stern but fair

  8. I dread to think what would happen if I were to 'tweak' her!


  9. Well, I will belately state that the second version of "Auntie Sam" does make more sense RE the size of her 'All-American paddle,' it could certainly light up an American male's bare behind with plenty of Independence Day "fireworks," I'm figuring.

    Of course, any red-blooded American boy, of any age, should be willing to prove his patriotism by taking a pants-down, 'All-American licking' from this symbol of liberty and female-led discipline, since "Auntie Sam" would represent the inherent constitutionally-recognized freedom of women to tan the naked backsides of their menfolk at their discretion!

    "Man up, and drop those drawers for me!" --C.K.

  10. Where Auntie's big strap-on?