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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Flashback - Swimwear Struggle

"Swimwear Struggle"

For us Aussies, the nice weather has left us, but here's a flashback to keep everyone warm... in more ways than one!

Mixed swimming spots are always both fun and troublesome places for most guys; whether at a beach or public pool like the one depicted here, being surrounded by women in swimsuits that often conceal little, a male's own bathers make it very hard to hide any embarrassing "expressions of interest" in the female forms on display. And for ladies so inclined, on show are many equally enticing pert male posteriors in skimpy Speedos just asking to be given a firm smack or fifty!

Is it any wonder that a guy could get himself soundly spanked in such a situation, then?

This was actually one of my last "old" pieces, perhaps even the final one I posted to my old Yahoo Group back my pre-Blogger era where that was my home. This gives it the triple "honor" of being my final "small size" render (400x400 pixels seemed quite large enough in those days!), the time when I was squeezing the last drops of power out of my aging PC and my purchase of several new Poser models and textures that were starting to put my older collection to shame. That said, this remains one of my favorite pieces; something about it just makes me smile and I still think it looks pretty good even today.

A fan wrote to me a while back and asked if I'd done any artwork depicting a spanking in the 'wheelbarrow' position (heresy warning for that link!). While I technically still haven't, this is easily the closest I've gotten (and have even tagged it as such).

That said, this really is a more held "upside-down" position; one inspired by a classic Jonathan T artwork that I always found wonderfully dramatic and emotionally evocative (even if the spankers didn't appeal to my tastes as much... does anyone else think of Nanny from Voltron?!). It's certainly a scary position indeed, I think; the spankee would feel very helpless and totally overpowered, don't you think?

The lady doing the spanking here certainly looks both capable and formidable, strong enough to subdue a struggling, squirming young man who's backside she intends to bare and blister (this guy seems like a real "wriggler", don't you think?).

As to her identity... the most obvious interpretation is that he's a rude stranger who looked/leered/whistled/groped her and/or got an unwanted erection in his Speedos, and she's stripped and spanked him in front of the other girls at the pool to teach him a lesson. However, it's also likely that they know each other - she's his girlfriend, sister, or even Auntie - and he's being given a humiliating public spanking for misbehaving/talking back/acting sulky at the pool.

The witnesses... are they just other pool users, surprised to see a guy getting de-pantsed and smacked to tears on their visit to the pool today (I enjoyed giving each a slightly different "reaction" to the spectacle)? Are they friends of the spanker (that would fit, especially if she was a sister or other relation to him... spanked at the pool by his sister in front of her friends? Yikes!). Or perhaps it was one of THEM that he actually "wronged", and the spanker is either the pool lifeguard or just the toughest, strongest, most badass girl at the pool who's leaped in to their defense as a dispenser of hot-bottom justice! Hmm, can anyone else see her as a Baywatch-type "lifeguard babe"?

Regardless of whomever these ladies are, this athletic young male spankee looks like he's sorry for whatever he did to earn this spanking... she's not only tanning his bare cheeks (possibly still wet from the pool... double ouch!) but it seems his inner thighs as well! Majorly effective and will have the whole indoor pool echoing with his howls, I suspect.

Given the skimpy little bathers he has dangling comically from his foot, though, I'm now wondering if many putting that saucy bottom on display might have led to him giving this gal the urge to spank him "just because"...?

So I'll leave you with two questions (aside from the usual feedback pondering on scenarios, roles and ideas I always love seeing on these posts); one for my male followers and one for my female fans.

Guys: have you ever been at a pool or a beach or maybe the gym or other such place and found yourself visibly and embarrassingly "trouser tented" by the sight of a lady (or ladies) present, and either it was noticed or you had to flee/hide it?

Ladies: have you even been at a pool or a beach or the gym or somewhere similar, seen some fit young guy's tight, cute butt walking past in a pair of Speedos or shorts and thought "I'd just love to give THAT a good spanking!"

Hey, folks... hope you enjoyed this summertime blast from the past! More new posts to come very soon... it's really good to be back! Thanks for all the comments and emails; please keep 'em coming as it inspires me to keep doing this. Coming up soon... wait, isn't it almost Mother's Day? Gulp...


  1. Well, in answer to your question for the ladies, I am usually saying "I wonder if he will spank me." *giggles*

    I also gotta say that looks like an uncomfy position to be in for the spankee :/ But I would imagine he got in it because he was trying to show off and was rude to her, so she decided to put him straight and discipline his bottom.

    I have a picture request for you Banjo, but to get it you have to e-mail me *GLARES at Banjo as she keeps the hairbrush hidden behind her*

  2. None of the onlookers look shocked, or even surprised, so I'm thinking this sort of thing is a common occurrence at this pool. Maybe its a health club where instructors are allowed to discipline their clients for failing to meet their standards. Maybe its a (coed?) college swim team where spankings are used to encourage underperforming members, or at least male ones.

    The spanker doesn't look angry, so I think whatever the guy did it wasn't anything personal against her. More likely a simple failure on his own part, or else just breaking a rule (like swimming in the diving lane or something).

    Its too bad they're in public. That position would be perfect for her to slide off her bikini bottoms and make some more enjoyable use of him as she spanks him.

  3. Hi, Banjo. In answer to your question for males, I have upsetting childhood memories of swimming pools which mean that for me, even now, I find it hard to think about them erotically even if there are some fit, sexy-looking girls around. It's not that anything terrible happened. It's just that it took me much longer than all of my friends to learn to swim in swimming classes, and I found it rather humiliating. I was left behind for extra lessons in the shallow pool long after all the others had progressed to the main pool. Maybe I needed some 'encouragement' from an instructor like the pink bikini girl in your hot pic, but a thought like that never occurred to me at the time! By the way, I love the different reactions of the girls in the background to the piece. The girl in green seems to me to have a no-nonsense-ish attitude of, "It's only what he deserves!" The seated girl is amused with an expression suggesting that she's used to witnessing spankings like this (and probably used to giving them herself, too), while my favourite of the three is the girl in yellow who's both surprised and delighted by this turn of events: this could be her 'the penny drops' moment, introducing her to the sadistic delights of F/M spanking!

  4. It would seem, given the tiny swimsuit he was wearing (it's almost a thong) he may have actually been asking for it. Given the level of buttock exposure, she didn't even need to pull them off; she could've just spanked him that way with them on. Of course this way is more humiliating...

    Speaking of which, I think it would be more difficult and embarrassing for the young man if he were bottomless and over her knee. If he had an erection (which seems likely) rubbing it against her bare thighs while being spanked has the potential to be far more embarrassing for him than just getting his bottom walloped in front of the others, (if you know what I mean and I think you do...) not to mention having it on display when she released him to "do the spanking dance" to the accompaniment of hoots of laughter from the onlookers, which will likely happen in any event...

  5. So good to see this again, it always was my favorite of your 'classic' artworks. I always imagined an unfortunately timed boner in his too-tight trunks was the cause of the punishment

  6. Cool artwork!
    A very humiliating situation for the boy... I believe the spanker is a lifeguard or swimming class teacher administering punishment for some breaking of rules (e.g. diving where is is not allowed). She doesn't seem angry nor enjoying it so it's probably just "business".
    The smirking girl to the left is to happy to be just a witness - I suspect she had something to do with arranging his spanking ("I bet you won't dare to dive"). The blonde in yellow bikini looks very sexy with this "O my...!" look on her face. How is she going to react when she sees the boy's face in tears and his erection?

  7. Good to see you back again after so long! I like this artwork, it reminds of when I was at school swimming practice when a guy had his swimming costume pulled down from behind. It was in front of the girls and boy was he embarrassed!

    I always look forward to your artwork. It reminds me of a time many years ago when an aunt pulled my trousers and pants down and walloped my behind. I''ve always remembered it, and she was pretty thorough! Start of a life long obsession! I have 3 favourite artists, Banjo ( long may you keep up the art great work), Stig, and Pink ( I can't find much of his work, does any body know where his can be found?) Banjo more please!

  8. I agree the Woman in yellow is shocked but likes what she is seeing. The lass in blue has seen it all before and is putting on a pair of jelly sandals to move off after watching for a while whilst the spanker is correcting the male aquiantance for a disrespectful comment on the green Woman's swimwear.

    Perhaps he commented on its colour and now his red swim wear is being matched by the redness of his bottom and inner thighs.


  9. I like the idea of a club with a swimming pool. Where the female patrons relax in their bikinis. While being waited on by naked cabana boys

  10. As a teenager, I remember wearing a girl's one piece swimsuit that fit me perfectly and felt so nice, keeping my very erect and excited penis snug and secure under the tight fitting material. I was caught by my aunt wearing it and she took to the girl's dressing room, saying she's going to get me stripped naked and spanked by her, as several girls still clothed watched joyfully. I just blushed trying to resist, but I was loosing. My aunt was a strong woman and certainly enjoyed my embarrassment as a young male. I really loved the feel of the tight fitting, bright green one piece swimsuit slowly being peeled off me. The girls in the dressing room watched with pleasure,as my plight began. My aunt managed to free my shoulders and thrashing arms from the upper half of the suit. Slowly she was getting it down lower and lower, as the girls watching would giggle and laugh, looking forward to seeing my soon to be naked and erect male teenage body. It was a slow, long process for her, stripping that swimsuit off me. Now my moment of truth happened, feeling her hands peel my erection free from the still clinging material,then turn me around now getting it unwedgied from my buns and exposing my behind. A few more pulls and the tight bright green colored one piece swimsuit slipped off my privates and bouncing erect penis. With the help of two girls watching, she got it down my kicking legs and feet, then finally off. Now she had my naked body over her lap, when one girl handed her the big paddle and she spanked my bare behind bright red. All I could do was keep pouting and cry, despite my embarrassment. The girls watching cheered and laugh,as my aunt punished me. I certainly liked wearing that girl's swimsuit, especially feeling it coming off, despite my embarrassment being stripped and spanked while the girls watched my plight. it was a memorable moment as a young teen age boy.