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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Art - Hung Out To Dry

"Hung Out To Dry"

Here in Australia, the nice weather seems to have finally left us, but in my time "away" I have polished up a couple of "summer-themed" artworks that I'll be sharing along with other stuff.

This one is *hopefully* a nice warm day, and the two ladies' attire suggests it might be (and they're not just being extra mean to the poor guy here!).

Many spankees (and spankers) know that being smacked on a wet bottom is particularly stingy and painful. The two women in this artwork know this too, as they've not only stripped and strung up the guy here, but have sprayed and soaked him dripping wet with the garden hose as well!

The "hosed down and belt-whipped while hanging from a tree outside" concept was the basis of this artwork; I hadn't really thought about "who" or "why" until I was polishing it up.

My first thought, given the somewhat excessive nature of the thrashing - tied up and helpless, and wetted down to deliberately make it hurt more! - that this was likely a "deserved" punishment, especially with the two ladies doing the job looking decidedly displeased!

Perhaps one of them is his girlfriend, the other her friend, and he's been caught cheating on her? Definitely grounds for a very SEVERE punishment session indeed! Heck, maybe this "stud" was two-timing BOTH of them, and they found out and together decided to gang up on him to teach him a lesson he'd never forget?

Alternately, they might be sisters; one sister "helping out" the other with her boyfriend? After all, sisters need to stick together; piss one off and the other might come after your butt! I don't know if I prefer the idea that - if this is the case - sis is the one who hosed him down so his girlfriend can whip his wet ass... or if stronger, meaner sis is the one currently thrashing her sister's boyfriend for her!

But maybe he's not in a relationship with either of them? Maybe he's just some guy who's been hassling her? He's made lewd or rude comments at her work (either as a co-worker or maybe a customer) or maybe put a hand somewhere it wasn't wanted. Or maybe he's a relative stranger, an arrogant jerk who cut her off in traffic and gave her the finger... only to be tracked down and surprised with some vigilante justice?

There is a chance, of course, that this poor guy actually hasn't done ANYTHING to earn himself this awful outdoor belt-thrashing. These two girls MIGHT just be really mean and just wanted to see this handsome young guy swing glistening wet and naked from the tree with his bottom bright red and tears running down his face. Meanies like that might have invited the unwary (cute looking!) stock boy they've been eying at the local supermarket back to their house with the cruel plan in mind... or perhaps paid him a surprise visit at his own place? Was he foolish not to suspect two hot young women in shorts and bikini tops having ulterior motives for getting him alone? Could he have imagined their real intentions when they both pinned him down and started stripping him naked?

Of course, whoever the two ladies here are, there's nothing to say they won't swap places and BOTH take a turn at leathering him. He might need to be soaked down again with the hose between turns, though.

While not intentional, the way the house and three characters came out now kinda suggests to me that this is a rather "trashy" home, with a swampy and somewhat overgrown backyard. I don't know why, but that just "fits" for me looking at the piece now. Maybe in the country? These two ladies could easily be "country gals", I think. Or maybe in the poorer suburbs somewhere? Will his cries go unheard?

As an aside, I don't usually do "bondage-y" pics that often, as I prefer to see my spankees physically restrained by their spankers if they need restraining, rather than having to be tied up. However in this case, it seemed "right" here that these two tough ladies have stripped, bound and hung this guy up by his wrists from a tree in the back yard, forcing him to "dance" around to the tune of that snapping, snaking leather belt as it bites savagely at his squirming, dripping wet bare backside.

Anyway, enough rambling for today! I hope folks like this piece; whatever the scenario behind it, this seems a rather dramatic scene from either a spanker or spankee point-of-view, and I tried to keep both possible viewers (and indeed male and female viewers) in mind when I made it. Cold water and hot buns make for intense sensations for the poor spankee, while vigorously-applied leather causing droplets to fly everywhere and promote the frenzied squirming of the dripping wet recipient make for quite a sight for his tormenters to enjoy, too!


  1. He's definitely done something to draw their ire. If the girls were doing this for fun, they wouldn't look so serious. Maybe he's been spying on his next door neighbor, and she and her friend have found out. Maybe, as you suggested, they found out he's been two-timing them.

    Another possibility that occurs to me is intimidation. Maybe they're not punishing him, but trying to coerce him into doing something. Since they look college-aged, maybe he's an academic achiever who's been ruining the grade curve, and they're convincing him to take it a little easy on the next exam. Or he got some dirt on them, and they're threatening him into silence with a preemptive strapping and the threat of another should he not comply.

  2. I was immediately taken by the "two timer" possibility. The pic put me in mind of the new film "The Other Woman" with Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann and the dude who plays Jaime Lannister on "Game of Thrones", in which he's not only two-timing his wife, he's THREE-timing her. This would be an excellent coda to that story...

  3. Bad lil brotherMay 02, 2014 2:47 am

    Hey Banj
    Here is a new one I want to share....What about when a young teenboy,12-14 yo, thinksmhe is too old for a babysitter.Mom hires a girl next door that he hates close ti his own age and bigger and stronger too. As mom is giving instructions this girl asks for permossion to spank him. Mom says "yes, by all means. I fully trust you can do a good job taking it from there, good friend... :)

  4. Glad to see you back and that art adds a whole new meaning to the word sunburn.

  5. Hi Banjo. Great to see your return! These gals look hot in both senses of the word, and I see a facial resemblance between them which persuades me that they could be sisters - one of your suggestions. They certainly know what they're about! The restraint and hosing down suggest premeditation/planning and some experience of doing this sort of thing. To me, their facial expressions seem impassive rather than pissed off. This appeals to me because I like to think of them as methodical sadists who identify any trivial offence as a pretext for thrashing a boy - or who maybe lure strangers then overpower and leather them - as opposed to exacting revenge on someone close who's given any real offence. A terrific piece! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great piece to return on Banjo! Being stripped naked for a whipping with your hands tied above your head is such an evocative position!
    I too prefer the rural sisters interpretation. I think the belt-wielder has brought her boyfriend back to meet her family in the college holidays, and his pampered city-boy ways has led her momma to suggest she and her sister take him outside for a demonstration of how they deal with naughty boys round here. I'm sure momma didn't mean for them to strip him naked and hose him, but she'll no doubt approve when she takes a peek around the patio doors. Though she'll probably approve a lot less when older sister takes her own belt from around her waist and continues the whipping while the girlfriend attends to her lover's own little hose until it spurts too... Talk about pain and pleasure!

  7. I too think they are Sisters and are punishing him for something that we might consider trivial but in this future is a grave mistake. Perhaps he has burnt the Women's food or undercooked it on the barbecue . His bottom will not be undercooked though.