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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


I promised no big "I'm back (again)" posts, just more cool new stuff and a return to the fun of old, but I just had to leave this brief note, and give a place for anyone wanting to post comments unrelated to the new material coming up.

The internet - indeed the world - is not the same place as it was when I first got online. I look around and see everything online becoming ad-covered, revenue-targeted and corporate-focused. More and more spankos are even monetizing their hobbies. When Geocities shut down a few years back, it took a huge part of the "old" web with it. Last month, a *huge* and old (vanilla) TV review community was shuttered because "it didn't make money". For all the good the internet brings us, the biggest negative to me is how so much can be lost in the blink of an eye. If Google shut down Blogger tomorrow without warning, how much would be lost forever?

In that spirit, I thought about my own time online, particularly since "de-lurking" and beginning posting my amateur spanking artworks. It got me thinking about all the other spanking artists and writers and bloggers and friends I've known and admired in that time, and how many are now gone; either passed away, disappeared, or just moved on with their lives in another way. Even years after the sites and communities that spawned them are gone, many of us still enjoy the awesome artworks of people like Ann Madison, Sassy Bottoms, Jay Em, Paul Michael Davies, Whizzer Black, Eric Stanton, Bobby Cooper, EndArt, George Churchward, UASketcher, Spao, Curtis, Ichizo Ito, and others no longer around.

Which is the main reason I'm renewing this blog at my involvement in the spanking community online. Once, I had ideas of making a "real" website. Now I think I'm happy just getting my stuff out there and knowing others are enjoying it. It may seem odd, but honestly, of everything I've ever done and accomplished in my 30+ years of life, private and professional, one of the things I'm most proud of is the connections I've made through my art, stories and groups/blogs/sites.

When I'm long gone, as we all will be one day, I would be very happy to think that my "legacy" will be that some people in the future still have my work alongside those amazing and talented folks I mentioned above in people's "naughty stuff" folders on their computers, or are still discovering online, and thinking "yeah, that old Banjo guy's stuff was cool".

Alright, then... time for the fun stuff! New art coming up... hope you all like it!

A still from Tron: Legacy, unrelated to this post except for sharing the same
'legacy' tag... but I've wanted an excuse to post this for ages, as it's a very
"femdommy" scene, and one that might be cool to someday "re-imagine"
as a more blatantly-spanky artwork...?


  1. YAY!!!!

    So glad to see new posts. And I agree with you about the dangers of web-hosted content. I had a similar problem of my own recently involving some (non-kinky) game design documents, and now am careful to back up everything in multiple places, both on and off the net.

    I agree that that Tron scene looks kinky. A femdom treatment of it could be nice.

  2. Nice to see you back, mate. Been a long time! Can't wait to see your new stuff.

  3. Welcome back. What you speak about with work being lost for whatever reason was largely the motivation behind the formation of the LSF, as a dedicated place for spanking related writing and would preserve the work of folk no longer with us as well as those who didn't have anywhere else to post it, but still wanted to share.

  4. Hi Banjo. I haven't seen 'Legacy', but your comments about the ways in which corporate and commercial agendas are permeating online activity, endangering and reducing the spaces left for free creativity and fun, suggest to me a way of reading the hot still you've posted: is that guy surrounded and intimidated by the cold, clone-look dominas somehow representative of the menaced free spirit of spanko creativity? Thanks for continuing your shares... I'm sure that the art you generously make available will find its way into people's private naughty folders for a long time to come....

  5. Good for you, Banjo. I respect where you're coming from with this.